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28 th Annual Safety Excellence Award Orientation Training January 22, 2015.

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1 28 th Annual Safety Excellence Award Orientation Training January 22, 2015

2 Overview Since 1988 HBR has sponsored this program recognizing contractor companies that have demonstrated outstanding performance in safety, health and environmental. The purpose of the award process is for participants to learn through observing and sharing of best practices. The awards process involves review of company programs and data to select finalists, followed by comprehensive site audits by teams of volunteers from HBR’s member and subscriber companies. As a result Houston area contractors are leading the nation in safety performance. This program concludes with an annual awards banquet and a seminar where winners share their best safety practices.

3 170 Site Nominations 98 Eligible Companies Nominated 28 Companies Qualify for Newcomer Have not be nominated in the past 3 years or this is the first nomination. Winner is chosen by the progress in the process. 28 th Annual Safety Award

4 Award Schedule Request for NominationsOctober 31 Nomination DeadlineJanuary 5, 2015 Submission RequestJanuary 6 Safety Award Orientation WorkshopJanuary 22 Solicit Audit Team Members Submission DeadlineFebruary 2 Audit Team Leader TrainingFebruary 3 Mentor Training Establish Audit Teams Finalist Selection Workshop

5 Award Schedule Tailgating Party February 6 Field Audit Preparation TrainingFebruary 11 Field AuditsFebruary 11 – April 10 Selection of Category WinnersApril 13 Award Banquet Friday – May 15 Moody Gardens - Galveston Best Practices SeminarJune 18

6 What’s New for 2015 Grading scale has been redefined The Initial submission forms have been streamlined Revised Category Descriptions Added “Environmental” as a separate Specialties Category Added additional items to field audit Added an agenda for the field audit Workforce development section has been added to the initial submission

7 NOMINEE INFORMATION SUBMITTAL Presented by: Daryl Bladt, Univar USA

8 How to Submit To be considered for the award you must submit: 2015 Contractors Safety Information Sheet (Printed) 2015 Safety Award Initial Evaluation Form (Printed) Support documentation as listed on the 2 nd page of 2015 Safety Award Initial Evaluation Form (Hard copy or electronic) The information must completed and turned in by 4:00 p.m. Monday, February 2, 2015. No exceptions.

9  Five Sections 1.Nominated By/ Type of Work Performed 2.Company Information 3.Category 4.Company Description 5.OSHA Information 2015 Contractor Safety Information Sheet

10 Section 1 – Nominated by Fill one form for each site that has nominated your company List the type of work performed at the nominating site. This information will be used to determine category.

11 Section 2 – Contact Information Please include the name of the company as you would like to be on all awards and publications. The person identified as contact should be someone familiar with your company’s programs and the information submitted and should be available to answer questions. All information concerning the safety award process will be sent to this contact.

12 Section 3 - Category Check the category that fits the type of work that your company does. Large or Small will be determined by the total number of company man-hours

13 Section 4 – Company Description This needs to be a good description of the work and services your company performs. It should answer the question “Who are they and what do they do?” This description will be used in the magazine to describe your company.

14 Section 5 – OSHA Information Please complete both section. Nominated Worksite Total Company (All work in the US)

15 2015 Safety Award Initial Evaluation Form The new form was reduced from 4 pages to 2 pages. Three Sections General Information Safety, Health & Environmental Performance Information Submittal

16 Section 1 – General Information Double check all information and ensure that it’s all correct. The person listed as contact should be someone knowledgeable about your company’s programs.

17 Section 2 – Safety, Health & Environmental Performance


19 Section 3 – Information Submittal

20 Conclusion Fill out and print a Contractor Information Sheet for each project site that nominates you. Complete and print the 2-Page Safety Award Initial Form Submit copies of the checked items via Hard Copies or Electronic Copies (Disk/Zip drive) Don’t forget to include your company’s Best Practices We will not accept submissions via email or faxes. Make sure all the content is organized and well identified. If you submit electronically, the program used should be a common program and all links work.

21 Conclusion Keep in mind that the information submitted is the ONLY information the Audit Team Leader has to evaluate your company. Your submission represents your company. If a program is not there, it will be a Zero. Please submit more than one Best Practice. Make sure you don’t have any missing information. Please use a mentor to help you with your initial submission. There are no second chances to submit. If you want your submission after the evaluation is complete, please let HBR know.

22 Where to Submit Please submit your submission package via mail or hand deliver. Houston Business Roundtable 5213 Center Street Pasadena, TX77505 It must be submitted by 4:00 p.m. Monday, February 2, 2015 NO EXCEPTIONS!!

23 Questions

24 AUDIT SELECTION PROCESS Jay Tracy, Dow Chemical

25 2015 Initial Evaluation Scoresheet This is the form used by Audit team Leaders to evaluate nominee submissions.

26 1.Fatalities 2.OSHA Incident Rate for Lost Work Day Cases 3.OSHA Incident Rate for Total Recordable Injuries and Illnesses 4.Industrial Hygiene Program 5.Safety, Health & Environmental Program 6.Hazard Communication Program 7.Emergency Preparedness Program 8.Heat Stress Prevention Program 9.Short Service Employee Program 10.Environmental Program 11.Behavioral Based Safety Program 12.Accidental/Incident Investigation Procedure 13.Self Audit 14.Orientation and Training Program 15.Written Employee Workforce Development Policy/Procedures 16.Best Practices 17.Year to Year Improvement 2015 Initial Evaluation Scoresheet

27 New Grading Scale 4 - Excellent = Sound, systematic process or effort; and/or well integrated, sustained results, and well documented, world class 3 - Good = Sound, systematic process or effort; and/or well integrated into all functions/areas, and well documented 2 - Acceptable = Fairly sound, systematic process or effort; and/or in place for a while, and well documented 1 - Minimal = Beginnings of a systematic process or effort; and/or in place for short time, and limited documentation 0 - Not acceptable/No Program = No system, process; and/or documentation, and/or does not comply, and/or does not correspond with Questionnaire

28 Section 1 - Fatalities Score up to 200 Points. This weighs heavily on the all scoring

29 Section 2–OSHA Lost Workday Cases Score up to 150 Points

30 Section 3 – OSHA TRR Score up to 150 Points

31 Total Points Each remaining Sections are 80 points each. All subtotal values are added together for a maximum Total Performance index of 1620. A contractor is given a total score and the top 4 scores in each category advances to the next level of a field audit.

32 Questions

33 FINALIST PREPARATION Bill Shaw, Evergreen Industrial

34 Finalist Preparation  Scheduling an Audit  What is done to start an Audit at a location?  What does the Audit team need?  Format of the Audit  Closing Conference  Other points

35 Scheduling the Audit Consult with your company management and select good dates. Please be flexible in the dates. Usually audit begin at 8:00 a.m. Pick an audit location from the sites that nominated your company. Don’t wait until the last minute to schedule an audit. End of the month or Last audits doesn’t always win.

36 How to Start Audit Get a List of Auditors from the Audit Team Leader. Contact the site where your audit will be conducted and find out what the requirements are to bring the team into the facilities (Security clearance and safety orientation, etc.)

37 How to Start Audit at a Location? Establish a Location for the Team to Meet Set up a Time for the Team to Meet Provide a safe means of Transportation

38 What Does the Audit Team Need? Map to the Facility (Address) Good Direction (Easy to Follow) Directions on Where to Park Contact Name and Information of a Company Representative in case of someone gets lost or need help

39 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Let the audit team leader know in advance what PPE is required for the site being audited. Have additional site specific PPC (Ex. Escape Respirators, H2S Monitors, Phosgene Badges, Etc.

40 Meeting Room Temperature Controlled Restroom Facilities Comfortable Seating Company Representative readily available

41 Refreshments Breakfast Foods Snacks Drinks Lunch

42 Audit Team Does NOT Need

43 Do NOT Expose the Team to:  Respirator Areas  Lockout/Tagout  Confined Space  Hazardous Areas

44 Sample Audit Agenda 8:00 – 8:05Audit Team Leader Introduction 8:05 – 8:30Contractor Opening Presentation 8:30 – 9:00Audit team Organizing 9:00 – 11:00Field Audit/Written Documentation Review 11:00 – 12:00Lunch 12:00 – 1:30Audit Team Wrap Up 1:30 – 2:00Closing Conference with Contractor Feedback Session

45 Opening Conference Brief presentation addressing your company’s highlights and achievements Management should be present to show their commitment to safety Customer support is also needed.

46 Field Audit/Written Documentation Documentation Review Be Organized Follow the format of the audit Provide Supporting data Have Company representation readily available Field Review Various Crews/work activities Several Employees Transportation

47 Allow the Auditors time to Talk with the Employee

48 Let the Employees know why the Auditors are visiting Recognizing them for their excellent safety performance

49 Closing Conference Allow the audit team time to meet once the audit has been completed to gather their notes for final scoring. Audit team will then meet with Company representative and discuss the Audit findings (Highlight positives and address any opportunities to improve) Allocate 30 minutes.

50 Questions

51 Mentoring Program Larry McElroy, The Brock Group

52 Program Overview 2014 HBR Award Winners Highest Honor a Company Can Achieve Mentors are not eligible for 2015 Award Special Recognition during HBR Awards Ceremony Advise and assist through the safety award Process Assigned to Mentor Contractors outside of own category Also Co-chair and audit in separate category

53 Purpose Build Upon the HBR Mission To develop, share and promote best practices that improve industry performance in areas of safety, health, environment, workforce skills, work quality, productivity and costs.

54 Meetings HBR Host January 22 Orientation All mentor contact information is provided Contractors may contact any mentor they feel comfortable talking to. On February 3 rd – Finalist will be assigned mentor. Mentor will call/email and offer assistance. HBR Host February 11 – Finalist Preparation All the mentors will be present to give help on field audit preparation and audit forms. All finalist will be invited. All information is kept strictly confidential. Mentors are a great resource and contractors must want their help.

55 Introductions ICS, Inc. - General Contractor Small Zachry Industrial, Inc. - General Contractor Large JV Industrial Companies, Ltd – Hard Crafts Large First Vehicle Services - Hard Crafts Medium Plant Performance Services LLC - Hard Crafts Small Univar USA, Inc.-ChemCare Houston - Soft Crafts Large Munoz Enterprises, Inc.– Soft Crafts Small HMT Tank Services, Inc. – Technical Support Large Furmanite Technical Solutions - Technical Support Small Bay Ltd. - Crane & Rigging Support

56 Questions

57 Audit Team Member Duties Brad Gibson, S&B Engineers

58 Audit Team Leader Contact You  The Audit Team Leader will contact the audit team members and inform them of the:  Companies to be audited.  Timing of the scheduled audit.  Directions to the audit (furnish map).  Training and PPE needed to complete the audit.

59 Audit The Audit will start with an opening conference with the management and supervision of the finalist company (this may include owner company management).

60 Field Audit  Following each item on the audit form interview workers in the field and ask about: Knowledge of the programs. Involvement in the programs. Training they have completed.  Give input to the audit team leader when the team meets to complete the “master score sheet”.

61 Document Audit  Review each item on the audit form and score the item according to the scoring criteria.  Identify and verify “best practices”.  Give input to the audit team leader while the team meets to complete the “master score sheet”.

62 Scoring  Audit team members will participate in the grading process.  Individual items on the audit form will be graded using a scale of 0 to 3.

63 Team Conference  After completing both the field and the documentation portions of the audit:  Audit team meets in private  Member will participate in giving input to the audit team leader who will score a master audit form using input from both the field and documentation teams.  Identify and document any strengths and areas of potential improvement identified during the audit.

64  Members will participate in a closing conference and specifically identify those strengths and areas of potential improvement noted.  After completing audits of all of the finalists, the audit team leader will calculate the master score sheets and inform HBR of the status of the companies audited.

65  All audited companies will be receive “silver level” recognition unless major issues are recognized.  Gold signifies that many elements of their program, both field and documentation, exceed the minimum requirements including those best practices that have been identified.  More than one Contractor may be ranked at each level.  One “Best in Category” will be identified in each category.

66 Why Should I be a Auditor? Benefits to Auditors and their Companies Expand knowledge of Safety Processes of other Contractor and Client Companies. Capture new ideas and approaches for managing Safety and Health Program. Learn how other companies prepare and conduct their HBR audits. Meet new contacts/resources for networking.

67 Questions

68 Conclusion Contact your Mentor to help you with submission. Submissions are due no later than February 2, 2015 at 4:00 p.m. It should include: Printed Information Sheet(s) Printed Initial Evaluation Form and supporting documentation either printed or electronically. Join us Friday, February 6 th for Tailgating and Finalist Announcement. Join an audit team.

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