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2015 NM MESA Loyalty Award By: Yoliy Gamboa & Linda Andrews PDC July 28- 29, 2014 1.

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1 2015 NM MESA Loyalty Award By: Yoliy Gamboa & Linda Andrews PDC July 28- 29, 2014 1

2 Implemented for 2015 graduates. Completely different from the Incentive Award. o Consists of two sections: MESA Success and Einstein Bonus. The student must qualify for the MESA Success before earning any money for the Einstein Bonus. Student disqualifications have changed. They are now disqualified during the senior year instead of per year. In order for a student to be considered active and receive points for a year, they must have an A-1 submitted. In MIMS all student in MESA who have not graduated are grandfathered into the LA. Advisors are responsible for explaining the Loyalty Award to all students and parents in the program. 2

3 2015 NM MESA Success: $500  All the following are required to be eligible for the MESA Success part of the LA. Student graduating this academic year from a NM MESA School Member of NM MESA for 2 years including your senior year (senior year only 1st Semester and one other year.) A-1 form, completed and signed, submitted to your Advisor every year participated in NM MESA. (Advisor will submit a copy to your regional MESA office, and the MESA coordinator will indicate you are an active member in the database.) Demonstrated loyalty to NM MESA by having a minimum of 175 points total (Both MS and HS, points will stop calculating after the end of the 1st semester of senior year). 3

4 Continue… Minimum ACT score of 18 or a minimum SAT score of 870 or a 2.8 weighted G.P.A (End of 1st semester of senior year, as appears on official transcript.) Online application submitted to website with a W-9 and your testimonial about your experience in NM In order to release funds, you must submit your Fall College schedules and Final Official High School Transcript showing date of graduation. 4

5 5 1 Student Meeting 5 Parent Meeting Field trip /Workshop /Speaker LeadershipFundraising Service Learning 7 STEM Competition Non-MESA (max 1/year) Regional Rally 10 MESA Day (doesn't count in senior year) 14 MESA USA (doesn't count in senior year) Participation Points

6 2015 Einstein Bonus (Additional Money, Up to $500)  Einstein Bonus Eligibility Criteria is in addition to the MESA Success Criteria; due dates are included.  All Einstein Bonus items are calculated at the end of the 1st semester of senior year as they appear on the official transcript. +$63 MESA Officer (Any year, not $63 per year, verified by Advisor entry in the MESA database by 12/16/2014). +$63 Class Rank Top 10% +$63 ACT score  21 or SAT score  1000 +$63 Cumulative weighted GPA of  3.8 +$63 In addition to state graduation requirement of 4 math and 3 science, at least one additional credit of STEM course (s), ≥ C grade. (Not $63 per course.) +$85 Two or more AP/ Dual one credit course (s), which includes state requirements, ≥ C grade. (Not $85 per course.) 6

7 Continue… Bonus Participation Points (Points will stop calculating after 1st semester of senior year) Dollar AmountPoints Students, check ONLY ONE $20176-275  $40276-375  $60376-475  $80476-575  $100  576  7

8 2014- 2015 Due Dates Students 12/31/2014  Last day to obtain minimum of 175 points total. 1/30/2015  Last day to submit Official High School Transcript. 3/23/2015  Appeals due to RC’s 3/29/2015  Last day to submit online application, W-9, and testimonial to website. (Opens 3/12/2015) 9/4/2015  Last day to submit Fall 2015 College Schedule and Final Official High School Transcript in order to release funds. 9/14/2015  LA checks mailed to students (if fall college schedule and final HS Transcripts were submitted.) Advisors 12/31/2014  Advisor final MIMS entries due. 8

9 Reports Student Participation Points & Einstein Bonus detailed current statues *Note: Einstein Bonus only shows for seniors Reports  School Reports  Loyalty Award Summary - Student 10

10 Continue.. School Loyalty Award Participation Points Current Statues Displays a summary by year of activity participation points for all current students at a given school. Reports  School Reports  Loyalty Award Summary – School 9

11 Continue.. Student MESA Success & Einstein Bonus current statues Profile  student  View & Update my student(s)  select your school, year, and the student  view loyalty award (bottom right corner of the page) 10

12 NM MESA Website 1.Click Students the top right corner 2.Click Loyalty Award Information- For student graduating 2015 and later on the left side bar 11

13 12 Please Contact Your Regional Coordinator After Today

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