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Texas Application for State Financial Aid Texas A&M University

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1 Texas Application for State Financial Aid Texas A&M University

2 Topics for Discussion TASFA at Texas A&M Campus Collaborations
About Texas A&M Staff Timeline Documentation Needs Analysis Professional Judgment Awarding Campus Collaborations Education & Training Awareness & Marketing Materials

3 About Texas A&M University
Fall 2011 College Station campus enrollment: 50,054 80% undergraduate 20% graduate/professional 8,271 freshman (25% first generation) 53.6% male 46.4% female 15% Hispanic 3.4% African American Nearly 80% receive scholarships and/or financial aid

4 About Texas A&M University
Texas A&M disburses $513 million in financial aid annually 23% in Scholarships 13% in Grants 36% in Loans 19% in Student Employment 9% in Tuition Waivers

5 About Texas A&M University
Undergraduate Cost of Attendance Based on 15 SCH

6 About Texas A&M University
Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid 62 full-time staff 30+ student assistants/graduate assistants Scholarships Teams (3) Focus on awarding, donors, and student development Financial Aid Teams (4) Focus on processing, service, advising, student employment, financial literacy, short-term loans, compliance, athletic aid, and veteran services

7 About Texas A&M University
Who processes the TASFA forms? Team Service 5 full-time advisors,1 associate, 16 peer advisors- led by an Assistant Director Intake and review forms and documentation submitted in-person Team Processing 7 full-time advisors, 2 associates/assistants, 5 student assistants, led by and Assistant Director Receive information submitted in-person, via mail/fax Review, assign tracking group, creates requirements, notates received requirements, image to enter into workflow

8 About Texas A&M University
Who processes the TASFA forms? Team Advising 7 full-time advisors led by an Assistant Director Evaluate application, request additional documentation, data enter information, calculate EFC, prepare for awarding, process professional judgment/counselor review form requests * Awarding is automated

9 About Texas A&M University
TASFA Students Processed for 440 Dependent student applications received 31 Independent students applications received 355 Awarded (new and continuing)

10 Basic Timeline January February March
Application posted to Students begin to submit TASFA and supporting documentation Advisors review applications for completeness and contact students as needed February Begin entry into Banner, once new aid year is setup March TAMU priority deadline: March 1 Begin awarding mid-March

11 Procedure Needs Analysis is completed within Banner using federal methodology TASFA Worksheet Documentation required: TASFA Form Selective Service (if applicable) Student and Parent Tax Returns Student and Parent W2s Documentation of untaxed income

12 Procedure Missing documentation notification Portal (tracking)
Advisor contacts (telephone and ) 3 contact attempts made within first two weeks of receipt Missing information letters Admissions staff monitoring/reports

13 Awarding Auto Package for 2011-12
Institutional grants are awarded to match TEXAS Grant as required.

14 Collaboration Office of Admissions International Student Services
Regional Prospective Student Center Staff International Student Services Office of the Registrar (Residency)

15 Education and Training
Annual review of policies and job aids SFA New Advisor Training Program SFA Staff Training Annual updates for all staff (including remote staff) Team training once new aid year is set up

16 Awareness & Marketing Email campaigns to new students
Top 10% admits Non Top-10% admits campaigns to continuing students Top 10% Scholarship recipients Non Top-10% Scholarship recipients Prospective Student Center Staff Scholarships & Financial Aid website Scholarships & Financial Aid portal- directs students to correct application based on student residency type in Banner

17 Texas Application for State Financial Aid Texas A&M University

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