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Risk management software rl Solutions 6 (aka: rl6)

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1 Risk management software rl Solutions 6 (aka: rl6)
For Reporting incidents/occurrences/events And Customer Complaints at all promedica facilities

2 Use rl6 to: Report ANY unexpected patient, visitor, employee, volunteer, student, medical staff or vendor event. Report all events whether an injury occurs or not. Remember near misses are as important to track as injuries. Report any complaint from a patient or visitor.

3 Importance of reporting all events?
ProMedica is working hard to become a High Reliability Organization (HRO) which will increase the safety for all patients and employees. In order to become a HRO, ProMedica needs to have accurate and consistent data about ALL events (Near or Actual) that happen. These events will be analyzed for process and system issues so we can improve. This means it is CRUCIAL that everyone identify and report ALL EVENTS.

4 Where is rl6 Located? Anyone (employee and non-employee) with access to myProMedica can use RL6 The RL6 links will be on the Applications Tab on myProMedica and will read Risk Management Event Reporting (for the event reporting system) Feedback (for the complaint management system) Downtime reporting. Please ask a staff member to guide you if the computers are not working.

5 How to use RL6 The reporter will select the icon (such as fall ) that match the event or complaint to be reported and the correct form will open. As selections are made in the form, additional selections will open to help assure needed information is provided. Once the report is completed and submitted, it is electronically routed to additional individuals for follow-up and tracking. Click this link to complete additional education on submitting an event report.

6 Easy to use This ease of use should lead to INCREASED reporting of events Increased reporting will give ProMedica more data to use in our SAFETY EFFORTS RL6 has an Anonymous Submission Option that can be selected from the SUBMISSION screen. When report is ready to submit, select “More Actions”, and then choose “Submit Anonymously”.

7 When done, you will need to log-out of the RL 6 Program
Log-out when you are ready to leave the program To log-out, click on the “Logged in as….” at the top right corner of the screen. Select Logout from the drop down options.

8 What is the difference between "Logout" and "Exiting" from rl6?
“Exiting” is the abrupt termination of the application. NEVER exit the system by clicking on the X in the upper right corner of the browser's window. This can cause the report you just worked on to go into a 'file lock'. A report in 'file lock' is not accessible until a System Administrator unlocks it. REMEMBER ALWAYS LOG-OUT when leaving the RL6 Software.

9 For Employee events (including Students/faculty):
“EMPLOYEE EVENT” is a special icon regardless of the cause of event (fall, needle stick, etc) For reporting an employee event, with or without actual injury, be sure to select the “employee event” icon. DO NOT USE fall, infection, etc. for EMPLOYEE events. You will be unable to complete the report since “Employee” is NOT a choice for “Type of Person Affected/Involved” when using the other icons.

10 Thank You! Thank you for your careful attention to risk and complaint reporting so we can continue to improve our SAFETY focus.

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