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An Overview of the Grant Application Process at Rowan University

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1 An Overview of the Grant Application Process at Rowan University
Presented by University Advancement and the Office of Sponsored Programs

2 Introductions University Advancement
Deanne Farrell, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations, x5418 Rachael Swierzewski, Associate Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations, x2408 Office for Research Dr. Shreek Mandayam, Vice President for Research, x5333 Tech Commercialization Mina Zion, Director, x5097 Research Compliance Dr. Sree Murthy, Chief Research Compliance Officer, x5853

3 Office of Sponsored Programs (Glassboro/Camden)
Sarah Piddington, Director, x5482 Stephanie Lezotte, Assistant Director, x4124 Kristy Carpenter, Post-Award Specialist, x5497 Jamie Foody, Post-Award Analyst x5198 Eric Gregory, Compliance and Contracts Specialist, x4058 Office of Research & Sponsored Programs (SOM) Todd Regn, Director, Jeannine Voll, Program Admin, Grants and Contracts (SOM) Gerald Sabawa, Manager, Tammy DelleFave, Analyst, Sheila Lewis, Analyst,

4 *If you are a CMSRU employee, please talk with Harry Mazurek to get a copy of their Flowchart, as it differs slightly. *If you are an SOM employee, please contact your ORSP office. We are working on a uniform internal routing form.

5 Internal Processes Required internal paperwork
Project Description Template (UA only)- Submitted to Deanne Farrell or Rachael Swierzewski. Used in the process of finding appropriate funding opportunities. Project Summary Form (CMSRU only) – Submitted to Harry Mazurek used to approve CMSRU projects. Proposal Planning Form/Proposal Cover Page (all) - Filled out after the budget has been finalized. Requires departmental and institutional signatures as noted. Proposals cannot be submitted without fully signed paperwork. Forms can be at found:

6 Proposal Planning Form

7 Proposal Cover Page

8 Project Description Template
Required for requests for prospect research through University Advancement

9 Project Summary Form Required for all CMSRU faculty submissions

10 I want to submit a Letter of Inquiry
Pre-proposals, preliminary applications, or letters of inquiry. Although OSP/ORSP or UA do not required signed internal paperwork for these types of submissions, please notify our offices so we can assist. Guidelines vary.

11 I want to submit a proposal
Only UA or OSP/ORSP may submit proposals or grant applications on behalf of the university. Proposals that are not approved prior to submission or submitted by a non authorized representative: Can be rejected by the university if awarded with unfavorable terms or conditions. May not include the full protection of the university under the New Jersey Tort Claims Act. Significantly delays processing time. Even with an award notice, project work cannot begin until university approval is acquired. Exceptions: PIs may submit proposals on their own for money that will be awarded directly to them, not managed by Rowan (i.e. monetary awards, travel funds, fellowships, scholarships.)

12 Things to Remember Depending on your project, one or more training modules may be required Research Regulatory committees – IRB, IACUC, BSC Electronic portal registrations Allow time for signatures

13 FAQ Q: I’ve come from another university. How do I transfer a grant awarded to me? A: Since grants are awarded to institutions, not individuals, your former institution must relinquish rights by contacting the sponsor. OSP/ORSP will work with both the former institution and the sponsor to ensure a smooth transfer.

14 Q: How can I find grant opportunities?
A: Rowan has access to two funding databases: InfoEd International and the Foundation Directory Online. Contact an OSP/UA representative for instructions on signing up and accessing these sites. You can also check for federal opportunities and for NJ funding opportunities.

15 Upcoming Workshops 1/31 & 4/16 Intellectual Property
2/4 & 2/6 Finding Grant Funding 2/6 Finding Grant Funding 2/11 Grant Budgeting 101 2/12 Effort Reporting 2/18 Administering Your Grant Awards 3/5 Promoting Your Projects 3/11 & 3/14 Writing Winning Grants 3/26 Creating Complex Grant Budgets 3/31 Research Regulatory Committees 4/8 Stewardship and Reporting Check Rowan Announcer for locations and times!

16 Questions?

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