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Mr. Walt Sandstrom(A-K) Mrs. Melanie Jones (L-Z).

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1 Mr. Walt Sandstrom(A-K) Mrs. Melanie Jones (L-Z)

2  Naviance for college search: Compare GPA/SAT scores against average of admitted students from CBE  Students attend college visits during school day. Sign up on Naviance at least 24 hrs in advance.  Visit college campuses. Contact the admission office to schedule the visit. May take 3 excused absences for this purpose.  PowerPoints are available on CBE Guidance site

3  A copy of this handout was given to you by your HR teacher  A copy is available on the CB East website under Guidance

4 Step 1: Complete AND Submit your college applications: Common App (over 500 colleges are members) and Non Common App Schools (applications available on individual college websites)

5 Step 2: Complete this step ONLY if using The Common Application for one or more schools.  Log into Naviance  Click on colleges > colleges I’m applying to  In the white box, enter your Common App email address – **Must be an exact match**

6 Step 3: After step 1 and step 2 (if using the Common App), you may begin requesting official transcripts within 30 days of the submission of your application.  Complete the Transcript Request Form (TRF) available on CB East Guidance Website  Allow a minimum of 15 school days to process  Provide $1 per application  You will need to sign up for a time slot in the guidance office to submit your completed TRF. A sign-up sheet will be available in guidance at the front desk.  At the time of submission, you will be given the teacher recommendation checklist

7 If the college accepts Common App, you must know if you applied using Common App or the college’s own application when you turn in your TR Checking this box means that your SAT and ACT scores WILL NOT be on your transcript! You must have them sent from collegeboard or ACT Parent and student signatures are required

8 Step 4:  You must supply your teacher w/ the Teacher Recommendation Checklist given to you when you submit your TRF to guidance  Teacher will send their recommendation directly to the college

9 Step 4: You and Mrs. West will complete the teacher recommendation checklist for each teacher. Only list colleges to which you want that specific teacher to send your recommendation. (i.e. you only want Ms. Mullis to send her recommendation to Lehigh. You should only list Lehigh on Ms. Mullis’ checklist (not all the colleges to which you’re applying). It is important that you do your research and find out how many letters of recommendation each college requires/wants. With the new electronic submission, you can only send what the colleges requires. Therefore, if they want 2 recommendations, only two recommendations will be able to be sent electronically. You cannot submit more than that! DO NOT ask more teachers to write/submit recommendations than are wanted or accepted by the colleges because the teachers will not be able to submit them!

10 Step 5:  Make Requests for your SAT/ACT Scores to be sent directly from the testing agency to the college if they require “official scores”. and/or

11 Step 6:  Follow up! ◦ To view the status of your application package, check the following websites:  Application: or the official college website (remember your username and password for application accounts)  Transcript: Log in to your Naviance account, Click colleges > transcripts.  SAT/ACT Scores: or ◦ Teacher Letters of Recommendation: Contact your teacher to find out when the letter was submitted ◦ Check your email! Some colleges will use the email you provide to communicate about your application.

12  Only hand in TR for colleges to which you will definitely be applying ◦ you should have already applied to the college, or at least within 30 days of submitting your TRF ◦ When applying to Penn State, you must have already submitted your application before you hand in your TR  Do not print any counselor forms for us to fill out. We have access to them online.

13  Request recommendation via transcript request form  Fill out the College Recommendation Questionnaire in Naviance with as much detail as possible!  If possible, please have your parents fill out the Parent Recommendation Questionnaire

14  Video tutorials (CBE Educational Video Series) ◦ Each section of Common Application ◦ TRF completion ◦ Teacher recommendation process ◦ Syncing Common App with Naviance  FAQ College Applications 13-14 on website  College application procedures 13-14

15  Read other questions in “knowledgebase”  “Ask A Question”  “Follow” Common App on Twitter or “Like” on Facebook

16  SAT: October 5, November 2, December 7 (not at East)  ACT: September 21 (late registration ends 9/6), October 26, December 14  College visits in guidance ◦ check schedule, sign up on Naviance and print pass  3 excused absences to visit college campuses ◦ excuse forms available in attendance

17  Bucks Regional College Fair – 180 colleges Hosted by Bucks County Community College 10/10 6:30-8:30  Scholarships – visit Naviance often as scholarships are updated continuously. Listed under Colleges { "@context": "", "@type": "ImageObject", "contentUrl": "", "name": " Bucks Regional College Fair – 180 colleges Hosted by Bucks County Community College 10/10 6:30-8:30  Scholarships – visit Naviance often as scholarships are updated continuously.", "description": "Listed under Colleges

18  National Candidate Reply Date is May 1 st  /tip-sheet-making-the-final-college-decision/ /tip-sheet-making-the-final-college-decision/  Evaluate your options ◦ Compare financial aid packages ◦ Compare opportunities (internships, campus culture, majors etc.)  Visit again during the spring  Make the best choice for you (Know your priorities and values)  Submit your deposit by May 1 st to secure your spot

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