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Research Management System Creating and submitting Proposals.

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1 Research Management System Creating and submitting Proposals

2 Contents Proposal creation and management Proposal submission Pre-Submission Eligibility Exemption/Advice Requests Funding Rules and Instructions Key dates

3 Proposals Overview Fully electronic (no collation of paper, no postage) Approval and certification process through RO delegate will be conducted in the system Standardised where possible PDF can be created at any time No updates possible after submission to ARC


5 Form Parts More, smaller form parts One form part per page Save as you go Invalid data can be saved (but not submitted) Validation errors displayed on relevant page/section Pre-populated where possible (eg contact details)

6 Creating and submitting proposals User creates and saves draft proposal –Proposal name (identifier for participant and administering organisation) –Structured data such as title, abstract etc to be typed in –Data such as description of research will be attached by originator or editor in PDF format

7 Including other participants People –Enter surname and person id (NOT RMS User id) –If match found details entered in table and email sent to invited participant –Invited participant accepts via RMS, details are loaded –Invited participant rejects, details are not loaded –Originator grants edit/view rights to other participants (including right to allocate rights to others, if desired) Organisations –Don’t need to accept –Certification letters attached as PDFs

8 Budget Better tracking of items throughout life- cycle Totals calculated automatically Validation included where possible Can add unnamed participants, fellows, etc.

9 Submission Process Current proposal status shows in proposals table, and in blue field at top of proposal Proposal owner can submit to RO once proposal is complete and valid RO can de-submit to owner, or submit to ARC (after certification)

10 Certification RO Staff can view proposals; however only RO Delegate can certify and submit a proposal RO Delegate must agree to certification for each proposal in order to submit to ARC Once submitted to ARC, proposal can be viewed but no longer edited

11 Pre-Submission Eligibility Exemption/Advice Requests Usually relate to eligibility of investigators, fellowship candidates, organisations, and/or medical and dental research Detailed instructions and pro formas – – Single issue per request Submit using the specified pro forma type

12 Pre-Submission Eligibility Exemption/Advice Requests Merge completed form with supporting documentation Upload this as a single PDF to RMS Create Eligibility Issue (NB this will submit to Research Office – no draft) RO can submit to ARC or de-submit to researcher

13 Main Changes to LP Funding Rules Employment-related eligibility criterion for CIs changed to “at least 50 per cent (0.5 Full Time Equivalent) of her/his time” Partner Organisation contributions are now expressed as a percentage of total ARC request AIATSIS is an eligible organisation

14 Main Changes to LIEF Funding Rules Investigators are no longer eligible to be CIs and PIs if they are only casual, intermittent and/or occasional users First named CI must have a demonstrated capacity to manage the purchase, upgrading, construction, transportation, installation and maintenance and/or access Changes to ‘Restriction on budget items’

15 Main Changes to DIRD Funding Rules Introduction of the Australian Research Fellowship – Indigenous Maximum limit of: –$200,000 total over life of project where the Proposal does not contain an Australian Research Fellowship – Indigenous –$400,000 total over life of project where the Proposal contains an Australian Research Fellowship – Indigenous

16 Instructions to Applicants Instructions to Applicants for LP and DIRD are available at LIEF will be available shortly. For further assistance with scheme matters, contact: –LP: –DIRD: –LIEF: ARC-

17 Key Dates Linkage Projects Round 1 2010: –Pre-Submission Eligibility Exemption/Advice Requests close 15 April 2009 –Proposal Submissions close 13 May 2009

18 Key Dates Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities 2010: –Proposal Submissions close 20 May 2009 –Proposals Submissions open shortly

19 Key Dates Discovery Indigenous Researchers Development 2010: –Pre-Submission Eligibility Exemption/Advice Requests close 3 April 2009 –Proposal Submissions close 13 May 2009

20 RMS Contacts at UniSA Business Brianne Hastie, email Ashley Taylor, email Jie Shen, email EAS Lyn Browning, email Louise Barnes, email ITEE Brenton Hughes, email Bec Schwartz, email HSC Chris Moylan, email Madeleine Mallee, email IWRI ITR Sandy Sherry, email RIS RMS enquiries can also be directed to

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