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Primary Source Verification

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1 Primary Source Verification
DataFlow – HAAD 8 Dec 2010

2 Summary Introduction Who is dataflow? Application process
Online Verification form Packages for PSV Payment Modes How to track the applications status? Appeal process for Negative and Unable to verify applications. Training Video for Health Professionals Questions and Answers

3 Introduction The Health Authority Abu Dhabi are partnered with Dataflow for new initiative to further simplify the process of performing International background checks for all Healthcare Professionals to ensure that documents and information on the application form are genuine.

4 Who is Dataflow? Dataflow is an international company that provides background checks for immigration departments, primary source verifications for the medical industry and pre-employment screening across the Middle East and South Asia. 4

5 Who is Dataflow? Headquartered in Singapore, we have offices in Delhi, Hyderabad, Karachi and the United Arab Emirates. We are proud to serve many of the largest regional health authorities and hospitals as well as international pre-employment screening companies, foreign ministries, medical regulators and international banks 5

6 Application process 6

7 Application process HP/HR to submit the details of the educational qualification, health license and work experience, in addition to the supporting documents as per HAAD PQR Dataflow will verify the received documents and information and submit the result to HAAD The Verification is done by directly contacting the institutes, issuing authorities and previous employers.

8 Application process Facilities to apply in bulk for Health
Professionals using the HR or PRO ID Or Request the Health Professionals to Apply directly using their personal ID

9 Online application form - Facilities
Link is available on Dataflow website and can be requested by at:

10 HR to sign up as New user and Log In

11 If required, a facility can create different logins with different s for each category, i.e: Doctors, Nurses, allied, etc…

12 HR to fill the personal details of the HP
attach all the documents required for PSV and save

13 Facilities to submit as much applications as required
Facilities to submit as much applications as required. A confirmation will be received from Dataflow with the details of the submitted applications.

14 Online application form - HP
Link is available on HAAD website and can be requested by at:

15 HP to sign up as New user and Log In

16 HAAD PQR and eligibility criteria.
HP to complete the application form with the details of the documents to be verified which are relevant to the position he/she is applying for, according to HAAD PQR and eligibility criteria.

17 Scan and upload all the required documents and submit

18 HP will receive a confirmation mail with the Dataflow ID Number
Confirmatory Mail From: Sent: 8 Dec 2010 To: Subject: Confirmatory Mail Dear Health Professional We are pleased to confirm the following details: DataFlow ID Number : 00001 Name : Health Professional Date : 12/8/2010 Payment Instruction : Applicants in UAE pay in cash at the Dataflow counters located in the HAAD facilities Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Western Region or Al Mafraq Hospital. Applicants outside UAE pay online using Credit cards, through Western Union or Bank transfer at the below account, and a copy of the payment advice to quoting the unique ID number received by from Dataflow after completing the online form. Dataflow FZ LLC Emirates NBD Dubai Media City Branch Account number: Swift code: EBILAEAD Please quote the applicants name in the transfer to avoid delays. To Follow up on the application status: Please send an to , or call one of the below numbers, quoting the unique ID number received by from Dataflow after completing the online form. Please note that it will take around 30 days for an application to be processed. UAE: Philippines: or India: Appeal process for negative cases: Please write to quoting your unique ID number and provide any additional details and documents you might have to help us conduct the re-verification. Dataflow team will update you and HAAD on the new result when re-verification is completed. In case of any problem please contact us at Kind Regards, The DataFlow Team. HP will receive a confirmation mail with the Dataflow ID Number

19 Packages Content: Qualification, license and experiences (as per HAAD PQR) Turn around time: 30 to 60 working days Package Fee Consultants 900 AED Medical Practitioner and Specialist 600 AED Dentists Nurse/Midwife Pharmacist Allied Health Professional Alternative Medicine

20 Payment Modes Facilities and HP can pay the fee directly at the Dataflow desks located in HAAD offices in Abu Dhabi (airport Road), Al Ain and Western Region, or in Al Mafraq Hospital. Credit cards, western Union and Bank transfers are accepted for HP applying from outside UAE

21 Application Status To follow up on the status of an application:
send an at: Call one of the dataflow offices Visit the Dataflow desks

22 Appeal Process Facility/HP to contact DataFlow by at regarding Negative and Unable to Verify applications. Dataflow will advise the steps to follow or documents to provide in order to proceed with the re-verification Dataflow will inform the facility/HP about the new result of the re-verification and update HAAD system accordingly. All the communications regarding the appeals are with Dataflow only

23 Training Video for HP English and Arabic Video will be available on HAAD and Dataflow websites

24 Questions and Answers 24

25 Thank you 25

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