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MIS 610: Seminar in Information Systems Management Yong Choi School of Business Administration CSU, Bakersfield.

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1 MIS 610: Seminar in Information Systems Management Yong Choi School of Business Administration CSU, Bakersfield

2 Instructor Name: Yong Choi, PhD Office: BDC 142 Office Hours: on the class website Phone: (661) 654 - 6691 Email: No email checking during weekend…

3 Tour of Class website My first time teaching 10 weeks long course Teach 5 weeks long course (only offered in summer) Might be bumpy little bit! Download almost all the course materials

4 Textbook 1 Management Information Systems for the Information Age, 8th Edition By Haag and Cummings Irwin-McGraw Hill ISBN-13: 9780073376783 Buy from the Internet store such as Amazon market place Very cheap because of the new edition, 9 th edition.

5 Textbook 2 Database Concepts, 6/E Author(s): David Kroenke and David Auer ISBN-13: 9780132742924 Publisher: Prentice Hall Again, must be cheaper to buy from somewhere on the Internet such as “Amazon market place”

6 Tour of Blackboard (BB) 1 “SELF-ENROLL” to the course BB. First time using BB: try “How to Enroll in a Blackboard Course” tutorial on the CSUB Blackboard website

7 Tour of Blackboard (BB) 2 Let’s enroll now You must know your “Net ID.” Access Code: mis610csub

8 BB Self-Enrollment Login to Blackboard Go to the Courses tab near the upper left of the interface. In the Course Catalog module, click the Browse Course Catalog button. For the search criteria change the first dropdown next to Course to Instructor. In the text box to the far right type the last name of the instructor. Click Go. Find the course in the list and click the Action Button next to the Course ID and select Enroll. Note: Contact your instructor if the Action Button is missing. If required enter the Access Code provided by the instructor. After verifying this is the correct course, click Submit.

9 Submission 1 Whatever you are required to submit, You must submit it through BB. Otherwise, it will not be accepted. If you’d like to avoid any type of possible technical problems, please use PCs in the school computer lab (Grad Lab)

10 Submission 2 When you submit a file (i.e., assignment), you MUST CLOSE a Microsoft office application (i.e., Access) COMPLETELY. Otherwise, ONLY title of you file will be accepted and processed without including actual contents of your file.

11 Submission 3 And if you need to submit several files, you must submit all files together at once. That is, you must "UPLOAD" all the assignment files together at once. When you turn in the assignment, the file name must make sense. JohnDoe_assignment_3.doc ECprjt_1_group_3

12 Course Description 1 Learn necessary and essential low and high level technical and conceptual knowledge of MIS Hands-on oriented / practical course Primary focus: developing conceptual IS architecture Database system and management Modeling: data and process Develop Decision Support Systems using Excel Construct E-commerce website Learning an emerging IS: GIS

13 Course Description 2 Learn and discuss managerial knowledge of MIS Online quiz for every chapter: Basic terms and definitions Basic managerial implications of MIS Online discussion with your peers for theoretical and practical implication of MIS Read and discuss IS related cases and special IS topics using cases from the textbook Use customized lectures (MIS and DB)

14 Evaluation and Grading Points scales are subject to change Quiz (thru BB) 30 Points Total 6 quizzes, each quiz worth 5 points Case discussion (thru BB) 20 points Assignment (submit thru BB) 50 Points Group project (submit thru BB) 50 points Midterm Exam (submit thru BB) 50 points Final Exam (don’t know yet!) 50 points ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Total 250 points

15 Quiz 1 Each quiz worth 5 points. In order to pass the quiz, your score must be 32 out of 40 (80%). That is, if you pass the quiz, you will earn 5 points. If you fail (less than 80%), you earn nothing (zero point).

16 Quiz 2 Allowed to try the quiz three times. Must be finished in two hours Each quiz due date is available from the class website. The quiz is NOT available after the due date. First quiz is for practice…no credit will be given

17 Case Discussion Group activity Must use your group Blackboard (BB) discussion board Each case discussion worth 5 points No participation, No credit Grading based on quality of discussions

18 Assignment Each assignment will be given based on progress…… All technical assignment Database Decision Support Systems GIS GIS assignment worth 20 points

19 Project Developing EC company Managerial-side Mission, IS strategy, goals…. Industry analysis and risk factors Technical-side Project management using SW Requirement analysis Information system architecture: data model, process model, and website

20 Exam Midterm exam Developing database using Access Final exam Data model and SQL reverse engineering of database Process model

21 Course Guideline 1 Class Attendance Is required Notify me first by email prior to the absence. Missing a class because of a documentable illness or other reasonable cause, I will provide help. Otherwise, I do not repeat any lectures, labs…… The attendance will be checked.

22 Course Guideline 2 Any Work Turned In must be neatly done and should conform to the following specifications. Use complete sentences - Little bit of grammatical mistakes are OK. But no misspelled words. Neatness and organized appearances do count. MUST be machine-typed. Multiple pages (more than two) MUST be stapled together. Otherwise, your work will not be accepted. All work MUST be done on 8.5" x 11" paper.

23 Course Guideline 3 Late work Will be penalized (25% each day late) The submission link will be disappeared. Thus, it must be turned in by BB email (attachment) Failure to take a quiz by the deadline will result in a grade of 0 (the quiz link will be disappeared). Participating case discussion after the due date will result in a grade of 0. A written excuses from the appropriate person such as a medical doctor is the only acceptable form of excuse.

24 Course Guideline 4 Peer Group Evaluation Peer Group Evaluation is a part of the grading scheme. To prevent free riding in the group, the contribution of each member will be assessed. Each member is expected to submit a peer group evaluation at the end of the quarter. Your evaluation is 100% confidential. Your final score can be up or down graded based on the evaluation.

25 Course Guideline 5 Office hours You must be able to demonstrate you have already put a reasonable effort into solving and/or analyzing the problems. Please do not try to use office hours to make up for a missed class (I do not repeat any lectures). Honor code Classroom conduct: e veryone is equal.

26 No Interference Surfing the web, typing, texting, talking and any other interferences If you have any question, let your instructor know. Up to 30 % of your total score can be deducted depending on the level of interference.

27 Late Policy All Students must come to class on time. If you late more than 20 minutes without any notification (at least 24 hours), then it will be considered as “ABSENCE.” More than three absences will negatively impact your final grade.

28 Group Next class: form a group and have a first group meeting Minimum of 4 members Maximum of 5 members Must create a group name Email me your group name, assigned competitor company name, and list of member’s name

29 Who are you? Please stand up and introduce yourself… Name? Your home town? What do you do? Any suggestion? MIS specialist? – please see me

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