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Course Registration Process. Start your Web browser with

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1 Course Registration Process

2 Start your Web browser with

3 Find Your MyKSC Log In ID Click on “What is My User Id” Click on this link

4 Enter Your Last Name & Social Security # or Colleague ID and click Submit button ID = SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER COLLEAGUE ID = KSC ID CARD NUMBER Then click Submit Enter information here

5 Important Remember this Log In ID This is Your Log In ID troma

6 Login ID and Password Log in Id (User Id) – this is the Id you just found (e.g. troma) Initial Password will be your birth date (e.g. 042691) You must change your password upon initial acceptance of terms with Campus Cruiser If you encounter problems logging in call the KSC Help Desk (603)358-2532 or on the web at

7 Login to MyKSC

8 My Cruiser Page after login

9 Click Student Services Tab

10 My Class Schedule Select Term Click Submit

11 Search for Classes Select Term, Select Subject (w/optional course level or number) Click Submit

12 Search for Classes Results * Note class status in Column 2 – Open/Closed * Note class synonym in Column 3 - (e.g. 059887) * Note Section Name and Title is a link to more course information

13 Using SEARCH AND REGISTER Select the Term and at least one other field and click SUBMIT.

14 Search And Register Results Select/Check Section and click Submit

15 The section is now in your Preferred Sections list. * This is equivalent to a Shopping Cart.

16 To Register/Checkout: Select Action = RG-Register and click Submit. * Register one section at a time.

17 You are registered for IQL-101-01 * IQL-101-01 No longer in Preferred Sections list

18 REGISTRATION OPTION #2 Select Express Registration Enter the Synonym then click Submit

19 Or, Select Express Registration enter Subject, Course #, Section #, Term and click Submit

20 The Section is now in your Preferred Sections list. Select Action = RG-Register Click Submit

21 Your registration request was processed. You are registered for IHPHIL-100-01 See display of current section registrations

22 If you try to register for the same course, you will receive the following message:

23 If you try to register for 2 sections that meet at the same time you will get the following message:

24 If you try to register for a Closed section you will receive the follow message:

25 To Drop a Class Select Drop Sections Check the section(s) to be dropped and click Submit

26 IHHIST-111-01 has now been dropped.

27 Once you have completed registration go to My Class Schedule to make sure that you have completed the registration process accurately.

28 Success!

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