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New Faculty Orientation Marshall A. Martin Associate Director Agricultural Research Programs August 22, 2008.

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1 New Faculty Orientation Marshall A. Martin Associate Director Agricultural Research Programs August 22, 2008

2 Hatch, Animal Health, and McIntire-Stennis Research Projects Rationale USDA-CSREES Research Project Development Reporting and Accountability Multi-state Research Projects Mission-oriented Grants and ARP Assistantships

3 Role of a Hatch Project Federal requirement to spend Federal tax dollars Strategic research planning to be better positioned to obtain extramural funding Communicate research plans to Purdue administrators Encourage multidisciplinary cooperation

4 Research Project Development Research Narrative Cover page Objectives Methods Rationale & significance Literature review AD-416 AD-417 Assurance Form CSREES-2008 rDNA (IBC) Animal Care (PACUC) Human Subjects (IRB)

5 Research Project Expectations Each faculty member with 20% or greater research appointment must have a Project Each faculty member must report annually research progress, impact, and publications via CRIS (AD-421) Reporting tips: Research problem What did you discover If possible, quantifiable impacts Appropriate research publications

6 1998 Agricultural Research, Extension and Education Reform Act (AREERA) State Plan of Work approved by CSREES before Federal formula funds are released to each state Faculty must complete an annual “Impact Statement” on their research and/or Extension activities ARP must file an annual POW report on integrated research and Extension accomplishments which is based, in part, on the faculty “Impact Statements” Report includes data on multi-state and multi- institution collaboration

7 Research Reporting Information you submit gets used USDA-CRIS (AD-421) Plan of Work Report to USDA- CSREES PCARET members Presentations by the Dean of Agriculture Reports to President Córdova and Provost Woodson Dean’s Advisory Board Purdue news releases and publications

8 Multi-state Research Projects To encourage multi-state, multi-disciplinary, & multi-institutional research ARP covers travel expenses for Purdue representative to annual meeting Types of projects, e.g., NC, NCDC, NCERA, NCCC Regions North Central Northeast South West

9 ARP Assistantships Encouage new tenure-track assistant professors with three years or less as of October 1, 2008 to support graduate students and initiate their research program $17,500 first year and may be renewable for second year See ARP website for details The ARP Assistantship proposal should be submitted to Jessica Crum ( no later than 5:00 pm Friday, October 31,

10 Mission-Oriented, Internal Competitive Grants Program Funding priority will be given to proposals that clearly address at least one of the seven key initiatives outlined in the Indiana State Department of Agriculture’s Strategic Plan. Hardwoods: Increase the competitiveness of Indiana’s hardwoods sector Bioenergy: Maximize Indiana’s competitive advantage in agriculturally-derived energy Livestock: Integrate livestock production into local economic development with sound production practices, public understanding, and appropriate land use tools Regulatory Coordination: Ensure that regulatory standards are science-based and encourage economic development Diversity: Increase the number of diversified farms and help Indiana farmers capture value-added opportunities Food Processing: Leverage Indiana’s comparative advantage in food processing Farm and Trade Policy: Establish state leadership in agricultural and trade policy formulation and pursue foreign market opportunities.

11 Grant Evaluation Points Clear problem statement (10 points)_____ High priority problem from an Indiana State Department of Agriculture and stakeholder perspective (15 points)_____ Clear indication of research and extension integration (10 points)_____ Appropriate research methodologies or approach (20 points)_____ Clearly outlined Extension component of the project (20 points)_____ Evidence of leveraging with other grants and/or in-kind support (10 points) _____ List of relevant research and extension citations (5 points) _____ Faculty capacity to successfully complete the integrated project (10 points)_____ Total (Possible 100)_____

12 Submission Procedures The mission-oriented grant proposals should be submitted to Jessica Crum ( no later 5:00 pm Friday, November 14, 2008. Notification to the grant recipients will be made by early January 2009.

13 Questions Contact: Marshall A. Martin (765) 49-48365

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