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Proven. Trusted. Committed. “Professionals serving Professionals” APC Vendor Broker Program An Overview of Using APC as your Vendor Broker For IBM Partner.

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2 Proven. Trusted. Committed. “Professionals serving Professionals” APC Vendor Broker Program An Overview of Using APC as your Vendor Broker For IBM Partner Rewards

3 IBM Application Process For Partner Rewards The first step is to log into the IBM Portal and complete an application for the Co-Funded Marketing Program. If you have not yet done this, please visit

4 Completing Your Application in the IBM Portal 1) Log in with your Partnerworld user name and password. 2) Click “New Application.” 3) Enter your enterprise ID and postal code. 4) Click the button next to the amount of funding your company shows as available. 5) Click submit. 6) Choose APC as the marketing agency. A note will pop up explaining that APC’s broker fee is 9% of your total funding or $450 whichever is greater - accept this. 7) Click submit.

5  IBM Reviews Business Partner Rewards Application. Please Note: Work cannot begin until application is approved. IBM Partner Rewards Approval  IBM Contacts Business Partner for further info / Clarification.  IBM Alerts Business Partner and APC of Application Approval. Rejected Accepted  APC Contacts Business Partner via e-mail with required documents and process overview.

6 Initial Documents  In order to initialize your campaign, APC requires the following two documents: 1) The Vendor Broker Agreement.  Agreement between APC & Business Partner  We cannot work on your campaign until this is executed 2) The Exhibit A form.  Provides us appropriate contact information for Business Partner & Marketing Vendor / Event Coordinator & High level campaign details

7 Documents From Your Vendor  Your Vendor must then submit the following documents to APC to authorize payment of your Partner Rewards Dollars: 1) A Proposal, on letterhead, including estimated costs and services for the vendor’s part in your campaign. 2) An Invoice, made out solely and directly to APC, in USD.

8 Vendor Proposal  APC needs to receive the proposal at the start of your campaign. Once we have received and approved your vendor’s proposal, you may move forward with conducting your marketing tactic.

9 Vendor Invoice  The proposal and invoice should complement each other. Together, the two documents should give an overview of the scope of your campaign.

10 At the End of Your Campaign  Once your campaign is complete or nearing completion, APC needs to receive two final documents from you:  Exhibit B Form: Please enter an estimate in each row in the table at the bottom of the form.  DET Lead Template: At least one customer needs to be submitted in order for this form to be accepted and processed by IBM.

11 DET Template Instructions  Below is a little more information about the DET for your reference, which may assist you in completing it so we can close out your campaign. We need information/estimates entered in the following rows for at least 1 customer in order to submit the DET to IBM.  Rows 8-14 – Customer Information (Account name = Customer’s Company)  Rows 17-19—Customer Contact Information  Row 23: Opportunity Description – Enter your UCID# then put the phrase “+ PR”  Rows 26-28: Enter estimated decision date of sale  Row 29: Sales stage—only stages 3 and above are considered valid  Row 53: Choose “Systems and Technology Group”  Row 54: (The following options cannot be submitted: Cell Broadband Engine, Engineering & Technology Services, Global Engineering Services, Microelectronics, Open Infrastructure Offering, Printing Systems, Retail Store Solutions, Servers: Intellistation, STG Technical Training)  Row 55: These options change depending on what you chose in row 53 & 54  Rows 57-59: Estimated bill close date  Row 62: Product quantity  Row 66: Item’s unit price  Rows 70-84 should be filled in only if you have an additional product for this customer.  Rows 89-94 should be filled in with the Business Partner’s (your) information

12 DET Assistance  If you have further questions on the DET form, please feel free to contact Molly Schoemann at APC for assistance.

13 Closing Out Your Campaign  Once we have your completed Exhibit B form and DET Lead Template we can move forward with closing out your campaign:  APC will submit an invoice to IBM on behalf of your vendor(s) for this campaign.  IBM will pay APC in Net 30 for this invoice, and we will remit that payment to your vendor(s) within 5 days of receiving it from IBM.

14 Congratulations!  At this point your Partner Rewards campaign is nearly complete!  APC will contact you if IBM requests further details regarding your submitted lead information.  We will also notify you when payment is being sent to your vendor(s), so that you can let them know that they can expect to recive a check from APC.

15 APC Contact Information  For further questions on this process, please contact APC:  Phone: 919-510-9696  Fax: 919-510-9668  Email:  AIM: MollyAPC

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