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Getting to know us… And what we do in the Dean’s Secretariat… February 15 th, 2008.

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1 Getting to know us… And what we do in the Dean’s Secretariat… February 15 th, 2008.

2 Meet Stephanie  Ms. Stephanie Whitehouse (B.A. McGill ’06) joined the Dean’s Secretariat as the Acting Administrative Coordinator in 2007.  You can find her desk at: Dawson Hall, rm 217D 514-398-8972

3 Susan Sharpe  Ms. Susan Sharpe, Assistant to the Dean  Susan’s office is located at: Dawson Hall, room 216 514-398-4216

4 Scholarships/Prizes Scholarships/Prizes to Graduating Students Memo listing all departmental awards is sent out to Chairs & Directors at the end of April. May 10 th  Deadline to submit recommendations: May 10 th Scholarships/Prizes to Lower-Year Students Memo listing all departmental awards is sent out to Chairs & Directors at the end of May. June 6th  Deadline to submit recommendations: June 6th Question: Are the Advance Notices of these deadlines helpful?

5 Awards Moyse Travelling Scholarship  This scholarship is awarded to a student for further studies at a British university worth $11,000.  A poster is sent to Chairs/Directors and AOs outlining the deadline and urging departments to encourage student application. April 1st  Deadline to submit nominations: April 1st

6 Awards H. Noel Fieldhouse Award for H. Noel Fieldhouse Award for Excellence in Teaching Excellence in Teaching  A memo is sent in early January to Chairs/Directors and AOs to provide procedures for nominating colleagues.  Nomination packages are reviewed and a winner is chosen by the Committee on Teaching. Mid-February each year  Deadline to submit nominations: Mid-February each year

7 Awards Award of Excellence for Administrative And Support Staff  A memo is sent from the Dean in early March to all staff requesting nominations.  The award is intended to acknowledge outstanding performance and achievement of a staff member in the Arts Faculty. March 31st  Deadline to submit nominations: March 31st

8 Awards Arts Graduate Student Teaching Award This award consists of 3 prizes for outstanding work and positive student feedback for Teaching Assistants. A memo is sent in mid-September to Chairs/Directors and AO’s outlining the nomination procedures. Normally early November  Deadline to submit nominations: Normally early November

9 Building Director  Duties of the Building Director include:  Responsible for safety, building problems and key allocation of Dawson Hall  Card Access: Input info into the LENEL card access system for Dawson Hall, Leacock, Peterson Hall and New Chancellor Day Hall  Lobby reservations: Coordinates reservations for events booked in the Leacock Lobby. (Arts Lobby-only bookings for formal university receptions or Moyse Hall events).  Responsible for ensuring general maintenance and cleaning is kept up in Dawson Hall.

10 Arts Section of Calendar The Arts Section of the Undergraduate Calendar revisions are done yearly by all the Arts Departments to give students the most up-to-date information possible. Departments are given their program sections and courses to review and make changes to. The guidelines and deadlines for Calendar revisions are sent to AOs at the end of November. There are normally 3-4 drafts involved and the last one is usually finalized by early February. Question: Is there a better way to ensure that Draft deadlines are respected?

11 The Life Cycle of a New Program  Ever wonder where new course/new program proposals go? And what committees have to approve it before it can be offered? Look below for the typical committee cycle a new course/new program must go through in order to be approved: Screening Curriculum FacultySCTP

12 Screening Committee  Screening Committee- Is a sub-committee of Curriculum Committee that reviews all submissions before they go on to Curriculum.  Minor changes to courses/programs (title changes, pre-req changes, description changes etc.) are approved and forwarded directly to SCTP. New courses/programs go on to Curriculum Committee.

13 Curriculum Committee  Curriculum meetings are bi-monthly meetings where new and major revisions to courses and programs are reviewed.  New programs are forwarded to Faculty for approval and then on to SCTP.  New courses are forwarded directly to SCTP for final approval.

14 Faculty meetings/SCTP  FACULTY MEETINGS (monthly): Along with normal business of the Faculty, reports of the Curriculum Cmte. are reviewed and approved.  SCTP: The final stage of approval; we deliver the SCTP major & minor reports to the SCTP secretary each month.

15 Something New & Exciting ONLINE COURSE PROPOSAL/REVISION FORM This is a pilot project now under the direction of Ms. Fiona Lees, Manager, Programs & Degree Evaluation. *** For more information on participating in the pilot project, please contact Fiona at







22 Questions? THANK YOU!

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