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ANTHONY INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT Al Flores Jr., Director Maintenance and Operations Department 620 Sixth Street, Anthony Texas, 79821-1279 Phone: (915)

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1 ANTHONY INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT Al Flores Jr., Director Maintenance and Operations Department 620 Sixth Street, Anthony Texas, Phone: (915) Fax: (915) Web-based Maintenance Work Order Program “”

2 Functions of the Maintenance Department Building remodeling Chemical maintenance program Electrical repairs General building repairs HVAC/ Heating repairs Lighting issues ( includes bulb replacement) Major painting projects New construction Pest control Plumbing repairs Preventative maintenance Roof repairs Vandalism damage (non-paint related)

3 Functions of the Grounds Department The Grounds Department reports directly to the Maintenance Director The Department is responsible for the following areas of the district. –All athletic fields –All playgrounds –All Irrigation Systems –Maintenance and scheduling of watering of the following areas: Grass areas Trees Shrubs Xeriscaped areas –Weed control district wide –Outdoor pest control –Recovery of all ecological trash (Leaves, branches, etc)

4 Functions which are NOT the responsibility of the Maintenance Department Cleaning Responsibilities Distributing supplies/equipment Floor maintenance (Cleaning, polishing, etc.) Furniture Repair Minor nuts & bolts repairs Moving or assembling furniture Ordering or distributing custodial supplies Touch-up painting Trash pickup and cleaning (in campus areas and parking lot)

5 Implementation of the Web-based Work Order System Traditional paper based system obsolete Provides instant feedback to the requestor Allows for better planning by the Maintenance Department Allows access to the system on any computer with internet access Administrators are given the opportunity to “See” what is occurring on their campus An integral tool for the Administration Department for future budget planning An essential tool for the Maintenance Department for future equipment replacement planning and preventative maintenance procedures STEP 1 SITE ADMINISTRATOR APPROVES OR DISAPPOVES THE REQUEST ONCE APPROVED THE WORK ORDER IS PROCESSED BY THE MAINTENANCE DEPARTMENT MAINTENACE DEPARTMENT COMPLETES THE WORK REQUESTED WORK IS INSPECTED FOR COMPLETION AND WORKMANSHIP REQUESTOR AND SITE ADMINISTRATOR IS NOTIFED OF THE COMPLETION OF WORK MAINTENACE WORK ORDER COMPLETED BY THE REQUESTOR

6 All AISD Employees will be assigned a SchoolDude login name Welcome, to our request submittal service called "". This service allows you to submit work requests directly to our maintenance department via the internet. Your password to submit work requests is "wildcats". 1) Click this URL: (To make the process faster, you may want to bookmark this URL.) 2) Type in this account number ) Click "Submit Organization" button and the request submittal page will appear. 4) Type in your request information along with the other required information such as your name and submittal password and click the submit button. (Your password is indicated above in this message.) 5) Your new request will then appear in a list on the left. You can edit new requests until they have been assigned. For more questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at or. We look forward to serving you, Al Once you are signed in as a user, the following will be sent to you: As a user, you will be able to enter a work order from your classroom computer.

7 Procedure for logging into the Maintenance Work Order System Open the Anthony ISD website: Click on the Maintenance Department Page Click on the Under the Address box, Type in your A.I.S.D. address ex: The Maintenance Work Order Request will show up on your screen

8 Creating a new Maintenance Work Order (ALL FIELDS WITH A RED CHECKMARK BOX IS A REQUIRED FIELD) Step 1: –Please be yourself, click here if you are not Al Floreshere Your information should come up in the text boxes under this heading Step 2: –Location The pulldown menu will show all the applicable locations around the campus. –Area The pulldown menu will show all the applicable areas around the campus. –Area/Room Number Add your room number here or the description of a specific area –Yes, remember my area entries for my next new request entry. Click on this box if you wish for your room to be your default location for future use Step 3 – Select Problem Type: There are icons which define the task requested (If this is an emergency, click on the check box) Step 4 –Please describe your problem or request. Type in a detailed description of the work or problem to help the Maintenance department further isolate the problem Step 5 –Submittal Password The password that you receive in your initial will be used in this field- The request will not be filled otherwise Step 6 –“SUBMIT”

9 What happens to My Maintenance Work Order (MWO) once I submit it? Your work order is assigned a number and submitted to your site administrator: (Principals, Food Service Director, Transportation Supervisor, etc.) Your site administrator will determine the validity of the request. At this point they will either approve or reject it. If your request is denied, you will be notified via If your request is approved, the MWO will be forwarded to the Operations Manager for assignment and completion This system is designed to maintain a direct line of communication with you as the requestor and with the Maintenance Department via

10 Managing your Maintenance Work Order Account In your Request Page, you can click on the “My Requests” tab –This page will show all requests you have submitted. –You can check on the status of your request by clicking on it. This will tell you if your request has been approved or disapproved If approved, the status of the work completion will be shown: –If an inspection was conducted, the results of the inspection are shown. –If parts are required, the order status is shown –If problems arise, the feed back is shown Once completed, this status will be reflected on the website In addition to the website access, s as to the status of the MWO will be sent to your box


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