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2 State Funding for ESD/SVP  Grants – Usually include School Districts, BOCES, Public Colleges/Universities, etc.  Project # 0640-12-2XXX Or  Grant Contracts – Usually include Community Based Organizations, Private Libraries, Private Colleges/Universities, etc.  Project #0640-12-2XXX  AND  Contract # C401XXX Mechanism for awarding funds (based on several criteria):

3 FISCAL FORMS for a Federal or State Project FS-10: Proposed Budget Detail FS-25: Request for Interim Payment FS-10A: Proposed Amendment FS-10F : Final Expenditure Report ( Short/Long Form) PI: Payee Information Form

4 FS-10 Proposed Budget  Submitted as a part of the application directly to the Grants Management Office  Forwarded to Program Office for review and approval/disapproval  Upon all necessary approvals, forwarded to Grants Finance for processing FS-10 Budget - a proposed plan of project expenditures

5 FS-25 Request for Interim Payment  May be submitted until payments reach 90% of approved budget amount Must be based on incurred expenses & actual cash need  Recommended timeline for submission – depends on approved project budget amount Monthly - $100,000 or greater Quarterly – less than $100,000  Submitted directly to Grants Finance FS-25 Interim - a request for an interim payment (additional payment beyond initial advance made when budget is processed)

6 FS-10A Amendment FS-10A Amendment - a budget modification  Prior approval required for the following changes* Any increase in the total budget amount Any increase in a budget subtotal by more than 10% or $1,000 whichever is greater Personnel changes – number & type Minor remodeling Equipment *If there is any question, submit an amendment

7 FS-10A Amendment – Cont’d  Timeline for submission – generally any time between the approved project start & end dates of the project  Submitted to Grants Management NOT Grants Finance

8 FS-10F Final Expenditure Report  Agencies must maintain same level of detail & supporting documentation as required on FS-10F Long form and must be provided upon request  FS-10F Long form can be required at the discretion of the Department or where FS-10F Short form is not submitted timely  FS-10F (Short or Long) submitted directly to Grants Finance FS-10F – report of actual project expenditures Short form - summary of final expenditures Long form - detailed report of final expenditures

9 Important Points & Reminders  Submit all financial forms and reports by the due date(s)  Enter all required information on financial forms: SED/Agency/BEDS code Agency name Contract number (if applicable) Project number (10 digits)  Ensure that requests for cash (FS-25s) are based on actual or reasonably anticipated expenditures  Send financial forms and reports to proper office: FS-10 and FS-10A to Grants Management FS-25 and FS-10F to Grants Finance  Use only the forms provided on the Grants Finance internet site (assures most current form is used)  Provide original signature by Chief Administrative Officer or properly authorized designee  Review documents for accuracy (mathematical, etc)

10 PI/Payee Information Form  Purpose – to provide payee information only Existing applicants To verify existing payee data To update/change payee information  Accurate payee information is crucial so that payments are not misdirected

11 INTERNET ACCESS WWW.OMS.NYSED.GOV/CAFE/  Forms  Reports  Guidance and Information  Important Announcements/Reminders  Report Fraud, Waste and Abuse  Contact Us

12 RESOURCES & CONTACT INFORMATION GRANTS FINANCE (FS-25s and FS-10Fs) INTERNET ADDRESS: WWW.OMS.NYSED.GOV/CAFE/ E-MAIL ADDRESS: GRANTSWEB@MAIL.NYSED.GOV MAILING ADDRESS/TELEPHONE: Grants Finance NY State Education Department Education Building – Room 510W 89 Washington Avenue Albany, NY 12234 Phone: (518) 474-4815 Fax: (518) 486-4899

13 RESOURCES & CONTACT INFORMATION GRANTS MANAGEMENT (Fs-10s and FS-10As) INTERNET ADDRESS: WWW.EMSC.NYSED.GOV/MGTSERV MAILING ADDRESS/TELEPHONE: Grants Management Unit NY State Education Department Room 674 – Education Bldg Annex Albany, New York 12234 Phone: (518) 474-3936


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