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Boston Public Health Commission ID Bureau Education & Outreach Office Progress Reporting Helpful Hints.

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1 Boston Public Health Commission ID Bureau Education & Outreach Office Progress Reporting Helpful Hints

2 Why we ask you to submit Progress Reports o To show relevant work that is not fully captured by data alone o To let us know about accomplishments/problems with funded programs o To explain reasons for over or under spending o To keep us apprised on trends occurring in the communities you serve

3 Parts of the Progress Report: 1. Update of Progress on Goals and Objectives: o Describe your progress in meeting your goals and objectives as defined in your scope of services. o (See document at end of presentation to help w/this)

4 2. Program Status and Activities: o Provide us with an update on the status of the program and the services you are delivering, including a detailed account of the activities conducted under this contract.

5 3. Personnel Status o Describe any staff changes or trainings that staff have attended. o If staff is newly hired, and trainings attended are those required in the Standards, you may submit copies of training certificates, and file originals. 4. Description of Problems and Challenges o Describe any challenges your program has recently experienced, and how you are coping with these challenges.

6 5. Description of Emerging Needs o Any additional needs that your program is facing, and how you plan to address them. o Please use this section to provide us with key information regarding unmet need, trends, spikes in disease rates and issues regarding barriers to counseling, testing and vaccination. 6. Progress on Plan of Corrective Action o Report on any citations given by the BPHC in the past year until officially notified by the BPHC that the citation has been lifted.

7 7. Testing/Screening & Referrals o If you conduct testing on site, use this tool (a copy will be emailed to each agency for your use) to report on all HIV tests and screenings for Hep B, Hep C, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis conducted by your agency as a whole during the reporting period. Please also provide total # of positive results. The tool will automatically compile the % positive. o If you don’t provide testing on site, please report in your narrative the number of referrals made and confirmed for each of the above as well as primary referral site.

8 8. Miscellaneous o Let us know about any other additional information that you feel is relevant! o Basically everything else, from soup to nuts.

9 Key issues we encounter with progress reports: o Sending old progress reports with only the date changed (sometimes not even!) o Summary of activities does not match reported data. o No completed Service Tracking Log included o Reformatting of Service Tracking Log. o Narrative lacks complete information or is significantly different than prior submissions. o Late reports: if your report must be late, please let us know. o Not reporting on P.O.C.A: when receiving a citation, you must continue to report on your P.O.C.A. until the citation is formally lifted. o No testing data/referral info included o Data for trimester not in on time See pages 6 – 9 of your Provider Manual for a sample template for you to use.

10 Two Documents to Assist You in Your Monthly and Trimester Reporting Service Tracking Log: SAMPLE Goals and objectives taken from Scope. Respond to these in your trimester report narrative Progress made by trimester


12 Thank you for all your hard work!

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