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Align Chemical Ltd SGW UK Sales Agent.

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1 Align Chemical Ltd SGW UK Sales Agent

2 Scott G Williams Micronutrients History
G poultry cooperative formed in 1930’s in the USA by 1997 developed a $2.1 billion seed and feed and fertiliser business stretching from Texas to Virginia 1976 Trichem was formed by Fernando Munoz’s father to process and sell steel mill by-products as micronutrients 1992 Scott G Williams founded by FM to market Trichem’s products 1997 FM approached Goldkist and formed a 50:50 JV in Micronutrients 2001 FM bought out Goldkist’s 50% and wholly owns the business.

3 Scott G Williams Today Independent and Innovative Formulator and Manufacturer of a wide range of granular and powdered micronutrients Fast growing $6 million business on a 12 acre plot under 5 acres of buildings

4 SGW Location in the USA Conyers, Atlanta, Georgia

5 SGW in Agriculture and Amenities

6 Ultra Chelates™ SGW Product Range Keesol Powders Wildfire Fine Powders
Agronomically Engineered Mixes Florida Live! Granules Five in One Staged Products Sulphates, Oxides and Oxysulphates

7 Ultra Chelation™ Patent pending process
Keesol ™ powders for mixing with water for foliar application or fertigation Wildfire™ finer powders for mixing with NPK fertilisers Florida Live! ™ Chelates Granules to broadcast onto planted field Single or multiple element

8 Ultra Chelation™ Patent pending process
Lower application rates – half to a quarter Carry nutrients to the plant using a chelator ‘bus system’ Chelate ferries the nutrient from the pellet to the root hair Functions in 8 times more base in soils than EDTA chelates Allows immediate plant uptake as the metal ion doesn’t have to make the chemical conversion in the soil to become available

9 Keesol™ Ultra Chelated™ Powders
Mix and dissolve in water Compatible with most Liquid fertilizers Compatible with most Pesticides Used in Foliar application without fear of scorching due to buffering effect engineered into the product Used in Fertigation systems

10 Potato Power! Keesol : 5% Magnesium 5% Manganese
UK trials initial results leaf Tissue analysis: Double Mg uptake of Mg Sulphate with one third of application rate More than double Mn uptake Of background Mn 6 x 2kg/Ha weekly Mg Sulphate (9.6% Mg) – 0.26% 3 x 1.5kg/Ha Potato Power! – 0.48% Background uptake of Mn – 200ppm Potato Power! – 471ppm

11 Calcium Keesol on Tomatoes in Georgia, USA
Prevented blossom end Rot Ultra Chelation buffering effect did not burn leaves


13 STEM – Powdered Chelate - Complete Secondary and Micronutrient Package
Iron 7.5%, Sulfur 13%, Zinc 4.5%,  Manganese 8%,  Copper 2.3%,  Boron 1.35%,  Molybdenum 0.04% Available as jar sample*

14 Wildfire™ Fine Ultrachelate Powders
Finer powders for coating NPK fertiliser granules to broadcast onto planted fields All of the remarkable benefits of Ultrachelates’ efficiency in carrying the micronutrients into the plant root hairs from the soil

15 SGW Wildfire vs Wolftrax Solubility

16 Dime under beakers

17 Wildfire™ Grades Wildfire Chelated Calcium, 15% Concentrated Calcium
Wildfire Chelated Copper, 15% Concentrated Copper Wildfire Chelated Iron, 13% Concentrated Iron Wildfire Chelated Magnesium, 5% Concentrated Magnesium Wildfire Chelated Manganese, 15% Concentrated Manganese Wildfire Chelated Zinc, 15% Concentrated Zinc Wildfire Chelated STEM Mix, B 1.35%, Cu 2.3%, Fe 7.5%, Mo 0.04%, Mn 8%, Zn 4.5%, S 13%

18 Ultra Chelate™ - Granules – Case Studies Same wide tolerance to pH and soil types as Ultra Chelate powders but in a slower release form Zinc Ultra Chelate granular trials vs granular Sulfate in Michigan, USA farm Tissue samples in corn plants indicated more zinc in plant even at a quarter of the dose

19 Magnesium Ultra Chelate™ - Pellets Same wide tolerance to pH and soil types as Ultra Chelate powders but in a slower release form Manganese Chelate pellets on peaches in China 20% increase in yields Fruit quality and size reported superior

20 Fe13 Florida Live! Granular Iron
Turf farmer in mid/south Florida optimises turf quality

21 Granulated Mix of Chelates in China
Farmers double yield and produce healthy, superior nuts

22 Zinc and Magnesium Ultra Chelated Granules
Georgia, USA grower amazed as figs ‘hanging like hams’off mature fig tree Fruit well formed and very sweet

23 More Ultra Chelate™ Granules Grades
Fe 5 FLORIDA LIVE ! IRON Fe 13 FLORIDA LIVE ! IRON STEM - B 1.35%, Cu 2.3%, Fe 7.5%, Mo 0.04%, Mn 8%, Zn 4.5%, S 13% All available as jar samples

24 G Pardo, Florida Ultra Chelates on Fruit trees
Mangos, Avocados and Mameys have a super yield Fruit as large and sweet as they have ever seen

25 Five in One Staged Products
GRANULES CONSISTING OF: 1) EDTA chelates 2) Lignin Sulfonate chelates 3) Humates 4) Sulphates 5) Fine Oxides + NPK Source

26 Five in One Staged Products
Evens out acre to acre soil variations from sandy to loamy to organic to clay Customised release rates to provide nutrients from planting to emergence to growth to harvest Formula can be optimised to perform in specific pH and soil compositions

27 Five in One Staged Granular Potato Mix
Calcium -10% Magnesium - 8% Sulphur – 4% Boron % Copper – 1% Iron – 2% Manganese – 1% Molybdenum – 0.002% Zinc – 1% 56-67 kg per Ha blended into NPK before spreading Developed based on scientific studies in the USA 18% Chelates;37.8% Sulphates;15.3% Humates;19.6% Oxides;9% Borates, Molybdates

28 Five in One Products Iron* Copper Manganese Zinc*
Each element on its own or in combinations * Jar samples available

29 Sulphates and Oxides Sulphates;
granulated in specific formulations or mixed in powders Oxides; made for traditional row crop farmers in acidic soil to keep a maintenance dose of element or elements in growing medium

30 SGW Soluble Mix – Sulphate and Oxide Granules
Used in premium turf, golf and landscape applications Added to NPK for horticulture Iron 12% Sulfur 10% Magnesium 10% Manganese 1% Copper 1% Zinc 1% Molybdenum 0.02% Iron chelate 0.2% Jar sample available*

31 SGW Soluble mix and Five in One Iron supplied to the Masters Golf Course in Augusta, Georgia. SGW also supplies resorts in Las Vegas, Orlando and Palm Springs

32 Green Grade Micro Base – Sulphate and Oxide Powder
Agronomically Engineered sulphate and oxide formula Iron – 17% Magnesium – 4.8% Manganese – 2.4% Jar sample available*

33 Mixes SGW Soluble (Gran)* Green Grade Micro Base (Pdr)* Cock-tail Mix
LW- Corn and Grain Mix CPS Mix Iron 10% 17% 6% 5% Sulphur Mg 4% 4.8% Mn 1% 2.4% 8% 16% Cu 2% Zn 20% Boron

34 Powdered Sulphates Copper 25% Iron heptahydrate and monohydrate
Magnesium 11% Manganese Monohydrate Zinc Monohydrate

35 Granular Sulphate Homogeneous Mixes
Powder Verde High Drench Mix MicroVax Mix Iron 12% 7.5% Sulphur 11% 15% Magnesium 5% Manganese 8.2% 2.5% Zinc 2% 4.5% 1% Copper 0.25% 3.2% 0.5% Boron 1.45% 0.1% Molybdenum 0.046% 0.05%

36 Oxides and Oxysulphates
Boron 10% (Ulexite based) Copper 15 as oxide or oxysulphate Iron 50 as oxide Iron 50 as Oxysulphate Iron 50 with Fe Chelate (Lignin sulfonate based) Magnesium 36 as oxide or oxysulfate Manganese 28 as oxysulfate Manganese 36 as oxide or oxysulfate Manganese 40 as oxide Manganese 42 oxide Zinc 20 as oxide or oxysulfate Zinc 36 as oxide or oxysulfate Zinc 20-25% Oxysulfate – Jar samples available*

37 Humates and Humic Acid Iron Humate Magnesium Humate
Palm Tree Humate – Mn/Mg Humate Perfect Zinc – Zinc Humate, Zinc Sulphate, Zinc Oxide, and Zinc Chelate Veggie Humate – B, Cu, Fe, Mg, Mn, Zn humates Humic acid – Dark liquid, sprayable,pH about 11 available in 5 gallon pails or 200 gallon totes

38 More Product Formulating Options
Liquid chelated secondary and micronutrients for drip and foliar application Polymer coated, controlled release pellets of all products Humates and sugar alcohol-based liquid nutrients Custom designed products

39 More information Information videos:
Contact: Barry Langdon – Mobile – Landline and Fax –


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