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Hemalkasa, Maharasthra

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1 Hemalkasa, Maharasthra

2 Project Structure Why? For integrated development of Madia-Gond, the primitive tribals of Bhamragad Where? Hemalkasa / Bhamragad, Gadchiroli District of Maharashtra

3 Project Structure When? today Who? Baba Amte Dr. Prakash Amte & Dr. Mandakini Amte Dr. Digant Amte & Dr. Anagha Amte Aniket Amte & Samiksha Amte & many more!

4 Project Structure What? - Hospital - School incl. Hostel
- Animal Orphanage - Informal Court - Village activities

5 School: Figures & Facts
Students 673 (f: 223; m:450) Classes 1th to 12th Standard & Kindergarden Teacher 25 Education Formal: Marathi, Hindi, English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Civics, Economics etc. Additional: Training in First aid „Bare foot doctor“, Vocational Training in Bamboo Craft, Music school etc., Training in farming and horticulture, Training in hand pump reparation, Electrical fitting, Training in sewing machine, Diary- & Poultry skills Hostel 2 Girls-Hostel, 1 Boys-Hostel

6 Future of Hemalkasa-Students
Village Village Village Village Village Lok Biradari Prakalp School 1th-12th Standard (Formal & additional education) Good additional skills to improve lifestyle Good basic education. Job in City / Village Further Education

7 School

8 School

9 School

10 School

11 School

12 School

13 School

14 Hostel

15 Hostel

16 A schoolday in Hemalkasa
4:45 Wake up, Morning prayer, Bath 6:00 Breakfast 6:00-8:00 Working time 9:00-10:00 Lunch 11:00- 17:00 School 18:00 Dinner 18:30 Evening Prayer 19:00 Attendence check 22:00 Bedtime

17 Student - Portraits

18 Avinash Age: 16 Std: 9th Career aspiration: Engineer Mother: Housewife
Father: Killed by Naxalites Siblings: 2 Background: Avinash is from a remote village, whereas his father was head of. Because of some baseless rumours (that he was a police informant), the father was killed by Naxalites (Maoists) in front of the whole family. Avinash is now joining 9th standard in Hemalkasa. He’s staying in hostel, because his village is two hours away. Once a week he visit his mother in the village. He likes to go to school and has a lot of friends here. Beside school he likes to help in the animal orphanage.

19 Swapnil Age: 13 Std: 5th Career aspiration: Engineer Mother: Farmer
Father: Siblings: 2 (1 at Hemalkasa) Background: Swapnil is from a very remote village. One way is about 3hours by bus. Because of missing roads, he has to walk the last part to reach his home. Theres no water supply or electricity. Swapnil likes to study and wants to become an engineer. He joined school in Hemalkasa in He wishes to have more books available in the library (especially books to become a doctor, because his little brother wants to become one).

20 Sanjana Age: 9 Std: 3th Career aspiration: Teacher Mother: Farmer
Father: Siblings: 3 Background: Sanjana is a very good girl, which likes to study. She helps to clean rice and cut vegetables after school. She likes to read a lot and to learn agricultural skills. Once a month she’s going back in her village to visit her family. It is a way of about 2 to 3 hours walking.

21 Komal Age: 11 Std: 5th Career aspiration: Doctor Mother: Expired
Father: Farmer labourer Siblings: 2 Background: Komal likes to go to school and to stay in the hostel. Her village is 75km from Hemalkasa and she can visit her father only once a month. Her mother has expired. Beside school she likes to sing. She wishes that there would be more instruments and books available.

22 Anil Age: 11 Std: 3th Career aspiration: Teacher Mother: Expired
Father: Siblings: 2 Background: Anils father just passed away a few month ago, because of a heart disease. Doctors of Hemalkasa sent him for treatment to Warda, but there he passed away. While sending back his dead body to Hemalkasa, another school girl, which mother just died a few month before, joined Anil for grieve. Hemalkasas teachers just realized then that those are real brother and sister. The children had become orphans. Their uncle is taking care about them and they will get full support of Hemalkasa for their future. Anils favorit subject is mathematics and he likes to do sports (especially a game named Kho-Kho).

23 Sangita Age: 15 Std: 8th Career aspiration: Nurse Mother: Farmer
Father: Siblings: 3 (one of them is Gita) Background: Sangita and Gita are from a very remote village and part of the tribal Big Madia. The village is located on a hill in liberated zone. This means, that the village is not part of India and is the biggest base of the Naxalites. Village school is not open, but occupied by Naxalites. They didn’t knew anything from modern life, when they first came here one year ago. Sangita likes to play games and do sports, like running. She likes to get a good education, so she can become a nurse and go back to her village.

24 Gita Age: 13 Std: 8th Career aspiration: Doctor Mother: Farmer Father:
Siblings: 3 (one of them is Sangita) Background: Sangita and Gita are from a very remote village and part of the tribal Big Madia. The village is located on a hill in liberated zone. This means, that the village is not part of India and is the biggest base of the Naxalites. Village school is not open, but occupied by Naxalites. They didn’t knew anything from modern life, when they first came here one year ago. Gita’s favorite subject is Marathi an she likes to read studying books in her free time.

25 Manoj Age: 14 Std: 6th Career aspiration: Teacher Mother: Farmer
Father: Farmer / Extremist Siblings: 4 Background: Manojs family is member of extremists (Naxalite), which are very active in this region. He’s a very tensed and closed child, but still seems to be filled with anger or fear. Because of convulsions he missed 3th and 4th std, but came back to Hemalkasa for 5th class. His favorite subject in school is Marathi and likes to do agricultural work beside school.

26 Bhagyeshree Age: Dont‘ know (ca. 8) Std: 3th Career aspiration: -
Mother: Lives in village Father: In jail Siblings: 1 Background: Bhagyeshrees father was a Naxalite, but left this extreme organisation. After that police caught him and put him in jail. Since then her mother lives alone, in a region where extremists are common. Bhagyeshree didn’t speak a word when she first came to Hemalkasa, 10 month ago. Still, she’s a very shy and silent girl and speaks only few words. But she started to smile again!

27 Akshay Age: 12 Std: 5th Career aspiration: Doctor Mother: Nurse
Father: Policemen Siblings: 2 Background: Akshay is from a small village, in which his mother is the village-nurse and his father policemen. He’s a good student and his favorite subject is English. He likes to play and to read in leisure, but wishes to have more books available in library.

28 Teacher - Portraits

29 Jameer J. Shaikh Age: 39 Position: English-Teacher Classes: 8th-10th
Family: 2 children Motivation: Provide a chance to tribal children Challenges: - Previous knowledge of students is very low Teach students how to learn surronding Hemalkasa since: 2006 Needs: Electronic equipment Teaching material Background: Jameer joined Lok Biradari Prakalp School in Before, he teached in different schools. Low previous knowledge of students (some of them never have seen a train), is very challenging for teaching. But he likes this challenges and only sometimes he‘s missing city life.

30 Girish B. Kulkarni Age: 34 Position: Teacher Classes: 11-12th Family:
1 child Motivation: Serve tribal students Challenges: Children have different background Hemalkasa since: 2006 Needs: specific material/ books concerning students needs Link: Background: Before he came to Hemalkasa, he teached in Chandrapur and some remote villages. Then he heart about Baba Amtes project and came here. To work here is different, because students have total different background. He’s speaking some words in Madia only. His wife loves to teach as well. So some girls are coming to his place every evening and she teaches them Marathi and Songs. They are not missing anything and enjoying to stay and work here.

31 Ujwala Bharati Age: 25 Position:
Teacher (Volunteer) & Girls-Hostel-Mama Classes: 2th Family: 1 child Motivation: Loves to teach and to help tribal peoples Challenges: Language low memory & previous knowledge big classes Hemalkasa since: 2011 Needs: Books Background: She came here because her husband is an animal doctor in Lok Biradari Prakalp. But before coming here to join her husband, she wanted to finish her education as teacher. She loves to teach tribal children, because those children really want to learn. Because of lacking education in further generations, those children need support. Beside school she’s responsible for one of the girls hostel. There she takes care of all the girls need. She speaks little Madia, but likes to learn more. Ujwala loves to stay here and is satisfied in everything.

32 Vilas Talwekar Age: 47 Position: Principal / Teacher Classes: 8-10th
Family: 2 Motivation: Give children a new chance Challenges: Parents dont have education -> missing motivation language Hemalkasa since: 1990 Needs: - Books Background: Vilas is living here with his wife, which is a teacher too. Both children joined school in Hemalkasa till 7th std, but now they are in school in Chandrapur. He‘s teaching science, beside his work as principal.

33 Krishor Vadde Age: 22 Position: Teacher (Volunteer) Classes: 1th
Family: Unmarried Motivation: Serve his own community Challenges: diff. Languages surrounding Hemalkasa since: 1996 (as student) 2010 (as teacher) Needs: Story books Background: Krishor himself, is part of Madia-Gond tribal and was student in Hemalkasa. He always liked to study and after finishing 12th std, he decided to become a teacher. As soon as he finished his education, he came back here. He understand all problems his students have, because he has the same background and speaks Madia. In case of communication problems he’s there to translate. He loves to work in garden with the students, to read English books and to think about new teaching methods.

34 Name Age: Position: Classes: Family: Motivation: Challenges:
Akshardeep since: Link: Background: …

35 Challenges Low previous knowledge Communication (Madia – Marathi)
Not optimal surrounding (atmosphere of learning/studying is missing in Hostel & children are speaking Madia together)

36 Motivations Provide a chance to tribes to improve their lifestyle (less poverty) Because of lack of education, tribes are far away from any development

37 Needs Story Books (English) Books for Library Electronic equipment
Teaching material Good qualified & motivated teachers

38 Projects / Ideas Reduce class-size Improve school-library
Increase salary of volunteer teachers Regularly parents meeting (sensibilisation in homework & education) (started) Contact village schools to improve level (started) English medium school (started)

39 Personal Impressions Great Project which is running very well
Alot of support but still alot of needs Never resting family with always new project


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