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Blueberry Conference & AGM, Coffs Harbour Astrid Hughes, Industry Services Manager.

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1 Blueberry Conference & AGM, Coffs Harbour Astrid Hughes, Industry Services Manager

2 Agenda 1. Blueberry Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) SIPs Single Call – Why? 2. Blueberry Projects Update on current projects 3. HAL Broader context Financials /Processes 4. Next steps and questions?

3 Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) Strategy Working towards the strategic plan Government priorities Advisory mechanism Role & responsibility of Committee Members Structures to suit industry requirements Supporting processes Process Clear and consistent processes developed, communicated and adopted

4 Why? Seek to improve efficiencies Improved resource allocation & work planning IAC/Committee synergies (where possible) in dealing with levy and VC proposals Consistency of approach - less out-of-session proposals Earlier advice to VC project proposers Single Call

5 Blueberry Objectives SIP 2009 - 2014: Objectives: To improve the adoption of sustainable production systems and implementation of Best Management Practices To develop a strong industry association that will improve communications and will lobby governments in the interest of its members To increase consumer awareness of the health benefits of blueberries To develop new varieties suitable for Australian conditions To secure funding to support Australian Blueberry Grower’s Association project investments To manage Biosecurity threats with improved pest and disease management To support and lobby for an adequate, skilled workforce To support and lobby for market access to emerging markets

6 Multi Industry Projects (01/10/2012 – 31/05/2015) & (01/10/2012 – 30/09/2015) MT12028 and MT12029 – Office for Horticulture Market Access The objective of the market access operational support project for the period mid 2012 to 2015 is to ensure sufficient resources are available to allow OHMA meetings, travel to OHMA meetings by committee members and costs associated with an independent OHMA Chair Raise the profile of Australian horticulture by developing target market relationships with an industry focus as commercial market access drivers Provide strong support and contribute to official access negotiations; and Identify, support and guide science inputs (R&D) into market access. Blueberry Projects

7 MT12701 – BerryQuest 2013 - Combined Conference for Australian Blueberry, Rubus and Strawberry industries (01/01/2013 – 01/02/2014) Healesville, Victoria October 22 nd – 24 th October 2013 Breeding, postharvest management, carbon benefits MT10017 and MT12010 – Understanding the Purchase Behaviour of Fresh Produce Consumers (01/09/2010 – 30/08/2012) & (01/07/2012 – 30/06/2014) The use of Homescan Consumer Data The acquisition and processing of Woolworths Retail Scan Data The servicing and professional analysis of this data The reporting of industry trends and market development strategies associated with the insights gained from the data. Project Update

8 BB11002 - Australian Blueberry Industry development to maintain a profitable and sustainable industry (01/10/2011 – 01/10/2014) Philip Wilk – Industry Development Officer Natalie Bell – Communications Officer BB10000 - Assessment of a Combination Cold Temperature Treatment to Improve Market Access of Australian Blueberries (01/02/2011 – 30/06/2013) The use of a cost effective disinfestation to ensure quarantine compliance intention is to significantly enhance the profitability and reputation of the Australian blueberry industry. This would help ensure continued access to important overseas markets and the development of new markets. Project Update – Blueberry

9 BB10002 - Improved market access for the Australian blueberry industry (01/07/2011 – 01/12/2014) To assist with the maintenance and improvement of existing national and international markets and also assist with the technical aspects of new market access into China and India 1. A new market access submission to OHMA seeking prioritization for access of blueberries to China and India; 2. Technical market access submissions for access into China and India; 3. A submission for Japanese quarantine authorities clarifying that the east coast of Australia does not have Mediterranean fruit fly to ensure that current Japanese export market is not impacted due to changed Japanese quarantine requirements. 4. A review of current Queensland fruit fly management strategies on Berry Exchange farms and provision of recommendations to replace dimethoate and fenthion usage, including R&D requirements; and 5. Additional assistance with ICA reviews and improvements. Project Update – Blueberry

10 Blueberry Projects BB11000 - Management of girdling moth in blueberries (01/09/2011 – 01/08/2014) 1. Identification of pest species 2. Description of life-cycle of pest species 3. Laboratory colony for future insecticide screening etc. 4. Workshops for growers (1 Workshop per year and 1 conference paper at biennial conference) 5. Preliminary recommendation for management strategy

11 MT12012 – Pending final endorsement from Blueberry Committee and Raspberry MT12012 - Assessment of nutritional profile and fruit quality of irradiated blueberry and raspberry (01/09/2012 – 31/05/2013) 1. Key nutritional data, Vitamin C and beta-carotene 2. Fruit quality data Next Steps: Endorsement from Raspberry and Blackberry Australia – pending, email traffic supporting this project occurring now Blueberry - pledge letter

12 HAL Broader Context Key Issues Templates & Quick Reference Cards (QRC’s) Crisis management Electronic/virtual meetings Where are we at? Industry driven ideas and suggestions Industry services have developed 3 key issues for consideration The relevant HAL team will drive appropriate issues – e.g. R&D services for Crisis Management Outputs and Outcomes for issues are - to equip those members that need it with skills/tools and efficiencies to enable them to focus on their R&D and Marketing programs and be better equipped to manage any future crisis

13 Templates and QRC’s Objective - Templates : To ease administration workloads for IRB’s and PIB’s and provide efficiencies through supplying templates for the more straight forward R&D project types Action Plan - Templates: 1.Minor use/chemical trials and separate proposal for registrations 2.Study tours/conferences 3.International networking 4.Strategic investment planning 5.Benchmarking /consumer research Objective - QRC’s: To provide IRB’s and PIB’s with HAL internal work processes to increase understanding and amendment for use for themselves Action Plan - QRC’s: 1.Generic administration processes 2.Milestone report writing/payments process

14 Crisis Management Objective: Run two hour workshops for small industries which provide a tool and the skills and motivation for PIB’s and IRB’s to document a response process. NB: Cost covered within their CCR contribution Action Plan: Initially tropical industries – all to be confirmed 1.What is a crisis? Getting the terminology right? 2.What might cause a crisis? Have to put it into perspective 3.What could go wrong in this industry? 4.Risk assess the issues raised – severity versus likelihood 5.What action is appropriate for each level of risk – who, how etc?

15 Electronic and Virtual Meetings Objective: Assess the feasibility of a suite of alternative non face-to-face meeting approaches Action Plan: 1. Webinars/Webex/Skype 2. Other multi party HD Videoconferencing options 3. Ipad interactive meeting apps 4. YouTube Channels 5. Closed tweet channels

16 Financials Financial reporting Current P&L’s can be confusing, or provide a lack of clarity Expenditure is a factor of R&D income Some elements are beyond control eg. Levy collection costs How much ‘free’ or unencumbered funding available for investment Cash flow implications Processes Matching payments to milestones and/or invoices Collection of VC’s

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