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Improving the governance of schemes Ramanjaneyulu.

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1 Improving the governance of schemes Ramanjaneyulu

2 The Crisis Increasing Costs of Cultivation Trapped in high-risk high-input agriculture Unremunerative Prices; Devaluing of agricultural produce Disparity and neglect of rainfed areas and dryland crops Ecologically unsustainable models Lack of holding capacity among small farmers Processing and marketing not in farmers’ hands Decrease in public investments; skewed subsidies Increasing Living Costs

3 Wrong framework Our models of agriculture and support systems are not based on our situations and needs Green Revolution was technology and productivity centric From 90s we have become technology and market centric Both never cared for the externalities

4 Focus on Farm Incomes & Sustainability Make incomes of small farmers the focus of Agriculture policy; Sustaining small farmers not pushing them out of agriculture Economical and Ecological Sustainability Why? Foundation of Rural economy; Livelihood of 60% of our citizens; Required to ensure nation’s Food Security Production-focused support policy of 1960’s has broken down Growth models in other countries show: unless the model has focus on farm incomes, growth is not poverty-reducing.


6 ComponentTotal% of total Seed Production & Distribution1217.3245.70% Hybrid Seed Distribution7.650.29% Research (Paddy, Pulses, Groundnut)20.930.79% Seed Infrastructure (Seed Testing Labs, Strengthening Seed Farms at Govt Level)529.3119.87% Drought Contingency4.150.16% Pulse and Oil Seed Villages335.1712.58% Seed Distribution (Groundnut)37.501.41% INSIMP190.457.15% OPAE206.187.74% Drought & Flood Tolerence11.970.45% Contingency0.000.00% Nutri Cereals69.662.62% Seed Replacement30.351.14% Crop Diversification2.250.08% Seed Village0.580.02% TOTAL2663.47100.00% Budgets spent on seeds 2007-13

7 Maharashtra 2010 to 2013 Total amount sanctioned (Cr) Amount released (march 2013) Amount spent Unspent balance Spill over for 2013-14 Agri depart257.7055.4450.524.92202.96 Soil & water conservation Minor irrigation department 312.21122.55118.933.62189.66 Source: 16 th SLCC minutes, March 2013

8 Suggestions for improvement  Focus on comprehensive, long term sustainable interventions Integrated approach rather than component based approach  Converging with other departments  Comprehensive planning from village consolidating at mandal and district level  Sub-schemes should be well integrated into the larger plan rather being in isolation  Flexibility for decentralised planning, implementing and monitoring  Bring in more transparency and accountability-can introduce social auditing  Strengthening Institutional Mechanism for Implementation and Regular Monitoring  Grievance Redressal Mechanism (GRM) at the District  Equity in selecting beneficiaries-social and regional  Capacity building at various levels  Livelihood centric than technology centric  Focus on building institutions  Innovations from grass root experiences can be scaled up rather than doing more of the same  Improved coordination with implementing agencies  Timely action in preparation of plan, fund release and implementation

9 Credit to Farmers Loan Eligibility Cards2011-122012-13 2013-14 Cards issued0244082 New576147179243 Total576147423325 443000 Farmers who accessed loan197747126157 143976 % of tenant farmers who accessed loans3430 20 2012-13% area% loans % Interest free loans % Interest subvensionTenant Farmers % of loans to tenant farmers North Coast8.70%6.47%6.15%6.26%12%7% Krishna, E & W Godavari21.72%34.77%34.87%33.90%50%83% Prakasham-Nellore8.41%10.01%11.03%11.54%12%1% Rayalseema22.16%19.86%21.50%21.76%13%4% Telangana39.00%28.89%26.45%26.54%13%5%

10 Telangana: Loans to Tenant Farmers Rs. 23.92 Cr (2013-14) DistrictLoan eligibility cards issued Farmers who accessed loans Total loan received Nizamabad6,4092350.20 Medak20098332.19 Warangal12,1363,5030.22 Karimnagar9,4132,0887.18 Adilabad2,9476001.74 Rangareddy113250.09 Mahaboobnagar656400.27 Nalgonda3,0219792.49 Khammam21,8303,5039.54 Total58,53411,80623.92

11 Telangana: Loans to Tenant Farmers Rs. 306.59 Cr (2013-14) DistrictLoan eligibility cards issuedFarmers who accessed loansTotal loan received Srikakulam27,8823470.47 Vijayanagaram22,9913,1427.32 Vishakapatnam3,1426321.60 East Godavari62,14749,29287.42 West Godavari1,22,42052,096132.00 Krishna12,2559,51925.72 Guntur22,91211,14525.50 Prakasham3,7617703.0 Nellore47,8985,23316.32 Chittore9,3993880.68 YSR Kadapa13,3622,1561.34 Ananthpur1,005910.20 Kurnool35,4473,5005.02 Total3,84,6211,37,841306.59

12 CropCurrent support price (Rs/q) Cost of production (Rs/ha) Cost of production (Rs/q) Support price recommended by state (Rs/q) Support price announced by Centre (Rs/q) A grade paddy1,3451,05,2092,104.003,156.001400.00 Ordinary paddy1,3101,02,4801,708.002,562.001360.00 Jowar1,50028,2991,769.002,653.001530.00 Maize1,31025,4861,566.002,349.001310.00 Ragi1,50021,3541,779.002,668.001550.00 Groundnut4,00040,5094,501.006,751.004000.00 Soybean2,50052,7892,778.004,167.002560.00 Sunflower3,70033,6334,204.006,306.003750.00 Cotton (long staple)4,00098,8964,945.006,306.004050.00 Cotton (short staple)3,70092,3234,859.007,288.003750.00 Sugarcane2102,16,986271.00406.50220.00 Support Prices 2014-15

13 Way forward Increasing investments in agriculture Bottom up planning involving community institutions Governance-planning, implementation and monitoring involving stakeholders Built support systems for making informed choices Built accountability at various levels Ecological Security centric production systems Farmer income Security centric policies

14 Facebook: ramoo.agripage Twitter: ramanjaneyuluGV Email: Phone: 040-27017735, 09000699702

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