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Food Harvest 2020 and the Artisan Producer Peter Young Farmer, Producer, Journalist The Future is Food Taste Council 2014.

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1 Food Harvest 2020 and the Artisan Producer Peter Young Farmer, Producer, Journalist The Future is Food Taste Council 2014

2 Food Harvest 2020 Launched in 2010 Third such report 30 stakeholders First to have sustainability embedded Act Smart Think Green Achieve Growth

3 Overall targets – Achieve Growth Increasing the value of primary output in the agriculture, fisheries and forestry sector by €1.5 billion. a 33% increase compared to the 2007-2009 average. Increasing the value-added in the agri-food, fisheries and wood products sector by €3 billion. a 40% increase compared to 2008. Achieve an export target of €12 billion for the sector. a 42% increase compared to the 2007-2009 average. All looking outwards Imports - €4-€5bn

4 Sector targets Milk - 50% increase in volume of milk production Beef - 40% increase in value of beef output Pigs - 50% increase in the value of pig meat production Sheep - 20% increase in the value of sheep meat production Poultry - 10% increase in the value of poultry production

5 FH2020 - Recommendations For the development of the Artisan - 5 recommendations Cereals Organic production Horticulture sectors Even forestry and bio-energy crops Little bit for everyone

6 Environmental impact Report Jan 2014 Implement mitigation measures Adherence to environmental legislation and targets Negative impacts could potentially be reversed rendered neutral/imperceptible in most cases lead to environmental gains in some cases.


8 Sustainability = Profit

9 FH2020 – different views Current beef crisis – Some beef farmers want to do away with Food harvest 2020 Liquid milk - IFA want a viable Food Harvest 2020 plan for fresh milk New division added on earlier this year Driving growth in the ‘consumer foods sector’. The board - made up of some of the largest consumer food brands in the country Largo Foods, Carton Brothers, Glanbia Foods, Kelloggs, Mondelez Ireland.

10 Artisan food Test of 4P’s, Personality of the producer, Place it come from, Product itself Passion in the manner it is produced’

11 FH 2020 - Artisan Food Sector Growing consumer demand for speciality food products Strong entrepreneurial spirit Significant rise in the number of small food companies operating in Ireland. Most owner managed, Many have strong farming basis, produce a diverse range of products. Provide the seeds for the next generation of Irish food and drink offering. Potential to enrich Ireland’s tourism

12 Number of speciality Food Producers/artisan 2010 350 businesses Employing 3,000 worth almost €500 million

13 FH2020 Taste council submission Grow the sector to 1000 firms by 2020. A minimum of 650 new food/farming/fishing entrepreneurs An additional 6,500 jobs created (10 employed in each). Grow the consumer price output of the small food business sector locally by an additional €611million. Applying the multiplier effect to this output leads to a potential turnover in circulation in the local economy of €1.5 billion. Is it valid today?

14 FH2020 - Recommendation 1 Encourage and support market-led food entrepreneurship from the earliest stages of development, Food Academy Start - Bord Bia, SuperValu and the County Enterprise Boards Food Works - Bord Bia, Enterprise Ireland, and Teagasc, Last year – might be good business but spot the artisan Dairy free ice-cream, Biodegradable chewing gum, Premium Irish vodka Sustainable seafood butter

15 FH2020- Recommendation 2 Promote sustainable and locally embedded food procurement policies and systems, €195m– Health, Education, Prison & Defence Force, Government Departments and other public bodies. Green Tenders – An action plan on green public procurement Launch Jan 2012 Bord Bia Quality Assurance schemes and IOFGA or equivalent schemes from other EU member states GREEN PROCUREMENT Guidance for the Public Sector EPA – 2014 Very little has actually happened yet -will it for artisans? Skills needed to get tender

16 FH2020 - Recommendation 3 Promote and broaden the opportunities, including local markets, for consumers and visiting tourists to purchase local food, Guide to Food Markets in Ireland Bord Bia launch Jan 2014 Good Food Ireland Gourmet Greenway Wild Atlantic way Taste of ….. Cork..... Shows the untapped potential

17 FH2020 - Recommendation 4 Conserve and promote distinctive local food traditions at EU level and with bodies such as the TASTE Council and Slow Food, Europe - 1,200 (Avg - 429/country) Ireland - 5 Products with Protected Designations of Origin Imokilly Regato Products with Protected Geographical Indications Timoleague Brown Pudding Clare Island Salmon Connemara Hill Lamb Waterford Blaa/Blaa Pipeline - The Department currently have 10 expressions of interest from 5 sectors, which are all at various stages of discussion.

18 FH2020 - Recommendation 5 Explore possibilities for mentoring by larger companies to support artisan companies achieve market distribution and build their customer base. Vantage Partner Brand Forum Mentoring Programme - Bord Bia & FDII Real value

19 FH 2020 -Develop umbrella ‘brand Ireland’ Origin Green - Great initiative Industry can get behind 85% of all exports under the umbrella by 2015 Small producers Time Costs Return Organic - national v international

20 CAP reforms - Rural Development Artisan/Food SMEs A new Artisan Food Cooperation Scheme, comprised of annual grant support to help artisan food producers to improve and validate production quality, and improve the awareness and marketability of local and niche category products.

21 Moving toward 2020 - views Artisan producers have been said to have the Halo effect for Irish Food


23 Moving toward 2020 - Sustainability Artisan producers have been said to have the Halo effect Some cases where seen as the devil – raw milk cheese

24 Moving toward 2020 - Origin green Great initiative more help/mentoring needed to get artisan producers on boards

25 Moving toward 2020 - Sustainability Add one more P to the 4P’s - the need for profit Truly sustainable take inefficiencies out of the food chain and improve share Artisan is slipping down the priority list Artisan needs a ‘new division’ Hit 1,000 by 2020 and let the halo shine

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