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Entering and Judging Vegetables Tracy Wootten UD Extension Horticulture Agent – Sussex County.

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1 Entering and Judging Vegetables Tracy Wootten UD Extension Horticulture Agent – Sussex County

2 Rules All rules should be followed carefully. Make note of: All time deadlines Entry class numbers on tags are they correct? Student Identification on entry is correct? Removal deadlines following the event. All vegetables should be grown by student submitting the entry. Be careful of mistakes that lead to disqualifications. Hint: Putting long, burbless cucumbers in the pickling cucumber class.

3 Selecting Vegetables Entries should be true to variety characteristics Select ones that are slightly immature, they will reach maturity in a day or two. Not shriveled, wilted, damaged during harvest, or damaged by insects or diseases. Hints: keep in a cooler or refrigerator over night. Leafy entries should be placed in water as soon as they are cut. Harvest in the morning. – not the heat of the day (10 a.m.-2 p.m.) Harvest 24 hours in advance for peak condition (if possible).

4 Uniformity Each vegetable on the plate or display is of similar size, color, stage of maturity, shape and type. Hint: ALWAYS harvest more than what you need. Remember accidents can happen. Packing well for travel is a must.

5 Uniformity Size Shape Choose the size vegetable that is desirable on the market. Biggest is not always BEST. Unusual size often indicates poor quality Keep sizes similar – don’t put 4 large tomatoes with 1 small tomato on a plate of 5 medium size tomatoes Select the shape most typical of that vegetable ( true to characteristics) Look in a vegetable catalog for size at time of harvest. Hint: An icebox melon is not a 10 pound watermelon that is usually 20 pounds at harvest

6 Uniformity Col0r Maturity Should be uniform for all vegetables of a specific variety. Intense, deep-colored are preferred. All vegetables in an entry should be at the same stage of maturity. Type Should be all the same variety.

7 Transporting Line transporting containers with crumbled newspapers, straw, shipping peanuts or other padding material to reduce bruising or scarring. Keep out of direct sun – which causes discoloration (green potato) Individually wrap tender-skinned vegetables such as: eggplant, ripened tomatoes, summer squash, zucchini squash, etc. using newspaper or tissue paper. Do not keep in closed, hot vehicle for any length of time.

8 Cleanliness Dirty vegetables give the judge a bad impression They think you are not serious about the competition You should be interested in preparing an attractive, first-rate display. Sometimes you can clean vegetables by wiping them with a clean, damp cloth or washing them. If the class requires vegetables to be trimmed – i.e. beets tops removed – it should be done neatly and properly. Hint: Use sharp tools…

9 Displaying Entries should always be shown at their best. Entries should be groomed, but not look un-natural. Remember when selecting entries, vegetables will not be displayed to hide imperfections. Hint: Vegetables will be inspected on all sides.

10 Disqualifications Attention to class specifications: beets with tops vs. no tops Ears of corn husked Incorrect number in an entry i.e. 12 stringbeans in display (15 does not equal a dozen) or 3 cherry tomatoes in one that required 5 cherry tomatoes. Onions should not be peeled (or have store label on bottom) A mixture of different varieties in a single class i.e. crookneck and straightneck in the summer squash class

11 Make Participating in the Fair Fun! Remind students that exhibiting in the fair is an excellent way to learn more about quality and handling of vegetables. Win or Lose – We should learn from the experience, and accept the challenge to improve future displays and exhibits. GOOD LUCK!!!! See you at the Fair.

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