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1 KAMAL KANTA SAHOO FEDERATION OF INDIAN EXPORT ORGANISATIONS (Set up by Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India) ER - Odisha Chapter MANAGEMENT REVIEW MEETING 2014 at FIEO (HO), NEW DELHI 10 & 11 th Nov 2014

2 NEW & RENEWAL OF RCMC Revenue Generated from RCMC 2012 - 132013 - 14 2014 - 31 Oct.14 New 422529 Renewal 849682 Total 126121111 2012 - 132013 – 14 2014 – 31Oct 2014 Rs.9,57,002.00 Rs.09,97,657.00 Rs.09,60,529.00

3 CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN REVENUE FROM COO 2012 - 132013 - 142014 - 31 Oct. 14 GENERAL 77 15091 APTA 27 221 SAPTA 0 00 MEXICO 0 00 TOTAL 104 17292 2012 - 132013 - 14 2014 - 31 Oct. 14 Rs.12,008.00Rs.18,737.00Rs.10,304.00

4 TRADE FAIR FROM 2013-14 SL.N OCOMPANY NAMEStallsFAIRPERIOD RENT 1 Odisha State Pavillion,Odisha 10 Kunming Fair,China 06-10 Jun 2013RS.1,20,000.00 2 Fab Food India pvt. Ltd1 The Amazing, Grand Sale fair at Bangkok, Thailand01-04 Aug 2013 RS.88,000.00 3 Premsai Exports India Pvt. Ltd1 Chengdu Fair, China 23-27 Oct 2013RS.65000.00 4 Art Orissa1 Mega Show-2, Hongkong 27-29 Oct 2013RS.1,50,000.00 Total 13 TOTAL RS.4,23,000.00

5 TRADE FAIR FROM 2014 - 15 SL. NOCOMPANY NAME NO OF STALLSFAIRPERIOD RENT 1Odisha State Pavillion,Odisha5Kunming Fair,China06-10 Jun 2013Rs.1,50,000.00 2 Premsai Exports India Pvt. Ltd2Kunming Fair,China06-10 Jun 2013Rs. 66,000.00 3Annapurna International1Kunming Fair,China06-10 Jun 2013Rs. 30,000.00 4Dream Merchant Association1Kunming Fair,China06-10 Jun 2013Rs. 30,000.00 5Heritage Exports1Kunming Fair,China06-10 Jun 2013Rs. 30,000.00 6Lalita Art & Craft1Kunming Fair,China06-10 Jun 2013Rs. 30,000.00 7 Sourav Agricultural Services Pvt. Ltd.1 Singapore International Indian Shopping Festival 201402-05 Oct 2014Rs. 74,500.00 8M/s Annapurna International1 15 th Western China International Fair (WCIF), Chendu 30 Oct 14 to 3 Nov 2014 Rs. 65,000.00 9M/s Ashutosh Padhi1India EXPO Dubai 201415-16 Oct 2014Rs. 39,000.00 10M/s Aryan Trader1India EXPO Dubai 201415-16 Oct 2014Rs. 39,000.00 Total 15 TOTAL Rs.5,53,500.00

6 REVENUE GENERATED FROM TRADE FAIR BY FIEO,OC YEAR2012 - 132013 - 142014 – 31 Oct 2014 TOTALNIL Rs.4,23,000.00Rs.5,53,500.00

7 Evaluation of Chapter OC offices Heads2012-132013-14 2014-15 (upto Oct,2014) Membership126121 9,60,529.00 Certificate of Origin104172 9,230.00 Number of Domestic Events 17 13 Revenue from Domestic EventsNA 20,000.00 Expenditure on Domestic Events Rs.29,535.00 Rs.65,000.00 Rs.12,000.00 Number of Overseas EventsNA4 Events Revenue from Overseas activityFIEO,ER Expenditure on Overseas activityFIEO,ER

8 ADDITIONAL REVENUE TO BE GENERATED FROM 1.11.14 TO 31.03.2015 (Approx.) 1.ONE EDP (01) Rs. 3,50,000.00 2.New RCMC (15) Rs. 1,08,750.00 3.Renewal (15) Rs. 93,750.00 4.COO (40) Rs. 3,360.00 5.TOTAL -Rs. 5,55,860.00 + TF/Workshop/Seminar = ?

9 FIEO,OC is functioning in the premises of DEP&M (Govt. of Odisha) without Paying RENT, ELE. & WATER BILL from 2003.

10 EVENTS ORGANISED BY FIEO,OC FROM THE FINANCIAL YEAR YEAR2012-132013 -14Apr-2014 - 31 Oct. 14 TOTAL 17 13 YEAR Apr-2012- Oct 2013 Apr-2013 - Apr 2014 Apr-2014 - Oct 2014 TOTAL 100913 EVENTS ORGANISED BY FIEO,OC FROM APR - OCT

11 EVENTS ORGANISED BY FIEO,OC,FROM 2012-13 (17) 1 Seminar on Anti Dumping & Trade related issues 12-Apr-12 2 MDP on Import & Export Management 22-Apr-12 3Interactive Session on SEZ03-May-12 4Workshop on Importance of Exports in Global Market20-May-12 5Workshop on the Electronics Systems design Manufacturing18-Jul-12 6Workshop on Export Awareness Programme20-Jul-12 7Interactive Session on IHHF25-Jul-12 8Workshop on Scope of Export of Coir Products from Odisha14-Sep-12 9Inaugural Function of EDP-01(12-13)23-Sep-12 10 Seminar on Export Prospects from Odisha Potential and Problems 19-Oct-12 11 Workshop on Export Pricing & Logistic Freight Calculation in Export Business 30-Nov-12 12 Workshop on Business Opportunities in Cold Chain Solutions in Odisha 23-Dec-12 13Workshop on Export Prospects from Odisha MSME05-Jan-13 14Workshop on Integrated Textile Park in North Odisha15-Jan-13 15MDP on Logistic & Intl. Shipping24-Feb-13 16Chemical Weapons01-Mar-13 17Export Potential from KBK Dist.26-Mar-13

12 EVENTS ORGANISED BY FIEO (OC) FROM 2013-14 (17) Sl. No.Name of the EventDateOrganised by 1 Conference on the Role of CSR in sustainable development 02.05.13TUV & DEVELOPMENT LABS 2 Workshop on Ebay & paypal for promoting exports through e-commerce 31.05.13E-BAY & PAYPAL, MUMBAI 3 Interactive Session with Chief Commissioner of Central Excise & Customs 21.06.13FIEO 4 Interactive Session with Shri D. K. Singh, Addl. DGFT, New Delhi on EBRC & Niryat Bandhu 24.06.13JDGFT & EP&M 5 Workshop on Food Safety & standard Guidelines 19.07.13EP&M 6 Seminar on Export Business and Entrepreneurship 31.07.13JDGFT,EP&M,ECGC, & VEDANG INSTITUTE OF TECH. 7 Seminar on Starting Exports & Benefits under FTP 16.08.13EP&M,ITRED, EXIM CONSULTANCY & AIEBA. 8 Workshop on ASIDE, MAI & MDA 21.09.13EP&M 9 Seminar on containerized cargo handling facilities at Paradip Port 03.10.13EP&M 10 Open House meet with Dr. Anup K Pujari 22.11.13FIEO & EP&M 11 Seminar on Export opportunities for MSMEs B2B & B2C 04.01.14FIEO,EP&M,NACO,IMFA& NSIC 12 Seminar on Export Marketing,Procedures & Documentation 23.01.14MSME-DI & BCCI 13 Seminar on Opportunities & Challenges for SMEs sectors 31.01.14Bank of Baroda, JDGFT,EP&M & ECGC 14 Seminar on Export Potentiality of Agri & Horticulture products of KBK districts of Odisha 14.02.14EP&M 15 Seminar on Export as an Engine of Growth 24.02.14UCCI 16 Workshop on Packaging of processed foods for export 09.03.14ITRED 17Workshop on Town of Excellency under Niryat Bandhu21.03.14ZDGFT,ER

13 Sl. No. Name of the EventDateOrganised by 1Services provided by NSIC to Odisha Exporters11.04.14EP&M 2 Work shop Agri commodity hedging for agri exporters30.04.14IEDO 3Business opportunities at Hong Kong & Finance support21.05.14EP&M 4 Interactive session with Shri Sanjeev Nandwani, ITS, Addl. DGFT, Kolkata 12.06.14EP&M 5 Scope of Export of Textile Products from Odisha11.07.14FIEO 6The great entrepreneurial journey15.08.14DGFT,UKTS 7Seminar on Export potential from State of Odisha31.07.14EP&M 8Seminar on Export Finance & Trade Services05.08.14IDBI 9 Niryat Bandhu26.08.14JDGFT 10Public Procurement need for National Policy in India28.08.14Cuts International 11External preferential trade agreement and its impact on Indian economy 28.08.14Cuts International 12Export Strategy of odisha06.09.14EP&M 13Workshop on Scope of Export of coir products from Odisha31.10.14FIEO EVENTS ORGANISED BY FIEO,OC,FROM 2014 - 31 Oct 14 (13)

14 THANK YOU Export Growth Through Awareness & Education

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