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“Everybody has the capacity to be remarkable” - Michael Young, Founder of SSE.

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2 “Everybody has the capacity to be remarkable” - Michael Young, Founder of SSE

3 Founded in 1997, the SSE supports individuals to realise their potential and to establish, scale and sustain, social enterprises and social businesses across the UK, Australia, Ireland and Canada (social franchise model) 9 Schools in England Scotland Australia – across 5 cities and delivering programmes in rural areas also Ontario Canada Ireland (2014)

4 a Social Enterprise is “an enterprise that trades for a social/societal purpose, where at least part of its income is earned from its trading activity, is separate from government, and where the surplus is primarily reinvested in the social objective.” In Ireland, there are four main types of social enterprise, and often social enterprises may overlap in these goals: those with commercial opportunities that are established to create a social return; those creating employment opportunities for marginalised groups; economic and community development organisations; and those that deliver services.

5 SSE Ireland SSE Ireland runs practical learning programmes for entrepreneurial individuals with a start-up (1- 3 years) social business, social enterprise or social venture which generates social or environmental impact Set up in January 2014 & team in place Incubator Programme launched February 2014 (Next one Spring 2015) 28 Social Entrepreneurs begin programme April 2014 1 st cohort graduated November 2014 Already demonstrating impact

6 Our Social Entrepreneurs

7 Eileen Bennett SSE Graduate 2014 (Ireland) The Horses Connect human and equine team is on a mission to foster a society where every person is valued and enabled to reach their full potential. We intend to achieve this by creating and delivering a range of equine facilitated programs in the Galway region to improve the well-being of people experiencing disability or disadvantage. We also aim to establish key strategic alliances with the local community as well as local and national organisations. Facebook - horsesconnect Twitter - @horsesconnect

8 Duncan Walker SSE Graduate (Ireland) Walkinstown Green Social Enterprises Ltd & The Green Kitchen Café Providing training and employment opportunities to people with intellectual disabilities in the Dublin 12 area. Operating from a renovated building in Walkinstown Green providing quality office space, training/meeting rooms, garden centre, workshop (in partnership with the D12 Men’s Shed) and a café. In 2015 they will be providing accredited training programmes in catering/hospitality, horticulture, repairs & maintenance and general employability skills. Facebook – The Green Kitchen Café Twitter - @greenkitchendub

9 Elle Steele SSE Fellow (Australia) Elle Steele is an award-winning sportswoman who represented Australia at the 2000 Paralympics. Elle’s motivation to play sport at the highest level was overwhelmed by constant injury associated with her physical limitations. She is the founder of Create Believe Achieve and The Wheels of Power, a project which provides coaching and support groups to people with disabilities, empowering them to live fulfilling lives in any way they want. Facebook - Createbelieveachieve

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