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Propagation environments. This photograph shows a polythene tunnel bench.

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1 Propagation environments

2 This photograph shows a polythene tunnel bench.

3 This photograph shows the heating mat used to provide bottom heat for propagation.

4 This photograph shows the mist unit head.

5 The electronic leaf used to control water on/off for a mist unit.

6 An example of a solar light switch used in place of an electric leaf for the control of water on a mist propagation bench.

7 This photograph shows the 12v heating cable which can be used instead of the heating mat. It will provide the base heat for propagation.

8 The 12v heating cables positioned on top of sand, above the cables fine grit is added which will distribute the heat from the cables efficiently.

9 North-facing frames suitable for propagation.

10 An example of a temperature integrating jar, which is most useful in recording actual temperatures under glass.

11 An example of an aspirated screen which is used to house equipment for the recording of environmental factors such as temperature, humidity and gas content in the air.

12 A propane burner unit under glass, which will produce 3 kg of carbon dioxide for every 1 kg of gas burnt.

13 The north frames, which are used to propagate a range of hardy shrubs from July to October.

14 An example of a low polythene tunnel which could be used to propagate hardy shrubs between May and September.

15 An example of a Lux meter used in horticulture.

16 An example of anemometer which is used to record the speed and direction of the wind.

17 An example of a high-pressure sodium lamp used to provide supplementary and replacement lighting in horticulture.

18 The use of fleece in plant propagation. The fleece allows photosynthesis to continue but at the same time restricts water loss from the plant.

19 This photograph shows a modern closed case. The temperature can be controlled with bottom heat and air temperature heating units. Glass has been replaced with ribbed plastic – this is safer and lighter in weight. Remember high light intensity is not required in most propagation methods.

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