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Mattie Crownover.  Is it cost effective  Is it environmentally responsible.

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1 Mattie Crownover

2  Is it cost effective  Is it environmentally responsible

3  Little research has been done  Small farms  Crops are cared for and harvested by hand

4 Harvest method (%) Mechanically Roots, tubers, & bulb Carrot 2 98 Potato 2 98 Onions 98 2 Fruiting Vegetables Peppers - bell & chili Tomato Melon/vine crops Berries Leafy veggies and greens Lettuce Spinach 2 98

5  High per acre crop values  Need for greater yield  Lack of help

6  Increases yield  Improves product quality  Efficiency of crop chemical use  Conserve energy  Product Efficiency

7  Site-Specific Management  Postharvest Process Management

8 Present technology is in the mass flow or mass accumulation categories.  Used where the crop harvested is conveyed on a belt or chain. Load sensors are placed on the idler wheels supporting the belt. Continues weight sampling is combined with GPS.  Load cells are under a hopper or wagon monitoring the weight of the crop. Combining weight changes in the hopper per unit times with the GPS time and position.

9 Handheld GPS receivers & Hand-Trak  Not as accurate, but offer a means for the grower  Improvements in progress

10  Citrus crops in Florida  Working on keeping water and nutrients  in the root zone.  Commercial Blueberry fields  Real-time Slope mapping  Viticulture  Remote sensing from satellite and airborne platforms provides images depicting vineyard conditions.

11  Chlorophyll Meter  Dualex Measures polyphenic compounds that accumulate in the epidermis of leaves under N stress.


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