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Erik Kaemingk, Human Capital Agenda Greenport Gelderland E: M: +31 (0)6 37433276.

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1 Erik Kaemingk, Human Capital Agenda Greenport Gelderland E: M: +31 (0)6 37433276


3 * Greenport Gelderland is 2nd horticulture production area in the Netherlands, leading in mushrooms, fruit and chrysanthemums. * Ambition: in 2020 one of the five main horticulture regions in Europe. * 1600 horticulture enterprises employ 14.000 people * Most of the enterprises are SMME (2 – 25 employees)

4 * Started in December 2013 with a covenant between the region Rivierenland, LTO employers organisation, Helicon (VET College in agriculture and Greenport Gelderland. * Focus: sufficient amount of professionals (entrepreneurs & employees) in 2020 * Expedition Horticulture * Training & development * Bridge the distance between education and sector * BranchePool Horticulture

5 * Entrepreneurs focus on producing and selling * Only a few see Human Capital as a strategic issue * Human Capital is a buyers market: you hire the cheapest people that are available at the time you want them. * Consequence: a lot of people from middle and east European countries * Attempts to get unemployed people working in the sector caused a backfire instead of enthusiasm * The Russian boycott is the last straw that breaks the camels back, 80% of the enterprises stops before 2020

6 * SMME entrepreneurs love their employees * You don’t have to be excellent, motivation and flexibility are the most wanted competences * Expectations are that employability grows, area of quitting enterprises will be taken over by others. * In 2020 the market will be dominated by bigger or more specialised enterprises. A lot of work will be automated. * In 2020 we need more professionals in cultivation, mechanism, sales, management, administration etc. * This conversion generates new opportunities in the labour market.

7 * Employers find the highly motivated and flexible employees living in their neighbourhood they need for a normal price. * People find jobs and job (learning & working) opportunities as a stepping stone to a sustainable career. * The municipality, public employment in the region pay less for social security * Vocational Education can take care for training & development of these people on their way to become a professional

8 * Recruitment & Selection (unemployed & challenged people by municipalities and public employment, people from other sectors by their outplacement organisations, etc * Collecting data of all these people in a Personal Data Ecosystem. Connecting all parties involved. * Enable people to work flexible make quick alternates between work and social security * Training and development * Personal coaching of both employee and employer

9 * Co-creation meetings between horticulture entrepreneurs and aldermen. * Make Return on Investment Deals, include other policy domains as infrastructure, energy, in these deals * Organise these meetings at horticulture companies that already employ youngsters, unemployed, challenged and people from other sectors * Make access to the branchepool easy * Evaluate the ROI regularly and learn from the evaluation.


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