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The 1 st Korea – Hong Kong Study Tour 1/10 – 5/10/2010 袁寶儀 Bowie Yuen Horticulture Therapy.

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1 The 1 st Korea – Hong Kong Study Tour 1/10 – 5/10/2010 袁寶儀 Bowie Yuen Horticulture Therapy

2 On Sept. 30 evening arrived at Hong Kong Airport, because everybody rides 00:30 flight to Korea. When arrived at Inchon airport. Everybody strode out of the airport. IHPA’s member took the welcome banner to wait for us! We had the breakfast on the way. Afterward, we started our first site visit. What is really the Hong Konger spirit, strives for the time.

3 Demonstrated simply Wonju City image, for everybody more warm feelings and in original state, uses Korean, Chinese as well as English manufacture separately unforgettablily becomes.

4 Wonju Rural Technology Centre is our first schedule where include the Life Garden and the Mutual Farm.

5 The Life Garden used Wonju City slogan “Healthy Wonju”, as follows was the meaning. 'Healthy Wonju' - `Healthy' has represented on body's health, is also the mental health, the health, the social health. The written and green which serves as contrast with it, is representing the peace and good health and the happy life, the letter `H' personification, is similar to a vital person is the sunlight. Will fill to future dream and the hope, the sun shone Wonju City administrative area.

6 The greenhouse of life garden is indoor horticulture therapy site. Inside has the different horticulture therapy elements. Adjustable table suited for different user, also has a bird and singing, plant’s name brand with plant drawing, enables the tourist to have a deeper memory to the plant. The client has assigns the close group or the public group. The resident may take part in the public group. But assigns the close group is appraised the patient after doctor approved, will give different treatment to improve in their behavior and the mood.

7 The mountain symbolizes Chiaksan, 3 mountains represented Birobong, Hyangnobong and Namdae-bong. 3 ellipses are getting bigger symbolize harmony, unity, progress for spirit of Wonju people. The logo represented Wonju goes on the world development.

8 The mutual farm is a very spacious place and under the bridge. It does not have any environment problem and air pollution. The tourist and the wheelchair is easy to go through on the concrete walkway and some non- barrier sloping.

9 Each kind thing which find in the daily life, also serves as the plant container, for example rubber container, the wooden, the nylon bag, the velvet bag and so on. The big stone is used at the edge of the garden. Although suits in the natural environment, will have the risk for tourist.

10 The big shelter with the climbers and the lawn. There becomes good place for the tourists and children to take a rest. And grow the vegetable under the shelter as well. This re-equipping container, really suitable for Hong Kong, designs a balcony and plants in the front. The back of the container is constructed the green wall and the porch in the entrance.

11 In the mutual farm has flowers and plants, right side are one kind of South Korean sesame vegetables for the barbecue.

12 Farm Herbnara 香草園

13 Herbs made happy feeling, its fragrance make the food delicacy and make our relax. Herb is the unique plant in the nature for medicinal, cooking and fumigates fragrant. Farm Herbnara has over 100 kind of different herbs, grows in the different theme park, each theme give the information how to use the herbs in the daily.

14 香草與花 Herb & Flower

15 Walk around the garden, not only the herbs, every index created with heart, the tourist enjoy atmosphere. This is why does horticulture therapy use the herb effective.

16 The plant arrrangement is like simple but can come out indifferent effect. In our horticulture therapy activity has so many plant arrangement and choose what plants together. According to others' work and the experience, is very good improves own method.

17 Color has the therapy effect, use suitable color in the facility, can lead the user joyful.

18 The simple ornament can have different feeling. The colorful painting is in watering can and hard tube, add the plant inside it. The white wall become bright.

19 Heavenly Hospital

20 Heavenly Hospital’s horticulture therapy garden is at the roof. Running water, higher raised bed, the vegetable container which plants from the patients, meditation area, wild flower area and so on. Other facilities have the staircase to the patient who moves about with difficulty, under the nature environment and enjoy the rehabilitation progress. In the safety, around the roof with green wire netting that so match the environment.

21 The patients did the work and shown in the hospital anywhere

22 In the hospital arrangement, the decoration takes the life in detail. Feeding chickens and egg packing, farming tools, can help them to bring up their memory. The patient who can not go outside but available walk around indoor garden and give them become calm.

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