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Plant Science Curriculum

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1 Plant Science Curriculum
Lesson 7 Introduction to Horticulture

2 Objective 1 Define horticulture and its relationship to agriculture.

3 What is horticulture? Horticulture is the science and art involved in the cultivation, propagation, processing and marketing of flowers, turf, vegetables, fruits, nuts and ornamental plants. How is horticulture art? Science?

4 What is agriculture? Agriculture is defined as the activities involved with the production of plants and animals and related supplies, services, mechanics, products, processing and marketing.

5 How are horticulture and agriculture related?
Do these industries coexist? Are they ever in conflict? Why?

6 Objective 2 Describe the different types of horticulture in Colorado and the United States .

7 There are two main types of horticulture
Food Crop Horticulture Ornamental Horticulture

8 Let’s explore this diverse industry…
Create a 3-4 minute report and visual poster on each of the following areas of the horticulture industry. floriculture landscape horticulture interiorscaping turf production and maintenance arboriculture. olericulture pomology

9 Great Job! Give yourselves a high five!
Let’s review what we have learned today by playing a little bit of Jeopardy! Get involved in this great industry – HORTICULTURE!

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