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Horticulture Cluster. Unit C Nursery, Landscaping, and Gardening.

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1 Horticulture Cluster

2 Unit C Nursery, Landscaping, and Gardening

3 Problem Area 2 Residential Landscape Design

4 Lesson 1 Analyzing the Residential Landscape

5 §Where would we begin in landscaping this new home? Picture provided by

6 Student Objectives §1. Describe how to determine the client’s needs and desires. §2. Explain the purpose of a site analysis plan. §3. Identify the purpose of a base plan. §4. Describe the components of a site analysis plan.

7 Terms §Base Plan §Family Inventory Sheet §Macroclimate §Microclimate §Site Analysis Plan §Soil §Vegetation §Views

8 How does a designer determine what a client needs and desires for their yard? §1. Family Inventory Sheet

9 A. What are the family specifics for this home?

10 1. The number and ages of family members

11 2. Family hobbies ( i.e. baseball, gardening, badminton)

12 3. Pets

13 B. What are the gardening interests of the family?

14 1. Do the clients want a vegetable garden, annual garden, bulb garden?

15 2. How much time do they want to spend in the yard doing maintenance?

16 C. How does the family plan to use the space?

17 1. Patio or deck Botanical Decorators

18 2. Pool or open yard for lawn games Picture from Tad Anderson Landscape Design

19 3. How much entertaining is to be done?

20 D. Are there any favorite plants that the family wants included in the landscape?

21 E. Are there any plants the client does not want in the landscape? They might not want plants with thorns, plants that drop messy fruit, or those that have weak wood.

22 F. Any thing else that may pertain to the specific yard should be discussed at this time.

23 What is the purpose of a site analysis plan?

24 II. Site Analysis Plan §The site analysis plan is a sketch of the home, the property lines, and a record of observations about the site that the designer can then later refer to when they begin the design process.


26 What is a base plan?

27 III. Base Plan §A. A scaled drawing of the home. This should include doors, windows, and any existing hardscapes, (i.e. sidewalks, driveways, patios). §B. Property Lines §C. Utility Lines and Easements

28 What are the components of a site analysis plan?

29 IV. A site analysis plan is a record of observations done on a site to be landscaped. This is done before any design work is started on the yard.

30 A site analysis plan includes the following observations: §A. Vegetation §B. Soil §C. Microclimate §D. Macroclimate §E. Views

31 Review §Begin designing a landscape by first discovering the needs of the family with a family inventory sheet. You will then need to complete a site analysis and base plan.

32 Evaluation §1. Why is it important to do a site analysis of the location you wish to landscape? §2. List the five components of a site analysis plan. §3. What are some questions that should be asked on a family inventory? §What is a base plan?

33 Web Resources § Botanical Decorators Other Resources The clipart used on these slides were taken from Key Mega Clipart 7000

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