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Plant Classification Theophrastus BC Carl von Linnae

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1 Plant Classification Theophrastus 370-285 BC Carl von Linnae
Historia Plantarum Trees, shrubs, half shrubs, herbs Annuals, biennials and perennials A few families Carl von Linnae Genera Plantarum Species Plantarum Binomial system – two part name

2 Plant Classification Kingdom – Plantae (Plant)
Division – Tracheophyta, Spermatophyta, Bryophyta, Thallophyta, Pteridophyta Class – Gymnospermae, Angiospermae, Filicinae Subclass – for Angiospermae only- Monocotyledonae, Dicotyledonae Order (ales ending) Family (aceae ending) Genus Species (specific epithet) Variety/Cultivar

3 Classification Class-Gymnospermae Order- Coniferales
Family- Cupressaceae Genus - Juniperus species - chinensis variety - ‘Procumbens Nana’

4 Juniperus sp.

5 Pinus sp.

6 Classification Class - Angiospermae Subclass - monocotyledonae
order - Arecales (Palmales) Family - Arecaceae Genus - Washingtonia species - filifera

7 Monocot

8 Monocot - Flower

9 Classification Class - Angiospermae Subclass - Dicotyledonae
Order - Apocynales Family - Apocynaceae Genus - Plumeria species - obtusa cv - ‘Common White’

10 Angiospermae - Dicot

11 Angiospeermae - Dicot

12 Classification Class - Filicinae Order - Polypodiales
Family - Polypodiaceae Genus - Nephrolepis species - exaltata cultivar - ‘Bostoniensis’

13 Filicinae - Dicksonia sp.

14 Monocots vs. Dicots Monocot One seed leaf Parallel leaf veins
Flower parts in 3’s or multiples of 3’s Dicot Two seed leaves Netted/reticulate venation Flower parts in 4’s or 5’s or in multiples of these.

15 Horticultural Classification
Morphological features Succulent Herbaceous Woody Vines Trees Shrubs Deciduous Evergreen

16 Horticultural Classification
Environmental Cold hardy Tender Warm season Cool season Aquatic xeriphytes

17 Classification Growth pattern By usage Annuals Biennials Perennials
Edible – vegetable, fruit and nut crops Amenity – cut flowers, potted crops, nursery crops, turfgrasses

18 Career Options in Horticulture
Nursery Wholesale growing, plant propagation of bedding plants, woody ornamentals, foliage plants, specialty crops, etc. Retail sales of plants and other products to the public

19 Careers in Horticulture
Sales brokers-finished plants, propagation material company representatives- chemical-fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators, etc. equipment-mowers, edgers, small tractors, etc tools-rakes, shovels, hoes, small tools, etc. supplies-packaged soils, garden tape, grafting materials, pots, cell packs, etc.

20 Careers in Horticulture
Sales (cont’d) soil-custom mixed, compost, artificial soils combination of product mixes and services seed publications and news

21 Careers in Horticulture
Landscaping Architectural Design Freelance Design Contracting and Installation Maintenance Arbor Services Certified Arborist (Consulting)

22 Careers in Horticulture
Turfgrass Sod Farming Municipal Park Maintenance Golf Course Management Athletic Field/Stadium Management Cemetery Maintenance Consulting

23 Careers in Horticulture
Irrigation Consulting Contracting and Installation Design Sales and service of parts

24 Careers in Horticulture
Education and Research vocational education university / community college teaching university research and publications cooperative extension service botanical garden management

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