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1. 2 Chattisgarh Plain Northern Hill Region of Chattisgarh Kymore Plateau Satpura Hills Bundelkhand Gird Region Malwa Plateau Nimar Plains Jhabua Hills.

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2 2 Chattisgarh Plain Northern Hill Region of Chattisgarh Kymore Plateau Satpura Hills Bundelkhand Gird Region Malwa Plateau Nimar Plains Jhabua Hills Vindhya Plateau Central Narmada Valley Satpura Plateau Eleven Agro Climatic Zones

3 3 Madhya Pradesh Horticulture at a glance Total Geographical area Area Covered under Horticulture0.645 Fruits crop0.064 Vegetabls0.246 Spices0.309 Others (Medicinal, Aromatic & Flowers) Area in million hectares

4 4 CropsProduction (millon tonnes ) Vegetables3.528 Fruits3.344 Spices0.334 Flower & Medicinal plants Horticulture Production

5 5 Madhya Pradesh Agriculture at a glance Geographical area of the state is million ha. out of which net cultivated area is million ha. Two sowing seasons : Kharif million ha. & rabi – million ha.Two sowing seasons Area under double crop : million ha Irrigated Area % Cropping intensity 136 %

6 6 Agriculture Production - Major Crops CropAll india ProductionProduction in M.P. Pulses (all) Gram Lentil Toor ( yellow pigeon pea) Maize Soybean Rapeseed & Mustard Wheat Sugarcane Rice Production in million tonns

7 7 Animal Husbandry at a glance  Highest cattle population in India million Buffalo (4 th in India) million Goat (6 th in India) million  Milk production (7 th in India) – 6.2 million tonne per annum  Milk Processing capacity is less than 10%

8 8 Animal Husbandry Goatery  Potential for Marketing and Processing in Goat sector especially for meat and feta cheese  25.8% Growth of Goat Population in MP during last five year Poultry  Potential for Marketing and Processing in Poultry sector  Low cost of egg (2.55 US cents per egg)  61.0% Growth of Poultry in MP during last five year

9 9 Fisheries - at a glance 172 species Production – MT – expected to be 100’000 M.T. by Cooperative based activities 1749 cooperative societies members

10 10 Thrust Areas for Value Addition Cereals & Pulses Wheat, Rice, Maize, Millets & Pulses FruitBanana, Mango, Orange, Papaya VegetablesPotato, Onion,Peas,Tomato,Brinjal Oil SeedsSoyabean, Groundnut, Mustard Medicinal Plants Gooseberry (Aonla), Aegle Marmelos (Bael), Aloe vera SpicesGarlic, Coriander, Chillies, Ginger, Fenugreek

11 11 Food Processing –A thrust sector Liberal policy for Grape-Wine production Liberal policy for waste land development. Separate Policy and special schemes to boost Food Processing Industries Food parks and infrastructure for Post Harvest Management. State Government Initiatives

12 12 Food Processing Industries - eligible for Incentives under Industrial Promotion Policy 2004 In addition, Specific incentives for Food Processing IndustriesSpecific incentives Food Processing Policy : Incentives

13 13 Mega Projects : Projects of special importance with infusion of modern technology and having capital investment of INR 50 million or more Special Economic Package for Mega Project Apex Committee headed by the Chief Minister Emphasis on Public Private Partnership Incentives for developing Infrastructures in Food Processing Sector Continued Food Processing Policy : Incentives

14 14 Investment Promotion Assistance Concessions to Mega Projects Exemption in Stamp Duty and Registration Charges Exemption in Entry Tax Interest Subsidy on Term Loan Exemption in Mandi Fee Reimbursement of expenditure on Quality Certification Reimbursement of expenditure on preparation of project Promotion of research and development activities Food Processing Policy : Incentives

15 15 Investment Promotion Assistance Type of IndustriesIncentivesPeriod Capital investment from INR 10 million to INR 100 million 50% amount of VAT and Central Sales Tax deposited by the unit in the preceding year For 5 years Capital investment of more than INR 100 million 75% amount of VAT and Central Sales Tax For 10 years

16 16 Concessions to "Mega Projects" in allotment of land Units with capital investment of INR 100 millon or more eligible for 5-25 acres of land at concessional rate of 25% (capital Investment to be made within 3 years SNo. Project cost (INR Million) Land available at concessional rates to 250Maximum 5 acres 2.Above 250 up to 500Maximum 10 acres 3.Above 500 up to 750Maximum 15 acres 4.Above 750 up to 1000Maximum 20 acres 5.Above 1000Maximum 25 acres

17 17 Total Exemption in Stamp Duty on Loan Documents Registration Charges 1 per 1000 (transaction value). Total Exemption in Entry Tax for a period of 7 years Interest Subsidy on Term of 5% for a period of 7 years for a total amount of INR 2.5 million No upper ceiling for Self Help Groups (SHGs), Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Women Entrepreneurs Concessions to the Existing Units under expansion Other Concessions

18 18 Mandi Fee exempted for a specified period. Financial assistance for Quality Certification such as Agmark, ISO, HACCP, BIS, etc. Reimbursement of expenditure on technology transfer Other Concessions

19 19 Expenditure incurred on preparation of project reports Expenditure incurred on obtaining Patents Financial Assistance for setting up Food Processing Park Transport subsidy to Exporters Other Concessions

20 20 District Level Implementation Mechanism “Empowered Committee for Investment Promotion” with district collector as Chairman. Incentives to be administered through the District Industries Centers (DICs).

21 21 State Level Task force on Food Processing Industries, comprising of repres. from Research Institutes, Food Processing Industries, Universities, Government of M.P., Financiers & Experts. M.P.State Agro Industries Development Corpn. Ltd. designated as the Nodal Agency for Food Processing Industries in M.P. Mandi Board designated as the virtual office of APEDA in M.P. M.P.State Warehousing & Logistic Corpn. designated as the Nodal Agency for Post harvest Management under National Horticulture Mission. Implementation Mechanism

22 22 Infrastructures for Development of Food Processing industries

23 23 Food Parks in Madhya Pradesh Jaggakhedi NimraniBorgaon Maneri Malanpur Babai

24 24 Food Parks under Public Private Partnership Land allotted at Bhopal, Harda Jabalpur & RatlamBhopal, Harda Jabalpur & Ratlam M/s Ernst & Young Pvt Ltd. - Transaction Advisor Selection of Developer for Food Parks within six months.

25 25 Infrastructures for Agricultural Marketing 1.Modern Multi Modal Logistic Hub at Pawarkheda in PPP 2.Irradiation centre at APMC, Indore - estimated outlay of INR 400 millon 3.Modern Whole-sale Market at Bhopal 4. Centre for perishable cargo at Indore Airport 5. Spot Trading through Commodity Exchange 6. Base Line Survey – National Institute of Agriculture Marketing (NIAM) Jaipur

26 26 Development of Food Processing Industries A cluster approach Crops identified - Banana, Potato & OrangeBanana, Potato & Orange Banana cluster at Burhanpur Potato cluster at Indore (Mhow) Orange cluster at Chhindwara

27 27 Banana Production India’s production of Banana is 21% of total world’s production. Madhya Pradesh ranks 8 th in country. Banana cultivated in hectares at Burhanpur in M.P.

28 28 Banana - International Market Phenomenal growth in export from India. Opportunities for Processing & Export through cluster

29 29 In PPP mode. Special Purpose Vehicle Government as facilitatorfacilitator Entrepreneurship promotion through extension Banana Cluster in Burhanpur

30 30 Government as Facilitator Enhancement in productivity through modern & scientific cultivation Establishment of tissue culture labs, bio control labs & model nursery Incentives for setting up processing units based on Banana, Banana leaves, etc. Incentives for setting up cold chain & pack houses Back

31 31 Potato Production in state Area ha. Production million MT. Best quality for chips Sugar contents < 2% Potato cluster in Malwa (Mhow)

32 32 Existing Concessions Industrial Promotion Policy 2004 (as amended in 2007) Investment Promotion AssistanceInvestment Promotion Assistance Investment between INR 10 to 100 million 50% VAT&CST of preceding year For 3 yrs in advanced districts For 5 yrs in backward districts Investment above INR 100 million 75% VAT&CST of preceding year In all districts Concessions to Mega Projects in land allotment – 5 to 20 acres of land at 25% premium to units having fixed capital of INR 100 million & above Next back

33 33 Existing Concessions Contd…. Mega Projects & Projects of special importance Special economic package by Apex Level Committee to units having investment of INR 250 million & above with modern technology Exemption in Stamp Duty & Registration charges 50 to 100% exemptions from Stamp Duty 50 to 1/- per 1000 in Registration charges (Based on categorization of districts. Exemption from Entry Tax Exemption to new units for 5 years Interest Subsidy on Term Loan Interest subsidy 3 to 5% for 5 to 7 years based on categorization subject to INR 1 to 2 million Next back

34 34 Existing Concessions Contd…. Concession to Existing units Existing units undergoing Expansion/ Diversification /Technological Up gradation will be treated as new units for concessions and facilities subject to additional fixed investment more than 50% subject to minimum INR 50 million and that too on more than 3 years average production. Mandi Tax Exemption on the agriculture produce procured from outside states and used as raw material in food processing industry Technology Transfer Expenditure incurred on technology transfer from NRDC or Other Government Research Centers to the extent of 50% or INR 0.2 million Next back

35 35 Project Report Preparation Reimbursement of expenditure on preparation of project report to small scale 1% and for large and medium industries 0.5% of project cost subject to maximum INR 0.3 million ISO Certification ISO 9000 or Quality Certification from International Institutions 50% of expenditure subject to maximum INR 0.1 million Patent Registration Expenditure incurred in obtaining patents would be reimbursed 100% subject to a maximum of INR 0.2 million Food Processing Park- Private sector infrastructure. Special subsidy 10% subject to maximum INR 10 million for establishing Food Processing Park by Pvt. Sector with minimum 100 units & direct employment of 2500 persons. Subsidy be given to Pvt. Institutions developing food parks on fulfillment of above conditions within 5 years. Next back Contd…. Existing Concessions

36 36 Existing Concessions Contd…. Duty Exemption on Captive Power Plants Exemption on Electricity duty for 5 years subject to effective steps to set up plants to be taken within one year and commencement of power generation as under Biogas plant within two years Hydel / Thermal & other plants within 3 years back

37 37 Vegetables Production in Madhya Pradesh NoVegetablesArea in hectare Production in mn MT Producti vity in MT/ Ha 1Potato Sweet Potato Onion Tomato Brinjal Cabbage Cauliflower Okra Green Peas Other Vegetables Total Back

38 38 Fruits Production in Madhya Pradesh NoFruitsArea in hectare Production in mn MT Productivity in MT/ Ha 1Mango Oranges Sweet Lemon Lime Banana Guava Papaya Grapes Other Fruits Total Back

39 39 Spices Production in Madhya Pradesh NoSpicesArea in hectare Production in mn MT Productivit y in MT/ Ha 1Chillies Ginger Turmeric Garlic Coriander Other Spices Total Back

40 40 Other Horticulture Crops NoOther CropsArea in hectare Production in mn MT Productivity in MT/ Ha 1Flowers Medicinal & Aromatic Plants Back

41 41 Food Parks location

42 42 Cluster Approach Banana Orange Potato

43 43

44 44 Kharif Production - Major Crops CropsAreaProduction Paddy Jowar (Millet) Maize Total Cereals Tuar (Pigeon pea) Urad Moong Total pulses Total Food grains Soybean Groundnut Sesamum Total Oilseeds Cotton Total major crops Kharif (Area in million ha, Production in million tonnes)

45 45 Rabi Production Major crops CropsAreaProduction Wheat Total Cereals Gram Total pulses Total food grains Mustard Total oilseeds Major crops (Area in million ha, Production in million MT )

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