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1 Welcome

2 Directorate of Horticulture, Rajasthan
Agro Textile The Emerging Need of Rajasthan Agri-Horticulture Sector Rajendra Singh Khichar Agriculture Research Officer Directorate of Horticulture, Rajasthan

3 Presentation covers Agro Textile : The emerging need
Present Scenario in Rajasthan Future perspective in the state Users expectations from Industry

4 Agro Textile The Emerging Need

5 Rajasthan Salient Features Contains largest country’s area
Humid/ sub-humid Zone Salient Features Arid/ semi Zone Contains largest country’s area Limited water resource Extreme of climatic conditions: Temp, RH, Rainfall, Wind velocity Primitive stage of hi-tech horticultural activities Low farm income Requirement of Alternative farming system for sustainable Agril. Prodn. All these condition favours the Vast potential for Agro-textile

6 Most of Agri-Horticultural activities governed by
Sunlight & Water Climatic Conditions including wind, hail, humidity External factors like birds, insects, weeds Post Harvest handling of produce – storage and packaging In India, presently Agricultural Activities are carried out under Natural Conditions of Temperature and Humidity

7 Absence of control factors leads to
• Yield percentage is unsatisfactory • Quality of produce is marred • Damages to the produce • Regional limitation on cultivation • Seasonal limitation on cultivation Agro textiles are the best solutions to regulate these factors

8 Agro Textile: An Introduction
Special textiles that are manufactured for agricultural applications These textile structures are used as controlling environment for plants/ animals in applications like – Agriculture – Horticulture – Animal husbandry

9 Agro-textile Products
• Shading net •Bird Protection Net •Anti Hail Net • Windshield fabrics • Plant nets • Harvesting nets • Mulch Mat • Filters for MI • Packing Material Root Ball Nets Insect Meshes Turf Protection Tape Nets Cherry Covers

10 Benefits of Agro-textile Products
Provides favorable conditions for plant growth Protection of crop from adverse weather conditions and vermin Increase production in terms of quality and quantity Off season & year round production of particular crop is possible Decrease crop diseases/ soil borne pathogens Water saving and its judicious use Reduces Cost of Production Reduces the pressure of chemicals in Agriculture Cropped areas may be kept safe & tidy Provides weed suppression and ground moisture conservation Provides favourable conditions to roots to breathe and water, air and nutrients to permeate through

11 Present Scenario: Rajasthan

12 Vegetable Cultivation under Shade Net House
About 1.8 lac Sqm Area under RKVY Through Department of Horticulture Assistance: 75 to 90 %

13 Nursery under Insect nets/ Anti vector nets
Vegetable Cultivation under Shade Net House Nursery under Insect nets/ Anti vector nets Kherwadi, Jaipur Ratan pura Khijuria Tiwadiyan

14 Coloured Capsicum Production 2009-10
Vegetable Cultivation under Shade Net House Coloured Capsicum Production Bassi, Jaipur

15 Vegetable Cultivation under Shade Net House
Coloured capsicum

16 Vegetable Cultivation under Shade Net House
Cucumber production Nindad, Jaipur

17 Vegetable Cultivation under Shade Net House
Sweet corn Chukandar Okra Tomato Nindad, Jaipur

18 Flower Cultivation under Poly / Green House
Through Horticulture Department under NHM Coverage of about 1.5 lac Sqm Assistance: 50 to 75 %

19 Flower Cultivation under Green House
Sawai Madhopur

20 Vegetable Cultivation with Mulching
Water Melon: Jhunjhunu

21 Vegetable Cultivation with Mulching
Shade net house

22 Vegetable Cultivation with Agro-textile support
Protected cultivation

23 Vegetable Cultivation with Agro-textile support
Cucurbits: Bassi

24 Anti Bird Net Bird problem is a menace for our farmer especially for high value fruits and vegetables. The whole project of pomegranate has been linked with anti bird nets in the state. The department is providing assistance up to 75% to promote these technologies.

25 The future perspective
Agro Textile The future perspective

26 Agro-textiles – the potential in Rajasthan
– Shade Nets Year round production of high value crops/ vegetables specially in peri urban areas with attractive farm income. A n initial potential of 5 lac sqm per year in the state – Mulch Mats – Controls evaporation, weeds, disease & pests A potential of about ha per year specially for vegetable & fruits About ha area under drip irrigation have the potential covered with mulch – Bird Protection Nets A potential of about 1000 per year exists for high value crops & vegetables – Harvesting Nets For quality produce need of about 5 lac sqm harvesting nets per annum Packing material For all vegetale & fruit production specially for potato, garlic & onion

27 Future prospective of Agro-textiles
• Polymer fibre balls as substitute for soil • Screening fabrics for sunlight management • Knitted net hose for water transportation • Superabsorbent polymer fibre mats for water management in horticulture applications • Use of water retention nets coated with Superabsorbent polymer resin The ground covers, sunscreen nets, plant nets, wind shields, monofil nets, root ball nets, insect meshes, weed control fabric, turf protection, tape nets and packing sacks/ nets are our next target products to be used in this sector.

28 The users expectations
Agro Textile The users expectations

29 The Dire Need Availability of Agro textiles with a reasonable price and quality is the major hindrance to replicate the technology in vast potential areas. The Agro Textile products to be used in Rajasthan should have the quality of resistance against solar UV radiation, high temperatures and the high wind load. Market network in remote areas is a dire need. The product should be biodegradable. The product should have high potential to retain water Product awareness compaigns The lack of technical specification/ parameter/ standards for Agro Textile products is another field which needs to be care of.

30 Poor quality : not only requires frequent repairs
but the crop inside the structure will also be destroyed

31 Poor quality : not only requires frequent repairs
but the crop inside the structure will also be destroyed

STANDARDIZATION OF AGROTEXTILES • Development of speciality fabric for water conservation and soil erosion control used in horticulture application. • Development of suitable coloured shade nets for different crops and growth stages. • Establishing structural parameters of agro-textile products and their influence on the functionalc haracteristics of these products. • Development of Reflective Agro-textiles for Sun Management.


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