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Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Engineering.

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1 Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Engineering

2 Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Engineering was founded in 1995 as a result of a project of the Agricultural University and the split of the Agronomics Faculty that provided education in the field of Landscape Engineering and the specialization Horticulture. Faculty is primarily focused on the education of professionals focused on horticultural production, fruit growing, viticulture, vegetable and flowers protuction, on garden design and landscaping, renovation and maintenance of green areas, planning and landscape creation, soil, air and water protection, ground design, waste management, construction and restoration of rural areas.

3 Faculty of horticulture and Landscape Engineering Ing. Klaudia Halászová, PhD. Dean email: doc. Ing. Dušan Igaz, PhD. Vice-Dean for Faculty Development email: doc. Ing. arch. Roberta Štěpánková, PhD. Vice-Dean for Science and Research email: Ing. Katarína Rovná, PhD. Vice-Dean for Foreign and Public Relations email: Ing. Marcel Kliment, PhD. Vice-Dean for Education email:

4 Departments Department of Biometeorology and Hydrology Department of Planting Design and Maintenance Department of Landscape Engineering Department of Landscape Planning and Ground Design Department of Fruit Production, Viticulture and Enology Department of Vegetables Prodiction Department of Garden and Land Architecture

5 Academic staff 53 –Professors 9 –Asociated professors 12 –Research Assistants 32 Number of students 1120 Bc. 691 Ing. 390 PhD. 39 Faculty staff

6 Scientific work Faculty research activities are closely related to the focus of departments and degree programs, which are included in the Agricultural and Forestry sciences. Study branches: 6.1.10 Horticulture 6.1.11 Landscaping 6.1.17 Landscape and Garden Architecture

7 Study programs Bachelor Degree Horticulture Landscape Engineering Land Consolidation and Geographic Information Systems Establishment and maintenance of sports grounds Garden and Land Architecture Biotechnics of Park and Land Design Master Degree Horticulture Landscape Engineering Garden and Land Architecture Biotechnics of Park and Land Design Doctoral Degree Horticulture Landscape Engineering Landscape and Garden Architecture

8 Focuses of Faculty research –impact of climate change on different agricultural production; –changes in concentration of greenhouse gases; –growing technology of fruit trees, vines and vegetables; –biotechnics, dendrology; –use and application of GIS in agriculture, garden and landscape architecture and landscape planning; –register of the renewed land registration and land consolidation; –the impact of waste on components of environment; –function and dendrological structure of the verdure, natural and artificial vegetation in urban areas and landscape; –research of functional areas of the city regarded to the application of veretation; –renewal of historical gardens, renewal of rural settlements; –protection of natural resources, protection of soil and water resuorces; –hydromelioration: irrigation, revitalization of small streams, small wastewater treatment.

9 Centre of Excellence for integrated river basin management Project No.: ITMS 26220120062 in 2010, became part of the Centre of Excellence for integrated river basin management in a changing environmental conditions (CEIMP) together with partner organizations Institute of Hydrology and the Technical University in Zvolen. The project is cofinanced for a period of 2.5 years by the EU grant. –as part of the implementation of activities was built monitoring system of soil water regime wired 15 automatic hydrological stations and 4 meteorological stations; –special equipment: Photogrammetric equipment for close photogrammetry including lenses, Baro Diver and Diver for measuring the depth of water, vacuum pycnometer, Total Station with integrated GPS, GPS Penetrologer, etc.

10 Laboratory of Explantate Cultures The laboratory provides experimental basis for development of recent and perspective scientific activities focused on ecological technologies which are contributing to the sustainable production of quality horticulture products, on quantification of mass and energy flow data, quantification of water regime indicators in plants in drought conditions and the regulation and the modeling of these indicators. It provides practical teaching in the field of analytical work and laboratory technics for the subjects „Telary cultures and micropropagation of horticulture plants“ and „Reproduction and seed growing of woody plants“. Aims in the field of research and education: –Micropropagation of horticulture plants, their acclimation and preservation of cultures for research and education. –Research of the influence of abiotic and biotitic factors on the growth and evolution of horticultural plants. –Modeling of water regime in horticultural plants in drought conditions.

11 Acta Horticulturae et Regiotecturae Scientific journal for horticulture, landscape engineering, architecture and ecology. It contains original papers thematically oriented and related to above mentioned fields of science and research. The journal is issued twice a year.

12 Important partners Slovak Technical University in Bratislava, Technical University in Zvolen, Constantin the Philosopher University, Technical University in Košice, Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovak Academy of Sciences; Mendel University in Brno, Agro-physical Research Institute in St. Petersburg, Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research Switzerland, University of Adelaide Australia, University of Wageningen Netherlands, University of Reading UK, Geographical Institute, Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Biotechnical faculty, University of Ljubljana Institut für Baumpflege Hamburg Germany, Universytet przyrodniczy, Poznaň, University of West-Hungary Sopron, Botanical Garden of Vilnius University, Lithuania, Universität für Bodenkultur Wien, National Botanical Garden N. N. Griško Kyjev, University of Novi Sad, Research Institute of Vegetable Crops, Skierniewice, Agricultural University of Plovdiv, University of Pécs, National Research Insitut in Cairo, Corvinus University Budapest, ect.

13 Thank you for your attention

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