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Horticulture and New Zealand -kiwifruit -apples, pears, and other fruits -wheat -barley, oats, other crops -olives Main produce:

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1 Horticulture and New Zealand -kiwifruit -apples, pears, and other fruits -wheat -barley, oats, other crops -olives Main produce:

2 oNew Zealand horticulture industry includes fruit, vegetable, olives, and their respective products. oHorticulture is a $4 billion industry, including domestic and export markets. oIn 2006 the value of horticultural exports was $2.4 billion. Employment Opportunities in NZ Horticulture

3 Continued…. o Industry supported by government and industry funded research, regulatory and agency organizations. o Throughout NZ horticulture employers have excellent employment prospects for suitably trained staff. o Horticulture Industry is short of trained and skilled people (eg., Agronomists, Sales Managers, Marketing Assistants, Research Technicians, Laboratory analysts etc.,). o Industry requires qualified horticulturists graduating from university, tertiary institutions and apprenticeship level. o Recent Berl (Business and Economic Research Ltd) report suggests we need 340 – 560 graduates/ year being trained in horticulture to satisfy existing trained staff in the horticulture workforce.

4 Projected employment needs in horticulture by industry Industry Sector 2006 Actual 2011 Projected Plant nurseries 3,4504,010 Flower & Seeds 1,4761,705 Vegetables4,7855,480 Fruit & tree nut growing 14,03416,170 Crop & Plant nec 1,9982,140 Landscaping Services 4,3084,665 F & V Wholesaling 2,5202,845 Garden Retailing 2,5742,935 Flower Retailing 1,6651,770 Zoo & Botanical Gardens 3,3543,780 Gardening Services 7,7978,364 Total All Horticulture 47,96153,865

5 Projected employment needs in horticulture by occupation Occupation 2006 Actual 2011 Projected Flower grower 590650 Fruit/nut grower/ worker 6,1706,905 Grape grower/worker 2,2902,585 Other crop farmers/workers 2,3602,600 Mixed crop & livestock farmer/worker 1,5051,640 Florist1,2101,270 Gardner2,2102,325 Arborist495515 Landscape Gardner 2,2502,355 Nursery person 1,6401,820 Managers4,2804,865 Professionals2,7403,120 Tech & Trades 1,8102,090 Comm & Psl workers 9051,095 Clerical & Admin 2,8803,270 Sales workers 1,9802,460 Machine operators & Drivers 2,1002,465 Labourers4,6555,415 Total all Horticulture 48,03553,830

6 Age composition of the horticultural workforce Age Horticultural Sector % Horticulture Workforce NZ total employed % NZ Total Workforce 15-193,3306.9136,9806.9 20-296,75014.1356,58018.0 30-399,35419.5436,93222.0 40-5922,15846.2865,80343.6 60 and over 6,34513.2189,4839.5 Total47,937100.01,985,778100.0

7 Benefits oTertiary qualified people likely to earn $35,000- 65,000 starting salary depending on role. oIndustry offers wide career path to specialize in - Research, Marketing, Management, Sales, Policy analysis, Regulatory, Finance, Logistics -Overseas opportunities

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