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Horticulture Production : Issues & Challenges

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1 Horticulture Production : Issues & Challenges
Dr. Gorakh Singh Horticulture Commissioner

2 Indian culture is visible in its agriculture where horticulture brings a unique multicoloured aromatic culture With each passing day, value of horticulture is increasing by enhancing productivity, profitability, sustainability, nutritional security, employment generation, equity and balanced agriculture growth.

3 Growth in Horticulture
During the last decade, area increased nearly 4.0% per annum. Production grew over 7.0% per annum. Higher growth rate in production mainly due to improvement in productivity, which increased by 26% between and

4 Growth in Horticulture
Area under horticulture crops has increased from 16.6 million ha in to million ha in with corresponding increase in production from million tonnes to million tonnes. During , area & production of horticulture crops is estimated at million ha & 265 million tonnes, respectively.

5 Prospects in horticulture
Growth achieved in horticulture sector so far needs to be sustained: Increase in demand of horticulture products due to growing population, increase in household income and growing sensitivity towards nutritional security. Enhance returns per unit of area. Harness existing potential for horticulture sector. To achieve this, there is need to address critical issues & challenges.

6 Major Production Related Issues
Inadequate availability of planting material. High prevalence of senile orchards. Rainfed horticulture. Lower productivity. Insufficient trained manpower.

7 Major Challenges Production of high yielding, disease free planting material of identified varieties. Commercialization of high density planting system in potential fruit crops.

8 Major Challenges Rejuvenation and canopy management.
Skill development on improved production systems & management.

9 Major Challenges Creation of water harvesting structures linking with water saving technologies suitable for horticulture crops in rainfed/ dryland areas.

10 Major Challenges Commercialization of Greenhouse technologies for production of high value crops. Promotion of mechanization to bring efficiency in production systems.

11 Way Forward Focused areas for XII Plan :
Special emphasis on establishment of mother blocks/ rootstock blocks with hi-tech nurseries & tissue culture units. Accreditation of nurseries. Area expansion linked to availability of quality planting material. Covering more areas under F1 vegetable hybrids. Cultivation of vegetables for round the year production. Establishment of crop based centre of excellence.

12 Way Forward Focused areas for XII Plan :
Promotion of high density/ ultra high density planting systems in potential crops. Tree canopy management right from establishment stage. Integrated approach on micro irrigation & mulching. Rejuvenation of old, senile & unproductive orchards. Protected cultivation of high value crops. Promotion of mechanization in horticulture. Capacity building through training & demonstration of improved technologies.

13 Issues with states Accreditation of nurseries-All nurseries need to be accredited to ensure production & supply of quality planting material. So far only 570 nurseries have been accredited through NHB. Import of planting material of improved varieties and rootstocks-States need to identify variety/ rootstocks and its requirement for establishment of progeny blocks. More attention is required for procurement of planting material of standard qualities instead of tendering system. Protocols and standards of vegetatively propagated fruit plants (Already circulated) - More awareness is required on quality parameters of vegetatively propagated fruit crops. Concerted efforts are essential in ensuring timely availability of seeds.

14 Issues with ICAR Production of nucleus seeds and planting material of improved varieties of horticulture crops. Develop varieties/ rootstocks which are tolerant to drought, frost, pest & diseases. Assess water/ nutrient requirement of different plant densities for varied agro climatic zones. Develop models for tree canopy architecture for important fruit crops. Develop efficient system to identify and monitor pests & diseases of important crops. Develop technologies suitable for rainfed horticulture. Develop R&D website highlighting proven technologies.

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