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Ornamental Horticulture Demonstrations A Florida FFA CDE.

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1 Ornamental Horticulture Demonstrations A Florida FFA CDE

2 What is on earth is an Ornamental Horticulture Demonstration? A demonstration speech about growing or using plants “How to” do something For example…

3 Five Categories 1. Production ◦ Growing of vegetables, fruits, nuts, flowers, ornamental foliage plants and turfs 2. Marketing ◦ Preparing O.H. products for a buyer. Must include marketing strategies. 3. Consumer Use ◦ Preparing O.H. products for use, canning, freezing, or dehydration 4. Artistic Arrangement ◦ Use of O.H. crops in arrangements, corsages and plaques 5. Landscaping ◦ Any practice to do with arrangement, establishment, or maintenance of O. H. products on land

4 Guidelines Can be done individually or in groups of two Topic should clearly fit in one of the categories previously listed We may send one entry in each category 7-10 minute demonstration speech, with limit of 5 minutes to setup/cleanup Must be a demonstration speech—Don’t just tell us how…show us! (and visa versa!) Pretend you’re on HGTV or the Food Network—entertain and inform us!

5 Guidelines (continued) Be prepared. Be prepared. Be prepared. (Should I say it again?...Be prepared!) Must turn in a written script for your demonstration You must have some props and examples You are responsible for bringing all of your necessary materials/supplies You will be evaluated based on the rubric that is attached

6 Tips Fill in the “work time” with related/interesting facts Take is seriously…but have fun! You will be a much better speaker when you enjoy it! Use colorful and fun materials Have an original idea—it is sure to be judged better if it hasn’t been heard before Practice. Practice. Practice…The more comfortable you are with the material, the better you will do! Speak slowly, clearly, and confidently Any questions?

7 Directions: 1. Choose to work alone or with a partner 2. Decide on a topic 3. Get topic approval 4. Begin brainstorming ideas/steps 5. Do background research 6. Review rubric and write your speech

8 To include in proposal: 1. Type-written copy of demonstration speech 2. Type-written list of materials 3. Type-written list of references

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