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University Advancement UWF BOARD OF TRUSTEES ORIENTATION August 29, 2011.

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1 University Advancement UWF BOARD OF TRUSTEES ORIENTATION August 29, 2011

2 SCHOLARSHIPS Over $1 million in scholarship support to 962 students in FY11. (1,069 scholarships awarded) ARGO Scholars, First Generation Scholarships, and Need Based Scholarships FACILITIES Archaeology Institute, Japan House In progress: College of Business and Athletic Facilities PROGRAMMATIC SUPPORT Especially for programs of regional need (e.g. education, engineering, hospitality, and nursing) Impact on UWF

3 Relationship of UWF Foundation and the University Relationship of UWF Foundation and the University UWF has two Direct Support Organizations (DSOs): -UWF Foundation and West Florida Historic Preservation, Inc. UWF is organized into four Divisions: - Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Administrative Services, University Advancement Division of University Advancement includes 30 staff members: - Advancement Services- Marketing and Creative Services - Alumni Relations- UWF Foundation - Development- Shared support staff

4 Major Areas of Development Annual fund Major gifts Planned gifts Prospect research Stewardship Donor recognition Communications

5 General Slide Title Here Text here Total Gifts to UWF Foundation (Including In-Kind) Total Gifts to UWF Foundation (Including In-Kind)

6 General Slide Title Here Text here UWF Foundation Endowment

7 Kenda Hembrough, Annual Fund Manager Annual Fund Focuses on smaller, annual gifts (< $10,000 at UWF) Promotes habit of giving; forms foundation for major gifts program Tools: direct mail, phone solicitations, some personal visits First time in UWF HISTORY: 51% Faculty/Staff Participation in Annual Giving FY 11!

8 General Slide Title Here Text here Annual Fund (Gifts of < $10,000) Annual Fund (Gifts of < $10,000)

9 General Slide Title Here Text here Nautilus Society Membership (Gifts of $1,000 or more within fiscal year) Nautilus Society Membership (Gifts of $1,000 or more within fiscal year)

10 Dr. Kyle Marrero Vice President University Advancement Major Gifts Focuses on major, institutional-changing gifts ($10,000 and greater at UWF) Based on long-term relationship building Tools: prospect research, engagement, personal visits (President, Deans, Board Members, etc.) Martha Lee Blodgett Director Development Gretchen VanValkenburg Associate Director Development Aaron West (new) Associate Director Development Brett Berg Assistant Director Athletics Development

11 The State of Florida Major Gifts Program matches endowment gifts of $100,000 or more: The Alex P. Courtelis Program matches gifts made for approved, priority university facilities on a dollar for dollar basis. GiftState of Florida Match $100,000-$599,99950% $600,000- $1,000,00070% $1,000,001- $1,500,000 75% $1,500,001- $2,000,00080% $2,000,001 and above100% Matching Gifts Opportunities All Programs Currently Suspended ! X

12 Planned Gifts TOOLS Charitable/ planned giving newsletters Working with advisors Donor recognition Personal visits COMMON PLANNED GIVING VEHICLES Bequests Charitable gift annuities (CGA) Life insurance Charitable remainder and charitable lead trusts (CRT and CLT)

13 General Slide Title Here Text here Heritage Society Membership Estimate of planned gift commitments: $15.5 million

14 Stewardship/Donor Recognition STEWARDSHIP On-going communication with past donors Annual donor dinner Student thank you notes Scholarship luncheon DONOR RECOGNITION Nautilus Society Heritage Club Cumulative Giving Societies Campaign leadership gift recognition

15 Campaign Final Report Contains Campaign Closing information, December 31, 2010

16 The Capital (Comprehensive) Campaign An institutional effort to raise a specific amount of money for a specific purpose in a defined period of time.

17 CAMPAIGN PRIORITIES Campaign Priorities & Timeline CAMPAIGN TIMELINE Beginning of Quiet Phase Overall Campaign $ Goal Established Kickoff Public Phase Recognition of Leadership Gifts End of Campaign Celebration

18 GIFTS BY CAMPAIGN PRIORITY: July 1, 2004 –December 31, 2010 Campaign Total: $39,275,411 * $3M College of Business Campaign gifts NOT included ** Includes designations to all campaign priorities Campaign Final Report

19 GIFTS BY GIFT TYPE: July 1, 2004 – December 31, 2010 Campaign Total: $39,275,411 Campaign Final Report

20 GIFTS BY CONSTITUENT TYPE: July 1, 2004 – December 31, 2010 Campaign Total: $39,275,411 Campaign Final Report

21 MAJOR CAMPAIGN SUPPORT AND OVERALL IMPACT 54 – Gift commitments of $100,000 or greater 6 – Gift commitments of $1 million or greater 46 – New endowment funds in UWF Foundation $8 million in anticipated state matching funds 17,329 total donors Campaign Final Report

22 Current Priority Projects Science and Engineering (STEM) Athletics Allied Health – Nursing College of Business Scholarships: - ARGO Scholars - Need Based - First Generation Looking to the Future – 50 th Anniversary!

23 Executive Director: Sabrina McLaughlin Research, Strategic Planning, Budgeting & Client Relations Creative Group Graphic Design Ast. Director Group Creative Pola Young Senior Graphic Designer: Jennifer Morgan Graphic Designer: Andrew Deter (Full-Time OPS) Interactive New Media Ast. Director New Media: Lauren Smith Digital Assets Manager: John Blackie Web Ast. Director Web Services: Jay Massey Web Services Manager: Jamie Woodard (Part-Time OPS) Management Group Ast. Director Adv & Brand Mngt: Joy Ward Publications Specialist & Writer: Full-Time OPS* Traffic Manager/Mkt Coordinator: Part-Time OPS* Program Ast. Part-Time Student* Marketing & Creative Services Department Alumni Relations & Development UWF & Internal Clients External Communications (Kim Brown) Advancement Admin (Deborah Trip) VP Advancement Kyle Marrero

24 Branding Awareness

25 How Can You Help? Board Goal and Giving Expectation: 100% participation at a level that is meaningful and appropriate to each member with a minimum goal of Nautilus Society Member ($1000 or greater) during the fiscal year.

26 Why Give? Gifts to the University of West Florida are critical to the success of our students, our community and beyond. With ever-decreasing state support, private contributions help make up the funding gap and assist the university in delivering high quality programs for our students as they strive for and attain excellence in order to address the needs of our region, our state and beyond. Your gifts may also inspire others to give. When applying for grants or corporate gifts, the percentage of board participation is often a routine question in the application or gift process. Participation makes a difference both internally and externally.

27 Annual Giving UWF considers gifts to be annual if they are less than $10,000. Most annual gifts are made from the donor’s income. The Nautilus Society is UWF’s annual giving club that recognizes those who make an annual gift of $1000 or greater. Donors may pledge an annual gift amount for the fiscal year and make payments throughout the year (monthly, quarterly, etc.) The annual giving program is most often the catalyst that brings alumni and friends to the level of major giving and/or gift planning. Gifts that are typically made on an annual basis during the current fiscal year – July 1 to June 30.

28 Major Giving & Endowment Gifts UWF considers major gifts to be those that are greater than $10,000. Donors typically make a pledge commitment for a major gift and then make routine payments on the pledge over a designated period of time (usually 3 to 5 years). Donors may create named endowments for a gift of $20,000 or more (may be paid over a period of up to five years). Most major gifts are made from the donor’s assets. Board members and donors who have committed to a major gift and are routinely making payments on their pledges are considered to be current and participating donors during the current fiscal year.

29 How Philanthropy Drives the American Economy and Can Save Capitalism – Claire Gaudiani Most people think that Americans are generous because we are rich. The truth is that we are rich, in significant part, because we are generous. In annual basis, yearly, not-for-profit organizations spend approximately $700 billion in cash. Representing about 8 percent of the US economy. Generosity is not a luxury in this country. It is a cultural norm, a defining characteristic of our successful economy and our reasonably successful society. The Greater Good

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