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Missouri State Online Academic Integrity Week October 6, 2009.

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1 Missouri State Online Academic Integrity Week October 6, 2009

2 Missouri State Online 2 Academic Integrity Week Missouri State Online and Instructional Technologies Presents: “Changing the Culture from Online Cheating to Online Learning.”

3 Missouri State Online 3 Panelist Introductions  Dr. Gary Rader, Director for MS Online  Dr. Scott Wegner, Ed.D.  Dr. Julie Anderson-Ituarte, M.S.  Michael Frizell, Director, Writing Center  Shellie Jones, CASL, MSAS Student  Andy Lear, BKD, MSAS Student

4 Missouri State Online 4 Considerations for Online Academic Integrity Growth in Academic Dishonesty Growth of online courses and enrollments Concern about academic integrity in the online classroom + =

5 Missouri State Online 5 MSU – online enrollment stats 2004-09 Spring semesters show impressive growth of students taking online classes.

6 Missouri State Online 6 What Research Shows  Perception: Academic Dishonesty is more prevalent online than face-to-face.  Research: Shows online students are less inclined to cheat  Assessment: Motivated students cheat less  Friends University (2009)

7 Missouri State Online 7 Forms of Online Academic Dishonesty  Cheating on Tests  Plagiarism  Aiding and Abetting  Friends University Study (2009)

8 Missouri State Online 8 Detection and Deterrence: The Faculty Perspective Scott Wegner Julie Anderson-Ituarte

9 Missouri State Online 9 The Student Integrity Profile  Younger rather than older are more inclined to cheat  Early cheating continues through graduate school  Lack of awareness produces cheating  Cultural differences  Friends University Study (2009)

10 Missouri State Online 10 The Student Perspective Shellie Jones Andy Lear

11 Missouri State Online 11 Changing the Culture  Proactive faculty from the start  Establish Honor Code – increase student awareness  Inform faculty how academic dishonesty applies to online education  Provide procedures to detect it  Policies to support faculty who detect and pursue instances of academic dishonesty.

12 Missouri State Online 12 Unintentional Online Plagiarism? Michael Frizell, The Writing Center

13 Missouri State Online 13 Design Online Exams to Deter Cheating  Open book exams  Timed exams  Scramble the order of questions  Pop quizzes  Non-exam assessments  Proctored exams

14 Missouri State Online 14 The Non-Exam Option Reduce cheating by changing the “culture” Are there alternative non-exam options for all subjects?  Motivating student learning through alternative pedagogies (the discussion forum)  Assessing student learning through critical thinking  Stimulating student motivation to learn and assess learning outcomes  Providing autonomy with structure, relatedness and competency  Empowering students to engage in the learning process

15 Missouri State Online 15 The Proctored Option  University of Connecticut (2008) study reveals online, un-proctored multiple choice exams suffer more from cheating than supervised multiple choice exams.  Various technologies to reduce cheating are expensive and less than satisfactory.  Higher Education Opportunity Act (2008) addresses authentication concerns.  Test Proctoring provides another good alternative for supervising traditional test-taking and authenticating student identities.

16 Missouri State Online 16 P ILOT P ROJECT

17 Missouri State Online 17 MS Online Test Proctoring Pilot Project - Summer 2009 Purpose of the pilot is to provide:  F2F supervised alternative to online testing without sacrificing distance convenience and modality.  Additional means for “authentication.”  Instrument to prevent cheating online.  Student/faculty support infrastructure for HLC approval to offer online degrees.

18 Missouri State Online 18 MS Online Test Proctoring Narrative  Selection of Pilot Subjects SPE 506/507  Number of students  Initial costs in time and resources  Policies and Procedures  Dealing with off campus testing  Administration of exams and reporting of results Julie Anderson-Ituarte Aundrayah Shermer

19 Missouri State Online 19 Test Proctoring Schedule Proctor Acknowledgement

20 Missouri State Online 20 Proctor Verification

21 Missouri State Online 21 Outcomes  Summary and Conclusion  Student satisfaction  Faculty satisfaction  Pilot did not measure reduction of cheating  Pilot set up to address concerns for potential cheating

22 Missouri State Online 22 Future Steps  Repeat the process in the fall of 2009.  Employ feedback from summer results.  Utilize assessment tools to measure learning outcomes in online courses with proctored and un-proctored objective exams.  Design courses with alternatives to traditional concepts of test taking.  Provide proctored testing for subject areas where objective exams are necessary to discourage cheating.

23 Missouri State Online 23 A&Q

24 Missouri State Online 24 Contact Information Missouri State Online Kenneth E. Meyer Alumni Center 300 S. Jefferson (417)-836-3718

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