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The Roman Empire Done by Islamov Rustam 10 class.

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1 The Roman Empire Done by Islamov Rustam 10 class

2 The Roman Empire was the greatest ancient state. It was called by the capital of Rome, which was founded in 753 BC and was named after its founder Romulus.

3 The peak of its power Ancient Rome reached in the II century AD, when under the control of the area proved from modern England in the North to Ethiopia in the South and from Iran in the East to Portugal in the West.


5 Deter such a large area helped powerful army of legionaries, organized power and great roads. The Romans made great success because of their patriotism, courage and perseverance.


7 The state was ruled by the Emperor together with the patricians, most of the population was the plebeians - artisans and farmers, and the niche of society were slaves. The clothing of the patricians and plebeians consisted of a tunic – a knee- length shirt, a belted strap. Only patricians could wear on the tunic a toga - a piece of white woolen cloth oval.

8 The patricianThe plebeian

9 The Romans celebrated annually 182 public holidays. Also, they often went to the theater, libraries and different places.

10 The Romans had a pantheon of gods, the main of which was Jupiter – the God of Heavens.

11 The Roman city was a strong fortress. In the city center there was a forum and around various temples: amphitheatres, palaces, monuments and many other things. Cities had excellent drainage, water supply.

12 But when the Romans reached their power, they gradually started to forget about patriotism and heroic past. Permanent Civil War and attacks of the barbarians led to a weakening of the empire. Corruption and bureaucracy destroyed the empire from within.

13 To improve the management of the state in the year 395 AD the empire was divided into East and West. But even that didn’t help.

14 The Roman Empire was rapidly destroyed. In 476 AD the Roman Empire ceased to exist. The western part is completely captured by barbarians, and the eastern part became known as the Byzantine Empire, which existed 1,000 years.

15 Rome was a small town that is constantly exposed to attacks of the barbarians. And in a few centuries has become a great and mighty empire of the ancient world. And with the barbarians. Previously, they were weak warring tribes, and after some time could destroy the powerful empire of the Romans.

16 The lesson is that one should not underestimate the opponent, even if his possibilities seem small.

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