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Presentation By Michael Dunstan

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1 Presentation By Michael Dunstan
ICTSUS6233A Integrate sustainability in ICT planning and design projects Presentation By Michael Dunstan

2 The Three spheres of sustainability
The Basics of preparing to integrate sustainability into ICT planning and design projects. The Three spheres of sustainability Environmental Social Economic When designing our class environment we kept in mind all spheres & implemented them.


4 ICT sustainability from a business standpoint
We have chosen to adapt sustainability in to our business for a few reasons. The first being we wished to lower our overall output of carbon emissions & also set an example for other institutions like ourselves. There are several other benefits of adapting sustainability in to our business model, it allows our class to operate at a lower cost so we are able to offer students a more affordable education & also we are able to educate our students on sustainability at first hand & show them how they can implement similar practices into their home.

5 Energy efficiency as a stepping stone to sustainability.
Reducing the use of electricity is a major stepping stone to achieving sustainability & something we took as a major element when designing our class environment. If we could create our own electricity & stay of the grid completely we will be reducing our carbon emissions by close to 100%. There are many devices which can be used to achieve this such as timed power devices.

6 Project Strategy. Our project strategy involved several steps. At first we chose to research heavily about how other organisations & institutions approached implementing sustainability & the technology available or products they used to achieve their goals. The next step was to see what we could use I our environment & if it was an achievable goal. We then spoke to vendors of products about local standards & costs.

7 Network operations and security.
Whilst designing our class environment we chose to use cloud computing. Which means every user has a physical machine such as a thin client powered by solar energy but is connected to the cloud for access to software such as Word processing or designing of documents. Security will be managed by the server itself. A security feature we have implemented into the class is censored lighting throughout the building. This will save power usage & is known to deter criminals from entering the premises after hours.

8 Sketch of the recommended project system.

9 Short term technology solutions to achieve reduction of power consumption.
There are many ways we have achieved a reduction of power consumption. All thin clients on the network will be powered by a solar device. We will be installing censor lighting so the lighting will only be able to be on when someone is present in the building. He have strictly chosen products on their power saving capabilities & recommendations from the proper authorities. We will also have a timer on appliances used in the building so equipment will not be in stand by mode when not in use.

10 Energy usage within the ICT project.
In our environment were able to achieve having all our thin clients & monitors powered of the grid. Our lighting, server, router & switch & printer were all using traditional power recourses but using timed power devices so we are able to turn off equipment not being used when need be. The lighting for the building will be constantly powered but will be connected to a censor so when someone is in the room they will turn on. This is also used as a security measure.

11 Recommendations and Conclusion.
From what I have learned during this project my recommendations to other organisations & Institutions would be to research before jumping into any solution or even consider contacting a consultant if it is a large environment. Also that everyone & every environment requires different recourses, there is no all in one solution for anyone it will vary depending on your needs. In conclusion I recommend anyone to implement sustainability into their environment. There are so many simple things you can do that can make so much difference to reduce your overall global emissions.

12 Presentation By Michael Dunstan
ICTSUS6233A Integrate sustainability in ICT planning and design projects Presentation By Michael Dunstan

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