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Exam-prep Jepperdee: 2014 Tech Edition …a game to help prepare contestants and audience for the entry-level ham exam produced by Bob Raffaele, W2XM.

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2 Exam-prep Jepperdee: 2014 Tech Edition …a game to help prepare contestants and audience for the entry-level ham exam produced by Bob Raffaele, W2XM

3 This game is to be played in the PowerPoint “slide show” mode. Operation of the game is almost intuitive, and you can make up your own rules. Each numeric point value on either game board is a hyperlink which reveals a question. Advancing the game one slide past the question (by clicking the screen) displays the answer. “Done” on the answer slide returns you to the game board. “SFJ” (clickable) stands for “semi-final jepperdee” and “FJ” (also clickable) means “final jepperdee;” clicking anywhere on the screen reveals the final- or semi-final-jepperdee question. There is one daily double on each board; click on either “daily or “double.” For most fun, appropriate hardware (lights, push- buttons, sounder, lockout circuitry) should be used. A diagram is available from the author.

4 Chapter 2 Radio Signals Chapter 3 Electrical Basics Chapter 4 Propagation & Antennas Chapter 5 Ham Equipment 100 200 300 400 500 500. SFJSFJ

5 Chapter 6 QSOing Other Hams Chapter 7 Licensing Regulations Chapter 8 Operating Regulations Chapter 0 Safety 100 200 300 400 500 FJ

6 T3B05 How does the wavelength of a radio wave relate to its frequency?.

7 The wavelength gets shorter as the frequency increases. done

8 T5B05 What number of watts equals 500 mW?.

9 0.5 watts done

10 T5C06 What does the abbreviation “RF” refer to?.

11 Radio frequency signals of all types done

12 T8A03 Which type of voice mode is most often used for long-distance (weak signal) contacts on the VHF and UHF bands?.

13 SSB done

14 T2B05 What deter- mines the amount of deviation of an FM (as opposed to PM) signal?.

15 The amplitude of the modulating signal done

16 T0A04 What is the purpose of a fuse in an electrical circuit?.

17 To interrupt power in case of overload done

18 T6B10 What are the three electrodes of a PNP or NPN transistor?.

19 Emitter, base, and collector done

20 T5A05 What is the elec- trical term for the electromotive force (EMF) that causes electron flow?.

21 Voltage done

22 T5C08 What is the formula used to calculate electrical power in a DC circuit?.

23 Power (P) equals voltage (E) multiplied by current (I) or P = E I done

24 T5D08 What is the current flowing through a 100-ohm resistor connected across 200 volts?.

25 2 amperes done

26 T3A06 What term describes the fluttering sound from mobile sta- tions that are moving while transmitting?.

27 Picket fencing done

28 T9B05 What generally happens as the frequency of a signal going through coaxial cable is increased?.

29 The loss increases. done

30 T4A05 Where should an in-line SWR meter be connected to monitor the SWR of the antenna system?.

31 In series with the feed line, between the transmitter and antenna done

32 T7C08 What instrument other than an SWR meter could you use to determine if a feed line and antenna are properly matched?.

33 Directional wattmeter done

34 T5B10 What is the approx. amount of change (in dB) of a power decrease from 12 watts to 3 watts?.

35 -6 dB done

36 T5A06 How much voltage does a mobile transceiver usually require?.

37 About 12 volts done

38 T2B03 What type of receiver audio muting is controlled by the absence of an RF signal?.

39 done Carrier squelch

40 T4A04 Where must a filter be installed to reduce harmonic emissions from your station?.

41 Between the transmitter and the antenna done

42 T7A10 What device increases the low- power output from a handheld transceiver?.

43 An RF power amplifier done

44 T8D07 What is PSK31 ?.

45 A low-rate data transmission mode done

46 T1A07 What is the FCC Part 97 definition of telemetry?.

47 A 1-way xmission of measurements to somewhere remote from the measuring instrument done

48 T2B10 What Q signal indicates that you are receiving interference from other stations?.

49 QRM done

50 T2C12 What is the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)?.

51 Hams who’ve volun- tarily registered their qual. and equip. for communications duty in the public svc. done

52 T8B09 What causes spin fading when referring to satellite signals?.

53 Rotation of the satellite and its antennas done

54 T8D04 What type of transmission is indicated by the term NTSC?.

55 An analog fast scan color TV signal done

56 T1A09 [97.3(a)(22)] Who selects a Frequency Coordinator?.

57 Amateur operators in a local or regional area whose stations could be auxiliary or repeater stations done

58 T1C11 [97.21(b)] If your license has expired and is still within the allowable grace period, may you operate a transmitter on the ham bands?.

59 No, transmitting isn’t allowed until the FCC database shows that the license has been renewed done

60 T2A10 What is a band plan, beyond the privileges established by FCC? x

61 A voluntary guideline for using different modes or activities within an amateur band done

62 T1B06 [97.301(a)] Which 23-cm frequency is author- ized to Tech licensees? 146.52, 2315, 1296, or 3390 MHz?.

63 1296 MHz done

64 T1B10 [97.301(e), 97.305(c)] Which Tech bands above 30 MHz have mode-restricted sub-bands?.

65 The 6 meter, 2 meter, and 1.25 meter bands done

66 T1D04 [97.113(a)(4), 97.113(c)] What is the only time that an amateur station is authorized to transmit music?.

67 When incidental to an authorized retransmission of manned spacecraft communications done

68 T1F02 [97.119 (a)] When using a tactical identifier such as “Race HQ,” how often must you transmit the station’s FCC-assigned call sign?.

69 At the end of each communication and every ten minutes during a communication done

70 T2A06 What must an operator do when making on-air xmsns to test equipment or antennas?.

71 Properly identify the transmitting station done

72 T1E07 [97.103(a)] When the control op is not the station licensee, who is responsible for the proper operation of the station?.

73 The control operator and the station licensee are equally responsible done

74 T1F03 [97.119(a)] When is an amateur station required to transmit its assigned call sign?.

75 At least every 10 minutes during a communication and at the end of a communication done

76 T0A09 What kind of hazard is presented by a conventional 12-volt storage battery?.

77 Explosive gas can collect if not properly vented done

78 T0B08 What is considered to be a proper grounding method for a tower?.

79 Separate eight-foot long ground rods for each tower leg, bonded to the tower and each other done

80 T0B03 Under what circumstances is it safe to climb a tower without a helper or observer?.

81 Never done

82 T0C05 Why do exposure limits vary with frequency?.

83 The human body absorbs more RF energy at some frequencies than at others done

84 T0C10 Why is duty cycle one of the factors used to determine safe RF radiation exposure levels?.

85 It affects the average exposure of people to radiation done



88 Semi-final Jepperdee. Topic: propagation Write your secret wager.

89 T3C06 What mode allows over-the-horizon V/UHF communications to ranges of approximately 300 miles?.

90 Tropospheric scatter to game 2 board

91 Final Jepperdee. Topic: Licensing regulations Write your secret wager.

92 T1F12 [97.5(b)(2)] How many persons must be members of a club for the FCC to issue a club station license?.

93 At least 4.

94 Pardon us while we compute scores..

95 Thanks for playing Exam-prep Jepperdee: Technician Edition!. Make suggestions to W2XM@ARRL.NET

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