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Neighbourhood Newsletter Coleraine Rural December 2011 HELP PREVENT FUEL THEFTS THIS WINTER Neighbourhood Officers in Coleraine are asking the public to.

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1 Neighbourhood Newsletter Coleraine Rural December 2011 HELP PREVENT FUEL THEFTS THIS WINTER Neighbourhood Officers in Coleraine are asking the public to help prevent the theft of heating oil, over the winter months. They say that householders can and should take appropriate measures to safeguard their property or premises from thieves. Inspector Catherine Magee said, “I would ask householders to lock their tanks to prevent easy access, and to consider fitting sensor lights to brighten up dark areas around their home, and in particular where the oil tank is sited. This will help to deter those engaged in this type of crime as few thieves like to be caught in the spotlight when carrying out their unlawful activities.” “Unfortunately this type of crime is usually only discovered when the central heating doesn’t come on, or stops unexpectedly, by which time the thieves are long gone. VACANT PROPERTIES Vacant properties in the Coleraine Rural area being targeted by thieves seeking to steal copper and lead. Sergeant Jonathan Anderson is asking that if anyone is seen acting strangely around a vacant house, that you contact police immediately on Tel - 0845 600 8000 or 999 in an Emergency. So, help us to help you by regularly checking the oil level in your tank so that if a theft does occur you will know when it took place and how much was taken.” “Be a good neighbour and remember to report promptly to police any suspicious activity, particularly lorries, vans and cars towing trailers with containers that would be capable of transporting oil that you can see in your local neighbourhood.” “To minimise the risk of loss householders should order smaller amounts more often, while owners of commercial vehicles should consider filling their lorries and vans first thing in the morning rather than last thing at night as this will minimise the risk of loss, and will help to thwart those engaged in this type of crime,” concluded Inspector Magee. BE A GOOD NEIGHBOUR As we enter the more inclement weather we would ask that you keep an eye on vulnerable or elderly neighbours, particularly in the Rural area. Let us know of anyone you are concerned about and we will call with them and give them some advice. Our Contact Details are listed on the last page of our Newsletter. -- o O o -- So What Did You Say?, And What Did We Do Recently?? Read on…

2 You Said – We want safe beaches for our families and visiting guests in Castlerock and Downhill. We Did – We met up with RNLI Lifeguards regularly for Briefings and taking action against identified suspicious persons / vehicles. You Said – We are concerned about the speed of vehicles on the Dunderg Road in Macosquin. We Did – We carried out speed checks in the area and spoke with motorists to educate them. You Said – We want you to engage with older people in the community to provide reassurance to them. We Did – We are engaging with groups such as in Articlave & throughout the Area including Sgt Anderson playing bowls in Kilrea. You Said – We want your assistance with events etc within the community. We Did – We assisted with scores of events during the past few months such as here at the Cancer Charity parade in Garvagh Main Street.

3 You Said – We want you to engage with teenagers in our local schools in the Area. We Did – We delivered Citizenship Training and in this picture we visited Coleraine Girls High School to help fundraising for their Malawi Mission. You Said – We want you to protect us by detecting criminals and reducing crime. We Did – We have taken scores of culprits through the doors of Coleraine Court. Here pictured with two visiting German Police Officers. You Said – We want you to have a more visible policing presence on our streets. We Did – We have increased our foot and cycle patrols. We now perform cycle patrols in Castlerock, Articlave, Garvagh, Kilrea amongst others… You Said – We are really worried about an increase in Rural Crime including thefts of metal / machinery from remote areas. We Did – We arranged a Rural Crime Seminar. We also caught two thieves red handed at a derelict property in Aghadowey. More is planned…

4 You Said – We want more access to local Neighbourhood Officers at published times in our local communities. We Did – We now have Rural Surgeries in most areas and more planned. Pictured is Constable Millar the recent opening in Castlerock. You Said – We would like better traffic regulation of our Rural Events such as Vintage Rallies etc. We Did – We have tried our best to facilitate these as seen here during the recent successful Garvagh Agricultural Show. You Said – We want you to deal robustly with Hate Crimes, whether Sectarian, Homophobic or Racist. We Did – We promote the ‘Hands Off My Friend’ initiative. Recently we arrested three youths for Racism and had a local male sentenced to nine months for a Sectarian Hate Crime. You Said – We want you to engage with a range of different community groups, voluntary groups, sporting associations etc. We Did – We do and have made new links with local GAA clubs, Youth Clubs and pictured with Riding for the Disabled at Castleroe, Coleraine.

5 You Said – We want you to work with our young people to empower them and help them to be more self-confident. We Did – Con Abernethy arranged a 5 session Beauticians Course for half a dozen local girls in Garvagh, also giving them Citizenship advice. You Said – We are sick and tired of the discarded rubbish in our communities which ultimately leads to Anti-Social Behaviour and a Fear of Crime. We Did – We have worked with the Local Community, Partners such as the NEELB Youth Worker to engage with young people to conduct Community Litter Picks in Ringsend, Aghadowey, the Glens with the local GAA and with Garvagh Forum & Constable Barber as pictured. You Said – The young people complain have nothing to do and nowhere to go… We Did – With partners such as Coleraine Council & NEELB we have reinvigorated the Garvagh Youth Building and have a new Youth Initiative on-going.

6 You Said – We are concerned that someone will be seriously injured by driving recklessly on our beaches in Castlerock and Downhill. We Did – We continuously patrol the beaches, particularly at peak times, utilising speed detection equipment when required. You Said – We are really concerned about Anti-Social Behaviour in the Greenmount estate particularly at the Shops and the Forest opposite. (This area is at the boundary between Coleraine Town and Rural and policed by Rural NPT Con Smith) We Did – We have worked hard with the local Community Association and other agencies such as the Council, businesses, NEELB Youth Worker Michael Walker, local artist Ross Wilson to do several initiatives such as a project to create a community mural of a local sporting legend and as seen in the picture to conduct a clear-up of the forest with locals. A major part of the initiative was removing high level planting in front of the shops that attracted Anti- Social Behaviour and this was replaced by decorative flower boxes, all coordinated by Constable Smith.

7 You Said – We want you to keep us updated as to what you are doing to Protect us in a Personal and Professional way. We Did – We provide updates through Newsletters, the Web, Facebook and meetings such as this recent DPP meeting in Castlerock. You Said – We are sick of Graffiti and Anti-Social Behaviour at Duck Lane, Castlewalk Mews in Castlerock. We Did – We arranged lighting at a neighbouring house, a clean up of the lane and a respray of the fence. This has resulted in virtual no reoccurrence in the area. Con Millar pictured. You Said – We need policing on Rathlin Island during the Jigs and Rigs Festival recently to give security to the Islanders and visitors. We Did – On his scheduled weekend off, Sgt Anderson assisted his Moyle colleagues by taking the ferry and spending the day on the island.

8 OUR PRIORITIES These are flexible and we consult regularly with our community and partners: 1.To Prevent & Deter Anti-Social Behaviour 2.To Prevent & Deter Anti-Social Driving 3.To Reduce Rural Crime and Detect Offenders OUR CATCHMENT AREA Our base is in Garvagh PSNI station and we cover the Rural Area of Coleraine Borough Council, West of the River Bann. This includes the following places: Garvagh, Kilrea, Castlerock, Articlave, Macosquin, Aghadowey, Downhill, Ringsend, Agivey, Boleran, Moneydig, The Glens, Boveedy and Castleroe. Name of Officer Mobile Number Neighbourhood Patrolled Inspector Catherine Magee07764 638371Coleraine Town & Rural Teams Sergeant Jonathan Anderson07793 960528Coleraine Rural Team Constable O’Connor07500 900629Ringsend, Aghadowey, Agivey Constable Smyth07500 902234Garvagh Rural Constable Abernethy07500 904205Kilrea Town Constable Donald07500 901035Kilrea Rural Constable Barber 07795 152768 Garvagh Town Constable Millar07500 901724Castlerock, Articlave, Downhill Constable Smith07500 903625Castleroe, Greenmount, Macosquin OUR CONTACT DETAILS Neighbourhood Policing Team Contact Telephone0845 600 8000 Ext 83300 / 83341 Crime stoppers Telephone Number0800 555 111 Emergency Telephone Number999 Non-emergency Telephone Number0845 600 8000

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