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Sample Questions Coverage: Week 1-6.

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1 Sample Questions Coverage: Week 1-6

2 Multiple Choice - 1 What is a process? A system used in manufacturing
A six sigma computer application Any repetitive activity in business environment The opposite of a concess

3 Multiple Choice - 2 All of the following are phases in 6s methodology except: Define Analyze Interpret Measure

4 Multiple Choice - 3 What is SIPOC?
Suppliers-Inputs-Process-Outputs-Customer Suppliers-Inputs-Planning-Outputs-Customer Suppliers-Inputs-Planning-Organization-Customer Suppliers-Inputs-Planning-Outputs-Control

5 Multiple Choice - 4 Who introduced PDCA? W.E. Deming J.M. Juran
W.A. Shewhart A.B. Godfrey

6 True / False - 1 Tool wear can cause non normal distribution True

7 True / False - 2 Control limits are typically set at +/- 2 standard deviations from the target of control chart True False

8 True / False - 3 VOC is derived from CTQ True False

9 True / False - 4 Different operators producing the same Y cannot cause asymmetric distributions True False

10 Short Answer - 1 Why 6s is associated with 3.4 dpmo?

11 Short Answer – 2 Many manufacturing problems involve the accurate matching of machine parts such as shafts that fit into a valve hole. A particular design requires a shaft with a diameter of mm, but shafts with diameters between mm and mm are acceptable. Suppose that the manufacturing process yields shafts with diameters normally distributed with a mean of mm and a standard deviation of .005 mm. If a random sample of 36 shafts is chosen from the above process, what is the probability of the sample mean being above mm?

12 Data Analysis - 1 Questions related to Table 19.3 on pp

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