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Essential Questions.  August 4, 1789 Noblemen make speeches about liberty and equality Do you think these noblemen really wanted this?  NO!  Motivated.

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1 Essential Questions

2  August 4, 1789 Noblemen make speeches about liberty and equality Do you think these noblemen really wanted this?  NO!  Motivated by fear than by passion  Joined in to get rid of feudal privileges Which Estates will be impacted?  1 st and 2 nd privileges….GONE  Everyone is Equal Old Regime  DEAD

3  Aug. 27 1789 Nat’l Assembly adopts new ideals  “Declaration of the Rights of Man”  What ideas do you think they came up with? “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”  What group was left out of the Declaration of the Rights of Man? Women Olympe de Gouges  Fought for women’s rights  beheaded

4  How do you think people would react if the government started taking their property and other properties that don’t belong to them?  Why would a government do something like that?

5  Assembly took over the church’s land  Priests and church officials became elected officials  What do you think the Assembly will do with the land? Sold the land  Why would they sell the land?  Revenue

6  Which Estate paid a lot in taxes? 3 rd  Couldn’t tax the Bourgeoisie Sell off the land to pay off debt  How do you think the peasants would react? Didn’t like it Liked their priests Conservative Catholics  Created a wedge between Bourgeoisie Peasants oppose revolutionary changes!

7  Louis XVI fears his days as monarch are over Felt his family was in danger Supporters of the king left France  June 1791 Tried to escape to Austrian Netherlands  Caught by a postmaster Recognized him from the $  Thoughts about the king now? Doomed

8  By 1791 major changes in France  Limited Monarchy Created a limited constitutional monarchy  King stripped of most powers  Assembly the power to create laws  King would hold power to enforce the laws

9  September 1791 King Louis signs the new constitution  Legislative Assembly create laws  Approve/ disapprove wars the King declared

10  What changes happened after Louis was caught trying to flee France?  What does this painting represent?

11  Preview….the Assembly splits into 3 groups.  In your opinion are political parties a good thing or bad thing? Explain your reasoning.

12  New gov’t….old problems  What were the problems? Food shortages Gov’t debt Want more liberty  These cries led to… Revolution leaders attacking each other!  Legislative Assembly splits into 3 groups

13  Radicals (Liberal)  Moderates  Conservatives  Come up with a definition for these three terms Once you have your definitions share and compare with a neighbors

14  Liberal (Radical) Favorable to progress or reform as in political affairs. Open to new ideas  Moderate Being within reasonable limits, not excessive or extreme  Conservative Favorable to traditional views and values, tends to oppose change

15  Radicals  Sat on the left side of the hall  Were called “Left- wing”  Opposed the king and idea of a monarchy  Wanted big changes in gov’t  Common people have full power Moderates Sat in the Center Wanted some changes in the gov’t But not as much as the Radicals

16  Answer the following questions  What do the divisions in the Legislative Assembly say about the differences in French society?  What similarities and differences do you see between the political factions in the Legislative Assembly and those in the U.S. gov’t today?

17  Émigré Nobles and others who fled France What side do you think they were on?  On the Right…..Far Right Goal  Undo the Revolution  Restore Old Regime

18  Sans-culottes “those without knee breeches”  What side do you think they were on? Far left  They were Shopkeepers Parisian wage earners  Wanted a greater role  To lower food prices  Food shortages

19  1792-A lot has happened in France  How do you think other European nobles/ monarchs feel w/ what is going on in France? FEAR IT!  Austria and Prussia Want King Louis back in power How do you think the Legislative Assembly responded to that?  Declaring WAR

20  European leaders thought they were helping King Louis XVI  What shape do you think the French Army is in? Poorly equipped and trained  Summer of 1792 Enemy marched closer to Paris  July 25 Prussia threaten to destroy Paris if anyone harmed the Royal Family


22  Aug. 10 20,000 invaded the Tuileries 900 guardsman tried to defended the Royal Family  Guards were over powered  Royal Family imprisoned

23  Parisians joined in to fight Prussia  Rumor that if Parisians left Imprisoned Royalist will regain Paris  Fearful Raided prisons and murdered over 1,000 prisoners  Legislative Assembly Responded Giving up on a limited monarchy Set aside the Constitution Dissolved the assembly

24  National Convention  Sept. 21 Abolished the monarchy Established a republic  Everyman had the right to vote  King Louis Common man and prisoner

25  Middle Class People  Jacobins Wanted to remove the king Establish a Republic  Jean Paul Marat Ran a newspaper Called for heads to be chopped OFF!!!

26  nQk2Cyc nQk2Cyc  Jacobins influenced the trial King Louis guilty of treason  Sentenced to DEATH!

27  Who was France fighting? Prussia and Austria  GB, Holland and Spain join in  1793 National Convention  Draft of 18-40 year olds

28  Jacobins had thousands of enemies within France Peasants were mad Priests now following gov’t rules Other leaders causing problems  How would you go about controlling these enemies?

29  Takes over 1 st mission  Wipe out every trace of France’s past!  “Republic of virtue”  Changes Families changed their names Playing cards changed Calendar was changed Closed churches  All these represented Revolutionary ideas

30  1793-Committee of Public Safety Led by Robespierre  What you think their job was? Protecting France during war  BUT…. Robespierre had total power Decided who would be guillotined

31  1793-1794  What type of leader was Robespierre? Basically a dictator  Reasoning? Stay true to the revolution  Off with their heads Who do you think he went after?  People who challenged him  Not as radical as him

32  3,000 were executed in Paris  Estimated 40,000 were killed  85% were who? Peasants Urban poor Middle Class

33  1794 How do you think the people feel around Robespierre?  AFRAID!!!  Turn against him “Down w/ the tyrant”  July 28…Robespierre lost his head

34  If you are France what type of gov’t are you going to setup? A form of democracy  Two house legislature  5 member group to be the executive branch (Directory)  Stability finally arrived  Selected a new general….any ideas who?


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