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Julius Caesar Act II.

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1 Julius Caesar Act II

2 1. affability 2. appertain 3. augmented 4. contagion 5. emulation 6
1. affability appertain augmented contagion emulation fray insurrection redress spurn visage Julius Caesar Act II

3 n. the communication of disease by direct or indirect contact; the spread of an idea or emotion from person to person — synonyms: pestilence, contamination ANTonyms: cleanliness, sterilization contagion

4 n. a noisy quarrel or brawl; a fight or skirmish — synonyms: dispute, altercation antonyms: harmony, agreement fray

5 n. quality of being easy to approach and talk to; showing warmth and friendliness — synonyms: geniality, friendliness antonyms: hostility, unsociability affability

6 n the face, usually with reference to features, shape, expression etc
n the face, usually with reference to features, shape, expression etc. __ synonym: countenance, silhouette visage

7 n. the effort or desire to equal or surpass another __ synonyms: imitation, copying antonym: indifference emulation

8 v. to reject with disdain; to treat with hatred __ synonyms: repudiate, dump antonym: welcome

9 V. to belong as a part, right, possession, attribute, etc
V. to belong as a part, right, possession, attribute, etc. __ synonyms: pertinent, related antonyms: disconnected, separate appertain

10 v. Made larger; expanded __ synonyms: increased, amplified antonyms: condensed, decreased

11 v. to set right; repair wrongs, injuries, etc. N
v. to set right; repair wrongs, injuries, etc. N. satisfaction for a wrong or injury __ synonyms: V-restore, N-atonement redress

12 N. revolution; revolt; civil disobedience __ synonyms: insurgency, rebellion antonyms: compliance, obedience insurrection

13 1. The striking workers __________ the offer and return to the picket lines demanding more concessions Refer the customer with the complaint to the company’s consumer ___________ program. redress 3. After one day of strenuous practice and too few breaks, there was nearly an _______________ Many elected officials must swear an oath to uphold laws and undertake duties that customarily ___________ to the office. 5. The strain was increasingly evident in his gaunt and saddened _______. SENTENCES

14 6. There was no way to prevent the __________, no medication to stop it until it had run its course The latest model x-ray machine has been ___________ with diffraction technology that increases the machine’s accuracy Contradicting his outward appearance, the CEO surprised the employees with his charm and ___________ Her excitement is infectious while her deep drive and intent are worthy of ____________ While the court weighs whether or not to get back into the _______, the civil unrest ignited by the ban shows no sign of abating. SENTENCES

15 1. My heart laments that virtue cannot live out of the teeth of ___________. 2. And since the quarrel will bear no color for the thing he is, fashion it thus: that what he is ___________ would run to these and these extremities. 3. It is excepted I should know no secrets that __________ to you? 4. Where wilt thou find a cavern dark enough to mask thy monstrous ___________? Seek none, conspiracy What, is Brutus sick? And will he steal out of his wholesome bed to dare the vile ___________ of the night--- Passages

16 6. I know no personal cause to _________ at him. But for the general
6. I know no personal cause to _________ at him. But for the general! He would be crown’d: Hide it in smiles and ________________ The genius and the mortal instruments and then the council; and the state of man, like to a little kingdom suffers then the nature of an ________________ Am I entreated to speak and strike? Oh Rome, I make thee promise, if the ___________ will follow, thou receivest thy full petition at the hand of Brutus I heard a bustling rumor, like a _________. Passages

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