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Gateway Pointe Elementary Curriculum Night – Fifth Grade August 14, 2014 Presented by: Mrs. Chesky Mrs. Ebert Miss Hughes Mrs. Nieboer.

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1 Gateway Pointe Elementary Curriculum Night – Fifth Grade August 14, 2014 Presented by: Mrs. Chesky Mrs. Ebert Miss Hughes Mrs. Nieboer

2 Thank you!!! Thank you, parents and families, for all the wonderful school supplies!!! Thank you for positively supporting your child’s teachers and keeping communication open. We want to work with all of you to make this a great year for your child!!

3 Team Teaching/Diad Model ** Students will start the day in their homerooms, and switch at 11:25 for the day** Diad #1 Mrs. Chesky – language arts and social studies Miss Hughes – math and science Diad #2 Mrs. Ebert – language arts and social studies Mrs. Nieboer – math and science

4 Specials (Tues-Fri, in the morning) Art - Ms. Cray PE - Mrs. Brown Music - Ms. Berger Library - Mrs. Christenson Band – Ms. Stacy Garcia No specials on Mondays. MUST HAVE tennis shoes for P.E. All students will attend P.E.

5 Math Pretest  Allows us to group students based on their academic needs; not recorded in grade book Intervention/enrichment support  Mrs. Diamond, co-teaching  Title I aides  Mrs. Williams, gifted  IXL Math – school and home Post test  Allows us to compare and check for standards based understanding Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts through 12 must be mastered by winter break.

6 Science Solar System  Moon phase tracking starts soon!!!  Tested throughout the year Human Body Motion and Energy Simple Machines  Gateway will have a S.T.E.A.M. event that focuses on the students’ work with science, technology, engineering, the arts and math.

7 Language Arts Reading  Literature Studies  Guided Reading  Vocabulary Skills  BIG focus on informational text!!!  SWBS – summarizing stories  Close Reading of informational texts Accelerated Reader  AR goals based on reading ability  Keep track of student progress on Home Connect  Variety of genres and lengths  Read 20 minutes per day outside of school

8 Language Arts continued… Writing  Grammar skills  5-paragraph essays, part of AIMS  Writing Process  Self-revision and editing  6 Traits Writing Ideas Organization Voice Word Choice Sentence Fluency Conventions

9 Social Studies  Us History  Native American History  European Exploration of North America  US Geography  Colonization of America  Declaration of Independence  American Revolution  US Government  Industrial Revolution  Civil War  Economics  US Map  States and Capitals

10 Assignment Policy High expectations  Complete every assignment  Complete assigned work on-time Ask for help Increased student responsibility Daily Assignments  Work not completed in class must be finished at home  A.R. – students should read 20 minutes a day at home  IXL – standards will be assigned by teacher Agendas: Our expectation is that students fill out agendas completely. Agendas can be found on teachers’ websites. Highlighted items are due the next day. Binders: Binders travel between school and home everyday. Binders will be cleaned out in the classroom once a quarter. Please do not throw any student work away, whether it’s graded or not graded.

11 Standards Based Grading and Report Cards No letter grades 4 = exceeding expectations, higher level thinking demonstrated 3 = meeting grade level expectations 2 = approaching expectations 1 = falls far below

12 Discipline/Behavior Expectations SNAP (schoolwide) Safe Actions Non-Stop Learning Accepting Responsibility Practicing Respect *Students need to follow the SNAP guidelines everywhere at Gateway. We have very high expectations for behavior so the students can be successful and safe! Red Card System (5 th and 6 th grade) A tiered program with sequential consequences for disruptive and disrespectful behavior in the classroom.

13 Field Trip & Volunteers Field trip locations are TBD; more information to come. Volunteers  Tier 2 Volunteer packets must be completed and turned in If you completed one last year you are still eligible Be prepared for 6 th grade Science Camp. While signing up for tier 2, sign up for tier 3 to be a volunteer next year for this event! Rumor has it that fingerprints are taking an extra long time. Don’t wait!

14 Dr. Hendricsen’s Volunteer Challenge 100% of parents giving 1 hour of their time this year assisting in the classroom or with school events.

15 Ways to Volunteer at GWP Make copies for the teacher Volunteer to help at PTO events Cut out lamination Volunteer in cafeteria Field Trips Work at events during the school day, such as Fun Run, Field Day, book fairs Shelve books in the library Volunteer to conduct science experiments Sign up after the presentation

16 Resources Teacher Website   Schools  Gateway Pointe  Teacher Page Check grades   Students  StudentVue  Username: 1 st name last name Password: S.lunch#

17 Teacher Contact Mrs. Chesky   480-279-7795 Mrs. Ebert   480-279-7778 Miss Hughes   480-279-7753 Mrs. Nieboer   480-279-8235 Phone numbers take you only to voicemail. Email is quicker for teachers.

18 Thank you for coming!!! Please sign up for volunteering if you are interested. Please take some time to look through the books and textbooks your child will be using. Have a wonderful evening!!!

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