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Ally Gorgone & Matt Johnson Who is the REAL Macbeth?

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1 Ally Gorgone & Matt Johnson Who is the REAL Macbeth?

2 The Holinshed’s Chronicles  Also known as “Holinshed’s Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Ireland”  Shakespeare used this as his guidelines to write Macbeth Used it for many other Shakespeare plays too  Shakespeare was very over dramatic in using them  For example: When explaining the witches, Holinshed explains them as “creatures of the elder wood” and “nymphs” or “fairies”  meaning youthful and beautiful Shakespeare describes the witches as old, ugly, and dark

3 The real macBETH  Born 1005  Described as “tall, fair haired and handsome with a ruddy complexion”  Considered to be one of the last Gaelic Kings  King of Scots (11 th century) 1040: Came to rule by killing his cousin, Duncan I  14 years he ruled equably Imposed law, order, and enforced Christianity

4 Shakespeare Macbeth  Scottish General  Brave, powerful, tyrant but not virtuous  Came across three witches Lead him to have “wicked” thoughts  Commits his first “murderous” crime and becomes King of Scotland  Once he was crowned King, it was easier for him to embark on his further crimes  Was more comfortable on battlefield than in politics  Solved problems with either violence or murder

5 Similarities  King of Scotland  Became King by killing someone  Still fought in battle even though they were King  Both better on the battlefield than in politics  Powerful  Both truly wanted the throne

6 Differences Real Macbeth Shakespeare Macbeth  Not murderous  Peaceful and prosperous King for 17 years  Encouraged spread of Christianity  Enacted several good laws Enforced Celtic tradition Defend orphans and women Allowed daughter same inheritance right as sons  Gave alms to the poor and donated to the Church  Obsessed with murder  Became King so he could more easily commit his crimes  Encountered three witches  Caused him to have “wicked thoughts”  Used violence to solve problems  Made out to be a very distraught, violent, and murderous character

7 Deaths Real Macbeth Shakespeare Macbeth  Wasn’t a glorifying death  Killed by Malcolm MacDuncan in the Battle of Lumphanan  Glorified his death  Story began with his victory in battle and ended with his demise in battle  Goes down with a fight before his death  Never contemplated suicide Many of Shakespeare's tragic heroes did

8 Shakespeare’s Duncan  King of Scotland  Had two sons, Malcolm and Donald  Murdered by Macbeth alone in Duncan’s room  Insightful  Generous but firm  Good king  Naïve  His murder creates turmoil throughout Scotland

9 The Real Duncan  King of Scotland  Had two sons, Malcolm and Donald  Was only in power from 1034 to 1040 when he was killed  Killed in a Civil War, the war the Macbeth succeeds People do not know if he was killed by Macbeth in battle, “friendly fire”, but it is more likely he was wounded in battle  Both Malcolm and Donald’s right to the thrown after Duncan’s death was threatened by Macbeth  Duncan’s sons escaped and both would later become Kings

10 Shakespeare’ s Banquo  Son of Banquo  From Fleance and long line of Kings will come  An ally and loyal subject to Macbeth in the beginning of the play  Witches tell him that he will not be King but his sons will be Kings  Macbeth has Banquo killed and attempts to have his son Fleance killed Shakespeare’s Fleanace

11  Banquo is an accomplice to Macbeth in the murder of Duncan in the Chronicles  Banquo would resist the evil temptations as Macbeth would embrace it  He does not attempt to accuse Macbeth of the murder of Duncan  Not a real historical figure in the chronicles, he escapes from Macbeth and goes to Wales to raise a son  Becomes steward to the King of Scotland  Line of family later becomes Kings  Rumor was that James I had this line of family decent The Real Banquo The Real Fleanace

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