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Kellie Musco CSC 101-07N Societal Topics. Showrooming  Showrooming is when a customer will browse for specific products in a store, and then later buy.

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1 Kellie Musco CSC 101-07N Societal Topics

2 Showrooming  Showrooming is when a customer will browse for specific products in a store, and then later buy them online. Showrooming can be thought of as disruptive because it takes business away from stores, but can e beneficial to costumers looking to save money.

3 How I learn best I learn best visually. I am not the type to listen to a speech alone and retain the information. I have to either take notes, look at a PowerPoint, or see some type of visual. Having the information in front of me is ten times more beneficial for me than any speech or lecture.

4 Digital Wildfires  When information moves through the media rapidly.  A rumor that can be costly to ones reputatuion; Misinformation.  Wildfires can be used to spread positive information as well as negative.  Marketing technique.

5 Examples of Digital Widlfires Facebook Example  Using Facebook as a marketing tool. Edible Arrangements used Facebook to obtain over 100,000 followers, which in turn more than doubled their business. War of the Worlds Example  War of the Worlds A media myth that occurred in 1938 scared the public into believing there was life on other planets that would attack earth. People were sent out into the street in panic because of the media.

6 MOOC  Massive Open Online Course  MOOC’s are aimed at a large-scale population of people with no enrollment in a university or any type of schooling necessary.

7 Innovation & Intellectual Property Innovation is the introduction of something new; a new method, idea, or device. Intellectual property is the belief that an idea is owned, and can not be stolen. People have certain legal rights regarding their ideas and innovations.

8 Open Source Textbook  Open Source Textbooks are online textbooks for students. The greatest advantage in using an open source textbook is that it is free to students, as well as can be modified by professors. The information stays current, and the students can save up to 80% on books for school.

9 Microsoft Access  Microsoft Access is a database management system made by Microsoft used to manage your information as well as store data in databases.

10 jQuery  jQuery is a cross browser, which is the ability for a website to open all types of data and information, as well as all browsers.

11 Human Rights  Human rights are rights that justifiably belong to every human being no matter the social class, employment, race, religion, or any other characteristic that pertains to life. These rights can not be taken away or changed, they will be a constant in life as a way to keep respect.

12 Internet Governance  The internet is shared, and does not have one specific set of rules or management. Each website has its own management and “government” which creates guidelines, rules, and limitations of the website.

13 Google Applications  Google apps are simply different versions of Google. Some examples are Gmail, Google Groups, Google Calendar, Talk, and Google Docs. These are shared apps that can be used for almost any purpose.

14 Spam  Spam is using digital delivery and messaging systems to send mass amounts of unwanted, and “unsolicited” messages containing information that is not wanted by the user.

15 Office Live  Microsoft Office Live is a set of web based programs that can be shared through the creation of live web sites. It makes communication easier, especially for business working on the same project. The documents can be edited when given permission which makes telecommunication much easier.

16 Security  Internet Security is security that helps viruses from entering the computer from the internet. Security can also pertain to child blocking, and source blocking. This can eliminate anything on the internet that is unwanted.

17 Standardization  The process of making technical standards. The goal is to help with the independence of suppliers online.

18  is a real estate website where one can compare prices, look at the value of the house, and search for houses or rentals in the area they choose. It is easy, efficient, and helpful all while being accurate and correct.

19 Privacy  Privacy is the right to seclude oneself from divulging information. Privacy online is rare and hard to find because information is for the most part open for everyone to see.

20 IPhone 5S?  The newest addition to the apple products family is rumored to be the IPhone 5S, or they may just decide to skip to the IPhone 6  If there is an IPhone 5S, it is assumed to hit stores sometime in 2013, with a new software update, running on the iOS7. Faster, better, super HD screen display and camera.  Rumored to come in a variety of different colors rather than just the normal black and white choices.

21  What is Instagrok is a website that spider webs information of any kind for easy access.

22 Essay Grading Software  This software will take a 100 of the professors already graded essay’s and compare the rest using a new software. The grading is based on technique, grammar, spelling, and plagiarism.  Although proven useful, most professors do not trust it because language is an interpretation of thought and emotion, and a machine is not capable of either thought nor emotion.

23 Ushahidi Ushahidi is an open source project which allows users to crowd source crisis information to be sent via mobile. It is intended for sending information for collection, interaction, and visualization purposes and makes communication easier.

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