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Renee, Pamila, Honoka, Ayaka. Background With the world flocking to the digital space, the way people connect has started to change (people are online.

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1 Renee, Pamila, Honoka, Ayaka

2 Background With the world flocking to the digital space, the way people connect has started to change (people are online than connecting in real life) Coke needed to adapt to the changing environment, so they made a campaign to encourage people to connect with the brand online and offline Summer is the key sales period for Coca-Cola Summer 2011, ‘Share a Coke’ was made

3 Objectives Increase consumption of Coca-Cola over the summer (primary objective) To get people talking about Coke again (secondary objective) The campaign needed to make consumers see Coke to be actually consumed and not just love the brand

4 What Happened? Coca-Cola printed 150 of the country’s most popular names on labels of Coke bottles and cans. To remind people of the people currently in their lives, but also the people they have lost touch with them giving them reason to connect. Before the campaign launch, Coke bottles with names started appearing in fridges everywhere, allowing consumers to discover the names, sparking online conversations and media interest You could send each other a virtual coke can via Facebook from the Coke website The first tour was around big popular shopping malls all around Australia, that allowed people to use a kiosk and they could personalize a Coca Cola can with any name of their choosing. Eventually the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign will reach up to 32 countries.

5 Was it successful? The campaign exceeded expectations Resulted with millions of Australians getting together and ‘Sharing a Coke’ either virtually or literally Young adult consumption increased during the campaign up by 7% in 2011 summer Campaign earned total of 18,300,000-plus media impressions Coke Facebook page traffic increased by 870% and Facebook page grew 39% In AUS, coke was number one talked about on Facebook page, and 23 rd globally. 76,000 virtual cokes and 378,000 custom Coke cans were printed

6 Advantages Why the campaign worked Coca Cola used a simple core idea which was used to get customers involved in the product and provide them a feeling of having ownership over there brand Bring people together and encourage people not to just find bottles with their own names on, but also seek for names of their friends, family members or love ones An opportunity for Coca Cola to de-brand itself by removing its traditional logo, bit its script font and the red and white color is still recognizable The power of using the first name in a playful and social way, which reminds people of those they have known but has lost connection or haven’t been in touch for a while The campaign emphasizes all about connecting people together

7 Disadvantages Spent a massive amount of investment on a beverage that is unhealthy, an indirect way to implore people to drink sugary drinks Opposes to public health advocates that can’t afford making a campaign to set people in the society straight in terms of health concern One of the reasons the obesity rate is high, especially overconsumptions in kids and teens, it is a controversial brand that is focused towards the younger people.


9 Promotion with “Pinterest” Pinterest is SNS which has 16,000,000 active users. Main users are profoundly sensitive women. UNIQLO’s promotional page has unique vertically oriented features which changes images like animation by scrolling. Pinterest

10 →UNIQLO could get unspecified poster columns. Pinterest Many people share the page and picture like this.

11 UNIQLO made smartphone shooting game application “BicRobeder”. The promotion is for a new store “BICLO” which UNIQLO collaborates with Big Camera If an user get high score, he can get special coupon. Big Robeder

12 The game set up links to SNS (Facebook, Twitter). → Users want to show off their high score in SNS → It makes BICLO widely known. Big Robeder

13 Use of Pinterest All customer become advertisement for UNIQLO’s product for free It can inspire same aged girls on Pinterest to buy UNIQLO’s product because it is SNS which posts pictures and images. Many female who post pictures are beautiful ! What were the advantages to using this platform?

14 Use of Big Robeder It leads opportunities to know UNIQLO’s name and product easily because it is linked to other SNS Young people like to play game. Big Robeder’s coupon encourages young people to buy the products Game quality = good ( not so difficult contents to finish, and easy rule) Play for free and can try any times What were the advantages to using this platform?

15 Use of Pinterest Only a few good products can be posted on Pinterest Almost products might not be popular in Pinterest UNIQLO does not have any rights to control Pinterest If someone has rumor of UNIQLO’s product going around on SNS, it must affects the amount of sales. What were the disadvantages?

16 Use of BigRobeder It must reduce net profit because of coupon The coupons are not always attract people and encourage them to buy it. Some people just want to play the game The number of players ≠ The number of customers of UNIQLO UNIQLO cannot foresee the relevance between coupon’s effect and popularity of cloths What were the disadvantages?

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